Technological progress. What does the first belarusian electric scooter m1nsk look like?

What is the Belarusian in this unusual vehicle? The most important thing is the frame. It is welded at the facilities of the Motovelo plant. The project manager Yuri Pozdnyakov is sure that the quality of the Belarusian model is many times better than that of the Chinese counterpart. Processing and painting is also done on Motovelo. Improved corrosion resistance of the frame. Plastic shields are also produced by the Belarusian company. They look no worse than the original Chinese. Very soon a motor-wheel of Belarusian production will appear. Its development is engaged in the plant “Optron”. The cells of the batteries and the controller software are also ours. The Chinese will remain those details, which due to their minimal cost do not make sense in Belarus. Wheels also remain Chinese, “Belshina” does not produce such dimensions. The battery is still located under the frame, and it is rigidly fixed. But in the future, the manufacturer promises, the battery will be necessarily removable.
A short test drive showed that the tricycle is controlled specifically, in turns it is necessary to reset the speed. But the maneuverability is not bad, there is even a reverse. Tricycle is capable of towing a cargo weighing 500 kg, but with a power reserve of only 25 kilometers. However, as an option, you can order a larger battery.
Most likely, with increasing localization, electric cars will be offered under the Belarusian brand M1NSK.

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