Over $1,000,000 to be invested in China-Belarus industrial park «Great Stone»

Over ¥127.17 million will be spent on building a rental residential complex in the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone.

Without compensation!
The Belarusian and Chinese governmenst signed an agreement on building a rental residential complex in the industrial park in Minsk on Tuesday, 15 May.

Gratuitous aid to the tune of ¥127.17 million (~$1,148,562) will be allocated for building a complex.

The aid will be channeled into building the social infrastructure for the full-value operation of the park.

It will be used to design the rental residential complex, prepare the construction site, build the infrastructure and ensure construction oversight.

The agreement is part of the work to fulfill further support the development of the industrial park with the technical economic aid from the Chinese government.

Initially, the idea to create a joint Belarusian-Chinese industrial park was first voiced in 2012.

It is located 25km away from Minsk between the National Airport Minsk, railway line and Berlin-Moscow highway.

The authorities offer investors tax privileges for 10 years, as well as “broad possibilities of the duty-free market of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union and a window to Europe”.