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pets Veterinary control in Belarus

Veterinary control in Belarus

For many Belarusians pets are an irreplaceable part of the family, which becomes a frequent participant in trips abroad or neighboring cities. The article will tell you what difficulties you will have to face in the process of transporting pets, and how to cope with them.

What is a veterinary control?

Veterinary control is a customs authority that deals with the problems of transporting pets to neighboring states. Veterinary control officers are obliged to monitor the prevention of the import and spread of pathogens of infectious animal diseases, including those common to humans and animals. Also, customs officials control the transportation of goods that do not meet veterinary requirements, as well as prevention, detection, and suppression of violations of legislation in the field of veterinary medicine.

Veterinary control is accompanied by a documentary check for the safety of controlled goods, as well as checking the conformity of the quality of transportation.

Before passing the control, each owner must take care of the availability of appropriate certificates and vaccinations, as well as additional goods, if such is prescribed in the rules for the import and export of pets.

Veterinary control protects the interests of the citizens of Belarus, national producers and the population, and also ensures the safety of the population.

Official websites of customs clearance will be able to answer all questions regarding the transportation of pets to other countries. Therefore, make sure you have all the documents in advance so as not to run into trouble.

Import of pets to Belarus

List of required documents

It is allowed to import clinically healthy fur animals, rabbits, dogs and cats into the territory of Belarus from territories free from contagious animal diseases.

In Belarus, the import of domestic dogs and cats is allowed, but no more than 2 pets per person (if you do not have an import and quarantine permit with an international passport).

The pet must be vaccinated no later than 20 days before the import, if this has not been done earlier.

Animals must be identified by tattoo or microchip.

Customs procedure for importing pets

It must be remembered that every animal transported to the territory of Belarus is subject to a written customs declaration. To save your time, we advise you to pre-fill the electronic submission of information by individuals on the official website of the customs committee.

Next, you will need to go through veterinary control, and provide the conclusion to the customs officer.

Temporarily imported animals in the appropriate quantity (see details on the official website of the customs committee) do not need to pay customs duties.

Export of pets from Belarus

Pay attention to the list of rules of the host country. You must follow the rules not only when leaving Belarus, but also comply with the measures when transporting on the territory of another country. Regulations may prescribe quarantining animals, rabies vaccinations, chipping, etc.

In this regard, if it is necessary to import / export an animal to the territory of the Republic of Belarus, check the information at the consulate or follow the rules below.

List of required documents

So that your trip is not complicated by the lack of any certificates / documents for the pet, take care of the timely implementation of certain procedures.


If your pet is a dog, you must remember about its mandatory vaccination against canine distemper, hepatitis, viral enteritis, parvo- and adenovirus infections, leptospirosis.

If your pet is a cat, you need to remember about its mandatory vaccination against panleukopenia and rabies.

For the minimum number of days before vaccination, check with your veterinarian or on the website of the customs authorities.

Vaccinations are done by all veterinary clinics, and information about them is entered into a special passport of the animal, which must be carried with you. At the same time, it is worth remembering that all records in it are valid only after the record about chipping.

What is Chipping? This is a capsule under the pet's skin that stores information about the pet's owner and health. Today, if the animal is exported to the countries of the European Union, you will not be allowed to the borders without chipping.

You must visit your veterinarian no later than three days before travel. He will examine the animal and give you an appropriate certificate, which will contain permission to leave and information about the pet's health.

Customs procedure for the export of pets

In case of transportation of pets by air, you must inform the airline in advance when buying tickets or by calling +375 17 279 16 90, +375 17 279 12 15. If this is an international flight, read the rules of permission to enter the host country.

Minsk National Airport will provide you with a veterinarian on duty who will check the animal's health and documents.

In this case, the customs procedure includes your compliance with all laws and regulations for the import of an animal into the territory of the state of destination.

When exporting pets to European countries, be prepared for numerous payments, because countries have an animal tax, the amount of which may surprise you.

Responsibility for violation of the rules of transportation of pets

If the rules for the import / export of pets through the customs authorities are not followed, the violators will be held accountable, which is provided for by the rules of the customs control committee.

It is worth taking care of following all the rules in advance, and then your trip will not be spoiled. All details can be found on the official website of the customs control committee.