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Birth of a child in Belarus

Birth of a child in Belarus

The birth of a child is not only happiness but also a great responsibility for every family, especially if it is the first child. The article will tell you about the conditions for the birth and registration of a child, and also clarify the issue of receiving benefits for families giving birth in Belarus.

Registration in a polyclinic

The birth of a child is accompanied by many organizational issues. The first important issue will be the registration of the newborn in the clinic. We remind you that in Belarus, every parent is obliged to inform the clinic about the birth of a child, regardless of the place of his birth.

The first documents will be given to the child in the hospital. The package of documents includes a certificate indicating the time, date, and place of birth of the baby, surname, name, patronymic of the mother, gender of the child.

Pay attention to the child's health certificate, because it must be transferred to the children's clinic.

The final document will be the conclusion on the state of health of the mother. This certificate must be submitted to the polyclinic 2 weeks after discharge.

Pregnancy management in a paid clinic

Specialists of paid clinics offer to take care of women's health. You choose a pregnancy management program, conclude a contract, pay for the service, and your health will always be monitored by experienced specialists, depending on the program.

The advantage of conducting pregnancy in a paid clinic will be an examination by highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in stationary and consulting work. Moreover, paid clinics often have modern equipment that allows pregnancy to be carried out in compliance with all standards.

At the same time, an observation by doctors of a paid clinic frees you from visiting polyclinics at the place of registration. You will only need to register and periodically report the results of pregnancy in a paid clinic.

Women's consultations in Belarus

Today, all metropolitan antenatal clinics work by telephone. This means that every pregnant woman can contact a specialist in messengers or by phone and ask a question of interest without an appointment and face-to-face appointment. All numbers can be found on the websites of clinics, and if necessary, the woman will be warned about the need to visit an obstetrician-gynecologist.

True, it is not possible to register for pregnancy remotely, since the pregnant woman must be examined by a doctor. A pregnant woman needs to contact the registrar of clinics and make an appointment for the first appointment, where she will be examined and given a coupon for the first screening ultrasound.

Choosing a hospital for the birth of a child

Today in Belarus, pregnant women can independently choose a hospital for childbirth. The choice is offered in paid and free institutions.

As soon as a woman finds out about her situation, she needs to choose a place for childbirth. Paid clinics offer a wide range of specialists and wards with all the amenities. These can be either ordinary rooms with a good repair and their own toilet or separate VIP rooms with a jacuzzi and a restaurant menu. Check with the chosen clinic for all the details.

Free clinics offer a standard set of services without the right to choose. There will be several pregnant women in the ward who will be able to provide moral support to each other.

What things to take to the hospital

It is necessary to collect a bag and a package of documents in the hospital in advance so that it does not catch you by surprise and does not cause anxiety during childbirth. These are the things that will come in handy directly in childbirth. With this bag, you will go to the hospital.

List of required documents:

• The passport,

• exchange card,

• a contract with the maternity hospital for paid childbirth (if necessary).

In addition to documents, you need to take personal belongings. The list can be much longer, but we have collected the most necessary:

• gadgets and chargers,

• washable slippers and socks,

• towel,

• intimate hygiene products,

• disposable machine,

• drinking water,

• dry food,

• favorite cup, spoon

• compression stockings,

• 2-3 diapers for a newborn,

• Individual protection means.

Discharging from the maternity hospital

In addition to your personal belongings, the discharge from the hospital is accompanied by the presence of new certificates, which we advise you to put in a separate file. This will become the basis for obtaining the first documents of the newborn, so special attention should be paid to them.

The list of important documents upon discharge includes:

• exchange card,

• generic certificate,

• an extract about the course of childbirth,

• certificate of the birth of a child,

• certificate of the child's health.

Additionally, you may be given a document on all vaccinations carried out. This will be required to register the child at the clinic.

Paid services in the maternity hospital

Maternity hospitals provide additional paid services. These include individualized labor management and partner labor.

All pregnant women have access to comfortable conditions of stay in single and double technically equipped wards for a fee. Women in labor will be able to experience the process of childbirth almost at home. They are offered constant supervision of medical personnel who are ready to provide assistance at any time.

A partner delivery has only one advantage over individual delivery management - childbirth is carried out in an individual delivery room with the presence of a partner. All the details of the conduct and cost of a partner delivery can be found on the official website or by calling the selected clinic.

Citizenship of a child born in Belarus

If at least one of the child's parents has Belarusian citizenship, the child automatically acquires Belarusian citizenship after birth.

If the acquisition of citizenship is not prohibited by the law of another country, you can choose the citizenship of the country of the parent who is not a citizen of the Republic of Belarus.

Child benefit in Belarus

Benefit amount

The allowance is assigned in the amount of 100% of the average daily earnings for calendar days certified by a certificate of incapacity for work. The amount of the benefit is calculated by multiplying the size of the average daily earnings by the number of calendar days certified by the certificate of incapacity for work.

Terms of payment of benefits

With the timely filing of the application, the maternity allowance will be paid 2 months before the PDA. If a pregnant woman experiences complications during pregnancy, the benefit may be increased.

The maternity allowance is awarded if the application was followed no later than 6 months from the first day of dismissal from work in connection with pregnancy and childbirth.

Receiving benefits

To receive benefits, a pregnant woman must collect the following documents:

• The passport,

• certificate of incapacity for work.

The minimum amount of the maternity allowance is: 50% of the BPM - for each month of maternity leave.