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Entry_rules Entry rules to Belarus

Entry rules to Belarus

Foreign citizens can cross the State Border of the Republic of Belarus according to the following documents:
1. valid passport;
2. visa for the citizens of the countries with which the Republic of Belarus has a visa regime;
3. document for return to the state of citizenship or residence (in case of loss of a passport in the territory of the Republic of Belarus);
4. insurance policy.

It is important to remember that when entering the Republic of Belarus for a period of less than one month, foreign citizens must have funds in the amount of not less than 2 basic units for each day of stay. When entering the Republic of Belarus for a period longer than a month, foreign citizens must have funds in the amount equivalent to at least 50 basic units (from January 1, 2019, the base unit is BYN 25.5).

As you understand there are 4 ways how you can come to Belarus:
1. by train;
2. by airplane;
3. by car;
4. by bus.
If you arrive in Belarus (in Minsk) by train you will reach the Central Railway Station. If you arrive in Belarus (in Minsk) by airplane you will reach the National Airport Minsk. 
If you come to Belarus by airplane you will pass the passport control in the National Airport Minsk. This procedure will take from 10 to 15 minutes (if you have a Belarusian visa in your passport). If you decided to get a visa on arrival in practice it takes approximately from 20 to 60 minutes. You have to fill in an application form and also pay state fees. The border authorities will put a Belarusian visa in your passport at the same moment when you apply for it.
In accordance with the law some countries have very close connections with the Republic of Belarus and the citizens of these countries do not need to apply for a visa at all. Thus before going to Belarus you have to check it.

Customs procedures and rules
Pay your attention! There are 2 (two) channels for Customs clearance: Red channel and Green channel.
The general rule is very simple:
If you do not have any dutiable goods – you have to go through the Green channel.
If you have any dutiable goods – please go through the Red channel and declare it.

Pay your attention!
If you bring with you more than USD 10 000 you have to declare it. If you do not do it – the customs house can fine you and take your money from you (confiscate). Declaration of money means that you have to fill in a customs declaration – this form you can take from the customs officers.
Declaration of money does not mean that there is any limit and you cannot bring more than USD 10 000. You can bring with you any amount of money but the rule is that if you bring more than USD 10 000 you have to declare it.
Items that are not allowed (prohibited goods) to be taken to Belarus:
– firearms;
– military equipment;
– narcotic drug;
– poisons;
– radioactive and explosive substances.
Animals and plants can be brought to Belarus only with the appropriate Health and Veterinary Certificates.