“Clinical Maternity Hospital of the Minsk Region” provides highly skilled obstetric and gynecological assistance to women and children. This institution is a perinatal center of the III level and an endoscopic center of the Minsk region.


– Consultations of medical specialists;
– Gynecological manipulations and procedures;
– Physiotherapeutic methods of influence;
– Ultrasound;
– Laboratory diagnostics;
– Surgical treatment of gynecological patients;
– Interruption of pregnancy up to 12 weeks;
– Medical abortion;
– Treatment of cervical pathology;
– DENS-therapy.


– Management of pregnancy,
– Children’s and adolescent gynecology,
– Diagnosis and treatment of cervical pathologies,
– Consultation of a gynecologist,

– Consultation on pregnancy planning,
– Termination of pregnancy (harmful effects on the woman’s health are possible),
– Installation of ВМС.

Plastic surgery:

– Intimate plastic.

Ultrasound diagnostics (of):

– Abdominal cavity,
– Gynecological (pelvic organs),
– Eyes,
– Brain,
– Dopplerography of the vessels of internal organs,
– Gallbladder,
– Mammary glands,
– Bladder,
– Adrenal glands,
– Liver,
– During pregnancy,
– Transvaginal,
– 3D ultrasound, 4D ultrasound.

Cosmetology services:

– Photobiomodulation (infrared radiation, affecting the skin cells and improving its condition);
– Treatment of cellulite of all forms and stages;
– Increased skin tone and elasticity;
– General strengthening of the body.