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notary-services Notary services

Notary services in Belarus

The notary will legally check the copy of the document, draw up the marriage contract or ensure the acquisition of property. Notary services are in demand in Belarus due to the growing number of documents on marriage and divorce, as well as mediation services.

Notarial services in Minsk are in greatest demand from both private and legal entities. State notary offices are located in each district with working hours and a list of services, listed on the official websites. Although these types of notarial assistance are available, people in Belarus tend to use the services of a private notary in Minsk. The latter is considered more reliable and trustworthy because it deals with complex issues and is more involved in a positive outcome and final solution.

Notary on duty

You can find the notary on duty at the notary office in your area. Check working hours in advance to make sure you don't waste your time.

Free consultation with a notary public

You can get free advice from a notary at a public notary office or at your local notary office.

Legal services


The gift agreement is a contract for the donation of an apartment. To issue an apartment donation agreement you should contact a notary. He will check the deed of gift and will help you with the registration process. The notary will verify the consent of all persons to the apartment donation agreement and the agreement proper. You will receive a valid contract on the day of application.


To certify the will, you must come to the notary's office in person with an identity document. If a citizen due to illness or other valid reasons cannot come to the office by himself, then the notary may be invited at the place of the citizen's location.

The notary shall have a one-on-one conversation with the testator to clarify the validity of his will and clarify his rights and obligations.

Certification of documents, power of attorney

You can execute the power of attorney by yourself or contact a notary for its drafting. However, it is impossible to certify the documents by yourself, so here the appeal to the notary is inevitable.

A notary shall certify any power of attorney. In addition, you can contact any notary, regardless of where you live.

The notarial form of the power of attorney gives you the advantage that such power of attorney is not recognized as invalid. When certifying the power of attorney, the notary will make sure that the act is lawful and lawful.

Services provided by the notary

Notary's services for registration of the inheritance

At registration of the inheritance the notary:

  • will provide advice;
  • will assure the will;
  • will help make a will;
  • issues a certificate of inheritance to the heirs;
  • will inform about the deadlines for applying for inheritance;
  • will help solve the problem if you missed the deadline to apply for inheritance;
  • will provide information about the will of the applicant if the applicant has made a will in favor of the applicant and other cases.

Notary services at entry into the inheritance

Inherited by a notary:

  • executes the inheritance rights;
  • may independently request the necessary documents for entry into the inheritance in their absence;
  • informs the heir of the possibility of obtaining a certificate of right to inheritance.

Purchase agreement

Notary services when buying an apartment

When buying an apartment, a notary:

  • ensures the legal clarity of the transaction;
  • releases the parties to the transaction from the need to delve into complex legal and legal details;
  • is responsible for certifying the transaction with his property;
  • certifies the transaction document, which protects the rights of its owner;
  • clarifies all rights and obligations as well as legal consequences of the concluded transaction;
  • verifies the legality of all documents provided.

Notary services in the sale of the apartment

When selling the apartment, a notary:

  • verifies the authenticity of all documents;
  • ensures the cleanliness of the transaction;
  • certifies the document of purchase and sale of the apartment;
  • clarifies the rights and obligations of the parties, as well as the legal consequences of the transaction.

Payment for the notary's services

You can pay for notary's services through the "settlement" system in ERIP or make a cash payment. You can also pay for the services with electronic money or a bank payment card at bank service points, which provide payment acceptance services, as well as using remote banking instruments.

Cost of notary services

Prices for services

Prices for notary services in Belarus can be found at

The price of services depends on the base value. From January 1, 2020 the base value is 27 BYN.

Prices for notary's services

The cost of notary services in the process of inheritance registration

The notary's fee for the will certificate is 27 BYN (for pensioners, disabled people of groups I and II there is a benefit - 13 rubles 50 coins).

The cost of notary services in the sale of the apartment

  1. 0.6 base value - for the contract certification
  2. 0.4 base value - for the certificate of the contract in an accelerated procedure (1 working day)
  3. 1-5 basic value - state fee for contract certification

Private notaries

On this page, you can see a list of the most senior private notaries in Minsk, who you can contact. These professionals have proven their reliability and responsibility and are members of both local and international notary communities.

Notary's services at home, notary visits

If a person is unable to come to the notary's office, the notary may leave for the notarial act at the required address provided, that transportation costs are reimbursed. Alternatively, the notary may deliver someone of the client's acquaintances to the place of the notarial act. The notary in agreement with the person concerned shall determine the date and time of departure.

Free notaries of Minsk

If you want to apply to a free notary in Minsk or any other city in Belarus, you should come to the district notary's office in your place of residence.

A translation agency with a notary

Translation agencies provide the following services for their clients:

  • services for individuals;
  • services for legal entities;
  • notarization of translations;
  • attestation of translations with seals;
  • document legalization;
  • consular legalization of documents.

Notary bureaus of Belarus will help you with questions that arise in different situations. Minsk notary bureaus offer professional consultations, notaries with extensive experience and experience in handling non-standard situations, as well as legal advice.

Notaries in Minsk deal with inheritance agreements between the parties execute and check the necessary documents. They also make plans for future agreements and legal entities and inform clients about notarial procedures.