The advantage of the center is carefully selected personnel, which form a friendly, truly professional team. Having come to this medical center you will understand that you get to the real expert.

Medical services:

— Allergology,
— Gynecology,
— Diagnosis,
— Cardiology,
— Cosmetology,
— Laser cosmetology,
— Mammology,
— Neurology,
— Therapy,
— Endocrinology.

Ultrasound diagnostics:

— Dopplerography of the vessels of internal organs,
— Transvaginal ultrasound,
— Ultrasound of brachiocephalic arteries (BCA),
— Ultrasound of the abdominal cavity,
— Ultrasound of veins,
— Gynecological ultrasound (pelvic organs),
— Ultrasound of the gallbladder,
— Ultrasound of lymph nodes,
— US of mammary glands,
— Ultrasound of the bladder,
— Ultrasound of soft tissues,
— US of the adrenal gland,

— Ultrasound of the liver,
— Ultrasound of the pancreas,
— Kidney ultrasound,
— Ultrasound of the prostate and organs of the scrotum,
— Ultrasound in pregnancy,
— Ultrasound of the heart,
— US of salivary glands,
— US of vessels,
— Ultrasound of joints, muscles and tendons,
— Ultrasound of the thyroid gland,
— Color Doppler scanning.


— Laser.

Medical programs:

— Conducting pregnancy,
— Comprehensive examination.