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Marketing_and_PR Marketing and PR in Belarus

Marketing and PR in Belarus

Often people wonder what is marketing? What type of marketing is the most effective? Do I need to create a marketing department in my company? Marketing is nothing more than a sales servant; it makes sales easy, successful and profitable. The choice of the type and method of business promotion depends on the size of the company, its desires, the specifics of customers, as well as financial capabilities.

Types of marketing

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a combination of all the basic principles of marketing, where the basis is the customer’s disposition and attention. Despite the availability of this type of advertising, marketing using the Internet has the peculiarity of having a huge stream of unnecessary information that scatters the attention of a potential client.

Perhaps the main criterion for choosing this type of marketing is its financial availability, high coverage and effectiveness.

The main tools that Internet marketers use are: content creation, SEO promotion, contextual advertising, targeting, analytics, customer marketing and so on.

Advertising marketing

Advertising marketing searches for the most successful behaviours to promote products through research of potential customers.

Such studies are surveys of certain groups of people. Thanks to this, marketers determine consumer mood.

Also, relevant studies may take the form of an offer to test and leave feedback on the advertised products.

Event marketing

In this case, advertising of the product is carried out through special events.

This type of marketing is considered as one of the most effective for direct communication with customers, partners or employees of the company, which can also become consumers of products.

Event marketing is recommended to be used in conjunction with other types and tools of promotion.

Public relations

Public Relations is nothing more than a function aimed at communication and work on the establishment and strengthening of business communication between the company and consumers. Such communication has its own characteristics and differs from the communication of people in everyday life.

This type of marketing takes care of the correct flow of information and building long-term and successful relationships with customers.

How do marketers help grow a business?

Looking for new clients

In order to get new customers, it will be really effective to turn to specialists. Marketers will be able to find new customers quickly and professionally. The tools of such a search are often: correctly configured contextual advertising, SEO promotion, work with social networks.

Such algorithms definitely work, and increase the flow of clients.

Retention of customers

In order to save the customer base, marketers keep in touch with customers. For example, they carry out emails with loyalty programs (various discounts and bonuses), organize a support system by which a client can communicate with a company representative throughout the purchase.

Communication with customers can be carried out using online chats on the website or telephone.

Sales growth

The advantage of experienced marketers is a good knowledge of the market and the characteristics of consumption. It is the marketer who can creat a competent plan for sales growth.

Thanks to this plan, it seems possible to carry out activities aimed at increasing sales profitability throughout the year.

Brand reputation

A good brand reputation is an essential part of a successful business. A bad reputation affects the number of sales and search results.

The most effective way to maintain a good reputation is through preventive measures. It is better to entrust such responsible work to marketing specialists, since a positive image of a company is a very valuable resource.

Brand recognition

In simple words, brand recognition is a scale that shows how much potential customers are aware of the existence of a company. Recognition has a direct impact on sales, especially for unique products.

With the good work of marketers on brand recognition, products of the corresponding type begin to be associated only with a particular company.


This term means updating or changing business processes and the external perception of the company. In the process of rebranding, the internal structure of the organization, the rules of employee communication, the logo and so on often change. The purpose of these events is to significantly improve the brand, as well as its main products.

Marketing tools

Email Marketing

This kind of marketing advertises products via email. Email marketing is the basic tool of marketers, which not only attracts and retains customers, but also increases loyalty to the company.

Such a marketing tool is universal, however, each company needs its own individual plan.

Outdoor advertising

The most popular marketing tool. Examples of outdoor advertising are street signs.

This method of advertising is suitable for opening any organization, as well as for moving the old one.

Marketers in this case will be able to choose a loyal contractor.

Promotion through social networks

This method of promotion is carried out, as a rule, through Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook and Instagram. This helps to attract customers to the company’s website and, consequently, to increase sales.

Also, such a tool allows you to familiarize customers with discounts, promotions and other brand offers.

Organization of events

For effective advertising using the event, it is necessary to prepare a behaviour strategy not only during the event, but also before and after it.

A beautifully designed event encourages people to take and upload photos to the Internet, which can also serve as advertising for the brand.

Advertising games

Games are gaining popularity in society. The advantage of advertising games over ordinary games is short (on average up to half an hour). Customers are attracted by the opportunity to have fun at the same time and receive any bonuses from the company.

Work with the media

The Union of Marketers and Media Journalists operates on the principles of a free press; meeting the interests of society; the interest of journalists in the materials provided by marketers; mutual respect and benefits from the strategic behaviour of partners.

Only in such conditions of solidarity and mutual support can lasting and decent contacts be established.

Contextual advertising

The content of contextual advertising is directly dependent on the interests of the user. It distinguishes this type of advertisement from others, and also allows you to introduce a potential buyer to the product.

Contextual advertising on the Internet makes it possible not only to control budget expanses and accurately determine how, where and when to invest money, but also to make the necessary changes in time.

When creating an advertisement, the marketer relies directly on people's searches.

Collaboration with bloggers and influencers

Influence-marketing has existed for a long time, but the definition of this has appeared relatively recently.

Brands have been advertising their products through famous people, politicians and actors, singers and athletes for more than a dozen years. Now social networks are the most popular platform for obtaining information, and their representatives (bloggers) are the most influential.

Bloggers are valuable, they can advertise anything, any information. Using his imagination and ingenuity, a blogger can present an advertising collaboration as his own experience.

A good marketer will develop such a collaboration plan with a blogger that the viewer will never guess about the presence of advertising. With the help of influencers, it is also possible to bring new products to the market and create new niches.

The best marketing agencies of Belarus


Carry out a full cycle of work related to PR.

They work with such companies as: Chapsky Day, A-100, Velcom, Aviation Sports Federation, National Agency for Investment and Privatization, and others.

Media cube

Full cycle company. They deal with media, from creating video content to its distribution and promotion on YouTube. MediaCube.

TDI Group

Full cycle strategic creative agency. Since 2007 - in the market of Belarus. Carries out projects of various sizes in the CIS countries.

Webcome media

Digital full-cycle company. They are engaged in contextual advertising, display advertising, websites and landing pages, analytics and auditing, lead generation / CPA purchases, RTB and audience purchases, targeted advertising, SMM promotion in social media and so on.

Effect promo

Agency of marketing communications. They help companies build a communication strategy to achieve their goals.

Gusarov Group

Provide the following services: SMM, branding and design, contextual advertising, copywriting, website promotion (SEO), video creation, website development, targeted advertising etc.

PR cube

They specialize in integrated campaigns involving consumers, individual BTL projects (trade, event, promo, digital, PR, DM), POSM, design and production.

Marketing agency vs marketing department in the company

Advantages of a Marketing Agency

There is no definite answer to the question, what is still better: a marketing agency or a marketing department in a company. The choice should be based on the characteristics of the respective brand.

The advantages of the agency are wide experience and an accumulated base of necessary contacts. Many agencies also provide discounts and various promotions.

Disadvantages of a Marketing Agency

The main disadvantage of a marketing agency is the inability to control their activities. The client receives only the result of the work, but does not interfere in the process of its implementation.

In this case, the company risks its time and money.

Advantages of a marketing department in the company

The advantages of a marketing department are not only control and simplified accountability of employees, but also immersion in each project, building a brand development strategy and quick feedback, ease of communication, stability of financial costs, the ability to work with young and promising marketers.

Disadvantages of a marketing department in the company

The difficulties in having a marketing department in the company are financial support (premises, equipment, training, etc.), narrow focus and lack of motivation for employees to grow, professional burnout, difficulty in objective and competent assessment of the work of a marketer.