Mastery of a plastic surgeon is the guarantee of every successful operation and sincere gratitude from a happy patient. An excellent result can only guarantee the professional level and aesthetic taste of surgeons conducting operations of any complexity category. In the Center the stuff will help you to look at yourself differently, love your body and gain confidence!


– Plastic,
– Vascular.

Plastic surgery:

– Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating,
– Intimate operations,
– Injection correction of facial wrinkles,
– Correction of the shape and volume of the lips,

– Liposuction,
– Eyelid surgery,
– Nose plastic surgery,
– Ear surgery,
– Facelift, neck, forehead,
– Breast lift,
– Increase of mammary glands,
– Increase of the calf volume,
– Increase of buttocks,
– Reduction of mammary glands,
– Surgical correction of scars, defects.


– Depilation,
– Contour plastic,
– Cosmetology for the face,
– Cosmetology for the body,
– Cosmetic massage,
– Mesotherapy,
– Peeling,
– Photorejuvenation,
– Face cleaning,
– Epilation.