Each client receives support at all stages of work with appearance. A suitable method of carrying out the procedure is individually selected. The center is aimed at the result – a happy smile of a person who comes with his problem. Experience the joy of transformation!


– Abdominal,
– Laser,
– Plastic.

Plastic surgery:

– Video consultations,

– Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating,
– Intimate operations,
– Injection correction of facial wrinkles,
– Correction of the shape and volume of the lips,
– Liposuction,
– Eyelid surgery,
– Nose plastic surgery,
– Ear surgery,
– Facelift, neck, forehead,
– Breast lift,

– Increase of mammary glands,
– Increase of the calf volume,
– Increase of buttocks,
– Reduction of mammary glands,
– Surgical correction of scars, defects.


– Contour plastic.