Tourist_visa_to_Belarus Tourist visa to Belarus

Tourist visa to Belarus

Every year more than 150 000 people from different countries of the world come to Belarus for tourist purposes. Today, due to the introduction of a 30 day visa-free regime for citizens of 80 countries of the world, there is no need to obtain tourist visas. The main condition for the use of visa-free regime is entry into the Republic of Belarus through the Minsk National Airport.

In case an individual is not a citizen of the country, which is allowed a visa-free entry, such an individual will need to obtain a tourist visa of the Republic of Belarus. To obtain a tourist visa to Belarus a tourist must have a visa support document. As a rule, visa support documents are prepared by the travel companies registered in the Republic of Belarus.

Using the visa support documents an individual can obtain a visa in two ways:

1. At the Airport in the Republic of Belarus on arrival;
2. At the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus abroad.

A tourist who has entered the territory of the Republic of Belarus on a tourist visa is obliged to leave the territory of the Republic of Belarus before the expiry of the visa. An individual who has entered on a tourist visa cannot expect to obtain a temporary residence permit in the Republic of Belarus as originally stated purpose in obtaining a tourist visa is tourism.

It should be noted that in the Republic of Belarus there is a separate region, which also has a separate visa-free regime for tourists. So, foreign tourists who head to the Augustow Canal Park can visit the entire Grodno region and the city of Grodno. Travelers to the Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park can stay up to 10 days on the territory of the tourist and recreational zone “Brest”, which includes the city of Brest, Brest, Zhabinkovsky, Kamenetsky and Pruzhansky districts of the Brest region and Svisloch district of the Grodno region. It is possible to enter a visa-free zone in Grodno through three checkpoints: from Poland side – “Lesnaya”/”Rudavka” and “Bruzgi”/”Kuznica Bialostocka”, from Lithuania side – through the checkpoints “Pryvalka”/”Shvyandubre” and “Pryvalka”/”Raigardas”. In the Brest region a visa-free regime is valid at the Belarusian-Polish border crossing point “Pererov – Bialowieza”.

It should also be noted that all the foreigners coming to Belarus need an insurance policy. This can be insurance from “Belgosstrakh” or “Beleximgarant”, which you can buy at the border (at the airport or border points look for a window with the inscription “Obligatory medical insurance”), or the insurance policy purchased elsewhere. You can pay for the insurance policy in Belarusian or Russian rubles, dollars or euros.