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Individual entrepreneurship

Individual entrepreneur in Belarus

Opening your own business is a very responsible and difficult decision. If you are not sure about the decision, then you probably should not take on such responsibility. And if you are ready to make money, then in this article you will find a short guide to entrepreneurship.

What is individual entrepreneurship?

Recently, the topic of business and individual entrepreneurship is gaining more and more importance. How many blogs and posts on the Internet space dedicated to this topic - you can not count. And this is not surprising, because fewer and fewer people want to work for someone, more and more for themselves. So let's start by looking at what an individual entrepreneur is.

Individual entrepreneur is a person carrying out commercial activities that are permitted by law. To do this, you need to go through the state. registration.

Who needs to open an individual business?

The issue of illegal trade is acute in every state, in particular in Belarus there are penalties for this. Therefore, it is recommended to start a sole proprietorship as soon as you start doing business.

From the beginning of the sale of goods and services, you open an individual entrepreneur and the laws bypass you. Since illegal business will be punished even if it did not bring you any income. Fines start from 500 BYN to half a million rubles, and what is even worse, illegal trade provides for criminal liability for up to five years, so you should not tempt fate.

Who doesn't need to start a sole proprietorship?

We learned about the need to register individual entrepreneurship, so the next step will be to choose the appropriate type of activity. What is it for? First, to understand what to do next. Secondly, to check the activity for its presence in the list of permitted in Belarus. Thirdly, you need to understand that not all types of activities are asked to register.

Let's deal with the last point. Who will not need registration?

• Those who provide services in the field of agriculture;

• Those who provide tutoring services and consultations;

• Those who provide cleaning services, other housework, childcare, adult care, etc .;

• Those who are involved in organizing holidays and events;

• Those who sell animals from their own pets;

• Those who are involved in the training and care of animals;

• those who are engaged in the sale of paintings, sculptures and other products by their authors in specially designated trading places, as well as the sale of flowers, seedlings and seeds;

• Those who provide translation or other secretarial services;

• Those who are engaged in measuring height and weight with special devices;

• Those who are engaged in the repair of clothing and fabrics (except carpets).

Can a foreigner become an individual entrepreneur?

According to the law, the procedure for starting a business in Belarus is available for foreign citizens, but with its own exceptions.

To open a business, a non-resident of the country who lives outside the Republic of Belarus needs to register a company. For foreign legal entities, this option is the only one to open a business.

The director of this enterprise, being a foreign citizen, must apply for a work permit. A foreign legal entity or foreign sole proprietor cannot legally become a manager of an enterprise.

Registration of individual entrepreneurship

Having decided on the type of activity, and making sure that it is included in the list of permitted ones, we proceed to the next stage - registration of an individual entrepreneur.

For this stage, you need to prepare a package of documents and pay the state fee. Then choose the registration method from the two existing ones: registration of an individual entrepreneur with the registration authority at the place of registration or registering an individual entrepreneur online. It is unlikely that you have any doubts about the first method, most likely the second raised some questions.

So, for online registration of an individual entrepreneur, you will definitely need an electronic digital signature key. Without it, you will not be able to register and log in at This key is issued by the Republican Unitary Enterprise "Information and Publishing Center for Taxes and Duties" and the Republican Unitary Enterprise "National Center for Electronic Services". Key cost (valid for one year) - 48.60 Belarusian rubles.

It usually takes a day to verify the key and all the necessary documents. The decision will be announced to you the next day, and you will receive a certificate of registration.

Registration documents

Below is a list of documents that you will need to register your individual entrepreneur:

• Identity card - passport or residence permit;

• In case of registration through a representative - his power of attorney for further actions;

• Application of the established form. The application form can be obtained at the place of registration;

• One / two photos of 3x4 format;

• Receipt for payment of state duty;

• File for the above documents.

Registration fee

As you already understand, the payment of the state fee is considered an indispensable item for issuing registration. Its price makes up 0.5 base values, that is, 12.75 BYN. But do not actually hope that this is the final amount of expenses for individual entrepreneurs. Because it will still be necessary to pass 4 BYN for a book of comments and services, 1.9 BYN - for the check book, 78.74 BYN. - for electrical declaration. In case you decide to work with printing, you must be ready to pay 20 BYN.

Do not forget, in fact, that not everyone will be required to pay the state duty. The following groups of people are exempt from paying it:

• Students of secondary / higher educational institutions in full-time study;

• Submitting papers for registration of individual entrepreneurs on the Internet site;

• Unemployed people starting to engage in entrepreneurial work with the help and orientation of employment centers.

Individual entrepreneur taxes

Individual entrepreneurs can apply the following taxation systems:

• single tax from personal merchants or other individuals. persons;

• income tax (general taxation system, or DOS);

• tax under the simplified taxation system (STS);

• value added tax;

• excise taxes;

• tax on profits of foreign organizations that do not work in the Republic of Belarus through systematic representation;

• environmental tax;

• tax for the extraction of natural resources;

• offshore tax.

What do you need to get started?

The final period for creating an individual entrepreneur in the Republic of Belarus is opening a current account in a bank. Nobody limits you in choosing a bank, so rely on your own discretion - learn in advance the offers for merchants on the market and choose the most profitable option for yourself.

Everything is ready for a successful start, success to you!

Legal regulation of entrepreneurial activity

The main act regulating entrepreneurial work is the State Code. It fixes its main foundations, the status of entrepreneurial structures, in which the amount of soil is the legal status of legal entities, they regulate ownership affairs, legal obligations, etc.

In addition to the State Code, there are other legislative acts regulating entrepreneurial work. The Civil Code (Art. 3) defines informants for civil law, and therefore for business law:

- legislative acts (the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, the State Code, laws of the Republic of Belarus, decrees and decrees of the President of the Republic of Belarus);

- decrees of the President of the Republic of Belarus;

- orders of the Government of the Republic of Belarus;

- acts of the Constitutional, Supreme, Supreme Domestic Courts of the Republic of Belarus, the State Bank of the Republic of Belarus, issued within the boundaries of their zones of responsibility for the regulation of civil relations;

- acts of ministries, other republican bodies of municipal administration, regional bodies of government and self-government, issued in the cases and within the boundaries provided for by legislative acts.