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The Scientific and Practical Centere has been established on the basis of the Pediatric Surgical Centre of the 1st Minsk City Clinical Hospital and the Republican Scientific and Practical Center ‘Cardiology’. Every year more than 7000 children were provided with medical treatment, including more than 1 200 children with congenital cardio – vascular system diseases received surgical treatment in the RSPC ‘Cardiology’. Annually more than 8 000 children are examined and receive surgical treatment in the Pediatric Surgical Center. At the same time a significant number of children require surgical care by surgeons and physicians-surgeons simultaneously.
The world experience of pediatric surgical centers shows that the best results in the treatment of such children are achieved in the centers providing all kinds of surgical care. Establishment of the RSPC for Pediatric Surgery will be a new impetus to the development of this field of medicine and will contribute to the new methods of providing comprehensive surgical care development, testing and implementation into practice, as a result the availability and quality of highly specialized medical care for children will be improved.

Medical services

1. Gastroenterology:

– Fibrogastroduodenoscopy (FGDS)

2. Cardiology:

– Consultation of a cardiologist,
– Therapeutic treatment,
– Installation and programming of pacemakers,
– Surgery.

3. Diagnostics:

– Daily monitoring of pressure,
– Ultrasound of the heart,
– Holter-monitoring,
– Cardiogram (ECG).

4. Types of research:

– Biochemical studies,
– Hematologic studies,
– Complex laboratory studies,
– Clinical studies.

5. Other:

– Treadmill test,
– Children’s diagnostics,
– Ultrasound,
– ECG.

6. Ultrasound diagnosis of the abdominal cavity, gall bladder, lymph nodes, bladder, soft tissues, adrenal glands, liver, pancreas, kidneys, prostate and scrotum organs, heart, salivary glands, thyroid gland.

7. Laser cosmetology:

– Laser pigmentation removal.

8. Cosmetology services:

– Treatment and removal of age spots.

9. Surgery:

– Pediatric surgery,
– Vascular surgery.

10. Radiation diagnostics:

– Angiography,
– Bronchography,
– Irrigoscopy,
– X-ray.

11. Types of endoscopy:

– Bronchoscopy,
– Gastroscopy,
– Capsular endoscopy,
– Colonoscopy,
– Laparoscopy,
– Recto-manoscopy,
– Thoracoscopy,
– Esophagogastroduodenoscopy.