A specialized oncologic public health care institution of the Republic of Belarus providing diagnostics, surgical, combined and complex treatment of patients with various tumor sites and also their regular medical check-up and follow-up care.


— Anesthesia;
— Consultations of medical specialists;
— Laboratory diagnostics;
— Radiation diagnostics;
— Radiation therapy;
— Magnetic resonance imaging;
— Manipulation of general purpose;
— Morphological studies (taking into account medicinal and expendable material);
— Breast X-ray;
— Operations;

— Operation of LOA;
— Dressing, puncture;
— Stay in the comfort chambers;
— Stay in the hospital;
— Other manipulations;
— Radionuclide diagnostics;
— Ultrasound diagnostics;
— Chemotherapy;

— Surgical operations to remove malignant tumors of the skin;
— Surgical services for the removal of benign skin tumors;
— Cytological studies;
— Endoscopic diagnostic tests.