The National Applied Research Centre for Traumatology and Orthopedics is the leading research and treatment institution in the field of expert orthopedics and injury treatment in Belarus.

The Centre for Traumatology and Orthopedics performs the following types of complex and high-tech surgery:

• total hip and knee replacement (THR and TKR), including the cases of rheumatic arthritis, neoplastic processes, and defects of the acertabulum;
• surgery of degenerative-dystrophic and congenital hip diseases;
• knee, shoulder, ankle and elbow arthroscopy;
• surgery of acute and complicated orthopedic traumas, including those requiring various types of intramedullary fixation, extra-cortical ostheosyn-thesis, and external fixation devices;
• surgery and nonsurgical treatment of scoliosis and other spinal deformities;
• surgery of chest distortions in children and adolescents;
• management of limb shortening and other congenital and acquired orthopedic disorders in children;

• reparative surgery for patients with hip patholo¬gies, including congenital dislocated hip;
• surgery of spinal traumas and diseases, including new growths;
• decompressive and stabilising surgery for patients with spinal traumas and diseases at all levels.


1. Highly skilled orthopedic and trauma surgeons, neurosurgeons (vertebrologists).
1.1. Diagnostic procedures: CT, MRI, US examinations of bones and joints.
1.2. Major joints endoprosthesis replacement (including hip and knee prosthesis revisions, shoulder and ankle joints      replacement).
1.3. Arthroscopic surgery on the large joints, including knee ligaments reconstructive surgery.
1.4. Minimally invasive surgery, including fractures intramedullary nailing.

1.5. Spinal deformities surgery (scoliosis and kyphotic deformity, congenital spine abnormalities), including revisions (constructions reassembling).
1.5.1. Decompressive surgery.
1.6. Diskectomy and other spinal disk herniation surgery.

In addition, RSPC provides paid educational services:

– training and residency in orthopedics,
– trauma and spine surgery.