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advertising-agencies Advertising agencies in Belarus

Advertising agencies in Belarus

Advertising is an indispensable tool in the 21st century. The more people know about the company and its products, the more revenue it generates. With millions of products and services appearing on the market every day, it becomes more and more difficult to remain competitive. Advertising promotes not only products and services, but also the philosophy, goals and values of the company.

Organization of advertising companies in Belarus

To create powerful advertising is no longer enough basic knowledge about photo editors - advertising is not just an image. Advertising agencies in Belarus penetrate into human mind and emotions. Copywriters invent memorable slogans and texts, and designers work on creating an image to visualize the idea and make the advertising effective. Marketing agencies in Belarus develop advertising exactly for the brand and its target audience. So, if you want to attract the attention of potential buyers, it is better to turn to professionals.

Advertising services in Belarus

Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising is a classic channel for advertising distribution. Outdoor advertising is placed outside - on the street, houses, billboards.


  • wide audience coverage;
  • frequency and flexibility in poster placement;
  • lasting impact on the audience;
  • clear indication of the geographical limits of the impact of advertising.


  • it is impossible to conduct short-term advertising campaigns;
  • decrease in image quality under the influence of atmospheric phenomena;
  • it is necessary to control the state of advertising constructions;
  • duration and complexity of the procedure for obtaining permits for installation and design of outdoor advertising;
  • the possibility of transmitting a small amount of information due to the short contact between the consumer and the advertisement;
  • high manufacturing and rental costs.

Internet advertising

Internet advertising is a quick way to attract customers, as everyone uses the Internet. Therefore, the most affordable way to attract its target audience - is to launch advertising on the Internet.

There are many types of advertising on the Internet, which work around the clock for business development. Unlike traditional types of promotion, online advertising allows you to track the activity and reaction of the consumer and in time to respond to changes in demand and target audience action.

There are several most effective types of advertising on the Internet:

  • contextual advertising;
  • targeting advertising;
  • viral advertising;
  • search engine optimization.

Contextual advertising is a text block or text-graphic ad, the reflection of which occurs in accordance with the content of the advertising site. Its main task is to obtain an additional flow of target audiences and increase sales for existing business.

Targeting advertising is a text ad with an image that attracts the user's attention. Advertising of this kind on the Internet is used to inform about any events, promotion of image, mass services and products, both already promoted and new, and promotes the recognition of the brand.

Virus advertising is a catchy image or a memorable video. Materials in such advertising should be perceived as spectacular, not commercial. Tasks of virus Internet advertising - increase of recognizability of a brand, promotion of the unknown trademark, management of sales or increase in popularity of a concrete product.

Search engine optimization helps improve the position of the site in the list of search engines for key queries. The higher the position of the site, the more likely the user is to visit it. Such advertising attracts visitors and increases sales. It can be used for any area of company activity.

Full-service agencies

Full-service advertising agencies provide all services to promote the company or brand. Cooperation with such companies is long-term, and the result of advertising does not keep you waiting.

Full-service agencies develop advertising concepts, are engaged in the basic processes of creation of advertising, also predict the results.

Services of agencies of a full cycle:

  • development of the concept of marketing promotion;
  • advertising creation;
  • media design;
  • acquisition of advertising in mass media;
  • working out of the action plan;
  • transformation of an advertising concept into real advertising.

Point of sales POS

The task of POS funds is to increase the sales of a specific product in a given point of sale. In this case, the impact is limited in time and space, motivating the consumer to make a purchase here and now. This POS is different from television advertising, which does not imply an immediate reaction of the buyer.

The point of sale is divided into five functional zones, each of which uses its own POS materials:

  • exterior decoration;
  • input group;
  • sales area;
  • place of lining;
  • checkout area.

Marketing research

Marketing research is a tool that helps make business more efficient. Today one of the key values in making effective management decisions is information. And companies that do not build on intuition, assumptions or guesswork, but on accurate market data are competitive. Such companies are consumer-oriented; they try to hear it, understand it, and offer exactly the product or service that meets the expectations of their customers.

Marketing research is at the heart of creating value for the consumer. The study of deep motives, values, emotions, preferences, expectations, and trends in consumer behavior - all this gives an accurate understanding of the client and helps build all further actions - from the idea of the product to advertising.

Creative agencies

Agencies that specialize in the field of creative creation of an advertising product - development of original creative tasks, advertising ideas and concepts, their substantiation and creative solutions for advertising. The development of such agencies is conditioned by two main factors: the fact that the creative process is the most important part of the advertising activity, as well as the fact that the trend towards greater specialization of agencies has led to the formation of numerous studios working in different areas of advertising creativity.

PR agencies

PR-agencies provide services in the field of public relations, engage in management activities aimed at establishing mutually beneficial, harmonious relations between the organization and the public.


Mediaselling is the sale of advertising space. Media dealers may own full exclusive rights, only to non-sponsorship advertising, only to sponsorship, limited rights to advertising in certain types of programs.

Media resellers may receive payment for their services on a fixed, commission and combined basis.

With a fixed payment, the Seller pays a certain amount to the carrier and keeps everything it receives from the top. In volatile markets, this scheme is usually disadvantageous to one of the parties. If the advertising market grows, the medium is underpaid, and if it falls, the seller suffers a loss.


Mediabuyer is a media advertising procurement specialist who promotes and places advertising products on information platforms.

Mediabuyer's activity is the work with application of knowledge of legislation on advertising, business activity, cost of advertising placement in mass media, structure of its activity, as well as negotiation skills.

The mediabuyer, together with the media planner, chooses the appropriate site. Then he makes an agreement with the advertising department of the selected media outlet about prices, possible discounts and concludes a contract with it.


Branding or brand building is the process of creating and developing a brand. The purpose of branding is to create a clear brand image and a clear communication direction.  Branding includes work on market research, product positioning, creating a name, descriptor, slogan, visual and verbal identification system, the use of identification and communication media that reflect and translate the idea of the brand.

BTL agency

BTL is a complex of marketing communications that differ from direct advertising by the way of influence on target audience. BTL tools enable you to contact the participants of promotions in person, directly at the points of sale.

In addition to promotions, performances, event organisation and exhibition activities, BTL also includes sales promotion tools that are not always linked directly to personal communication, such as merchandising and direct mail.

Souvenir products

Souvenir products help the brand to become better known and suitable for mass advertising. Souvenir production is issued in any circulation. It is possible to make souvenirs from a fabric, ceramics, glass, plastic and other materials. On a souvenir, it is possible to put any advertising information, concerning your company. And to distribute souvenirs is much easier, than booklets.


Web-designer - the one who starts the process of creating the site. He makes a beautiful design and analyzes user behavior, takes into account their wishes and designs the site so that visitors could easily find the necessary information, communicate with users or make a payment.

Advertising on transport

Advertising on transport is a modern and diverse type of promotion. Today, advertising can be placed on the boards of almost any vehicle - a car, tram, trolley bus, bus, train, plane and even a rocket carrier.

3D graphics and animation

3D graphics and animation is needed to make a website or a landmark more colorful and spectacular, which in turn will catch the attention of the target audience.

Printing production

With the help of polygraphed production, it is possible to develop and print leaflets or banners, which will later participate in the advertising company.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is the promotion of the company's products through mobile devices. The advantage of this strategy is the personalization of content taking into account the time and location of the potential client.

Showcases and signs

Showcases and signs participate in outdoor advertising and help attract potential customers.

We told you about all kinds of advertising that make marketing agencies, and the choice is up to you. If you still have doubts about what advertising is more suitable for your product, the agency experts will advise you on this issue.