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Охота с собакой в Беларуси Hunting in Belarus

Hunting in Belarus

Hunting in Belarus. Rules and types of hunting in Belarus for foreigners

Previously, people had to hunt in order to survive. However, today we don't need to do it. Now it's more like choosing "to stay home in the warmth or go out into the woods face to face with a wild boar". Hunting is not a matter of survival anymore, but rather, like fishing, it has become a tradition.

In this material, we will tell you about hunting in the Republic of Belarus, its cost and species, as well as the rules for foreigners.

Opening of the hunting season in the Republic of Belarus

Belarus is a unique area for hunting many species of animals, including bison, elks, deer, wild boars and roe deer. In spring, they hunt grouse and grouse, waterfowl, grey partridge and woodcock.

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As a rule, the hunting season in Belarus starts in the last days of summer. It is the beginning of the season of driven hunting for ungulates: elk, red deer, roe deer and wild boar older than two years. This type of hunting is conducted in daylight hours. When hunting for animals it is allowed to use rifled hunting guns, smooth-bore hunting rifles, bows and crossbows.

Hunting season in Belarus

Belarus has temporary and seasonal restrictions on hunting, and there are a number of areas that are under protection. Preying of the beast there is prohibited even if hunting is permitted in reserves and national parks. There are two hunting seasons in our country - autumn-winter and summer. The autumn-winter season is in early September - late February, and the summer season is from June to August. It should be noted that in winter one can hunt a hare, a wolf, a marten, a mink, a fox, a snipe, a raccoon dog as well as bison from the reserve fund. In summer hunting is allowed for roe deer, wild boar, bison from the reserve fund, wolf and fox.

Hunting rules in Belarus

The first thing a person who wants to hunt in the Republic of Belarus should get is a hunting permit. According to the Rules of hunting economy and hunting, the right to hunt in the Republic of Belarus with hunting equipment is granted:

  • capable citizens of the Republic of Belarus who have reached the age of majority;
  • capable foreign citizens and stateless persons permanently residing in the territory of the Republic of Belarus and having a residence permit.

The requirements that the legislation of the Republic of Belarus imposes on foreign hunters are as follows:

  • a document confirming the right to hunt, issued in the country of their permanent residence, for example, a hunting ticket;
  • a possession and carrying permit for hunting weapons issued in their country of residence;
  • a one-time permit from the internal affairs authorities to import and export hunting guns, ammunition and hunting knives into Belarus (if necessary);
  • availability of a hunting permit or a one-time permit for the hunting of a hunting animal and a hunting ticket to it.

Hunting only with one-time permits is possible for the reserve bison, elk, red deer, European roe deer, wild boar, river beaver and otter, wood grouse and grouse.

Types of permitted hunting in Belarus

The following types of hunting are allowed in Belarus:

Duck hunting in Belarus 

From August 8 to December 12 it is allowed to hunt for a duck in daylight time from an ambush, with luring, from the approach and approach, including hunting dogs.

Goose hunting in Belarus

You can hunt goose of any sex and age from March 14 to May 10 during daylight hours only from scratch or from ambush with the use of camouflage gown and only with luring with the help of semolina and planting goose. Hunting dogs may be used to search for prey.

Forest ringdove hunting
Hunting for a forest ringdove (vyahir) is allowed in Belarus in the fall season (first weekend of August). The hunt for him lasts about a calendar month. This type of hunting is very popular in Belarus not only among local hunters, but also among foreigners.

Roe deer hunting in Belarus 

Hunting for male roe deer of trophy type is allowed from May 15 to September 30. Hunting can be done by ambush, approach or lure. From October 1 to January 31 you can hunt roe deer of any sex and age. Type and method of hunting: enclosure and with dogs - during daylight hours or during daylight hours from ambush and approach;

Deer hunting in Belarus 

Hunting for a male deer of trophy quality and selection animals of any sex and age is allowed from August 20 to September 30 and from February 1 to March 31. Hunting is allowed from ambush, approach and lure (only from August 20 to September 30).

Elk hunting in Belarus

Hunting for adult males of trophy quality is allowed from August 20 to September 30, and for animals of any sex and age from October 1 to January 31. Hunting for trophy moose is permitted with a rifle pens, ambush, approach and with hunting dogs. An ordinary moose can be hunted in a paddock with dogs - during daylight hours, and during daylight hours from an ambush or from the approach.

Wild boar hunting in Belarus

Hunting a wild boar is allowed from April 1 to September 30. It is possible to hunt males older than two years and young animals up to two years of any sex during the day. The method of hunting is an ambush shotgun, from the approach;

Wolf hunting in Belarus

From January to December 31 it is allowed to hunt for animals of any sex and age from an ambush, with a lure, from the approach, from the enclosure, including hunting dogs and hunting birds.

The most popular areas of hunting in Belarus are hunting for wild boar, wolf, elk and deer, paddock hunting for ungulates, as well as for spleen, goose and wood grouse and wood grouse.

Hunting for the bison of the reserve fund occupies a special place. There are a number of biological signs, according to which the bison is considered weak and unable to give a full offspring. Seizure of such animals is allowed in strictly limited numbers.

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Hound hunting with dogs in enclosure

From the first Saturday of October, hunting for furry hunting animals - rosace hare, white hare - opens in the hunting grounds of Belarus and will last until the first Saturday of November. This hunting is permitted in daylight hours by rifle method.

Rifle hunting for hares is carried out with the approach of a corral with hound dogs having a field diploma in rabbit or fox, and up to three hunters can hunt with one dog. It is allowed to use smoothbore hunting weapons using shotgun cartridges.

Rifle hunting for hunting animals of non-standard species is permitted on Saturday, Sunday, state holidays, public holidays declared by the President of the Republic of Belarus as non-working days, and on certain working days if they are moved by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus on weekends.

Hunting prices in Belarus

Belarusian farms can arrange a hunting tour for you; apply for a visa, permission to bring a hunting gun, etc. As a rule, the organization of the hunting tour is well suited, on request, you can organize hunting for ungulates or hunting for wolves with flags, individual hunting for boars from the tower or herbs, hunting for elk and deer "roaring" and "moaning". All necessary documents for weapons and trophies will be prepared for you, visa support will be provided and transfer to the hunting site will be organized. The cost of these three-day tours depends on the type of animal and starts at 200 euros for hunting, excluding trophies.

Living and meals included. Moose trophy will cost you from 550 €, red deer trophy – from 570 €, wild boar trophy 100 €, European roe deer trophy – from 80 €, wolf trophy 400 – 500 €, beaver trophy 50 €, wood-grouse trophy 450 €, grouse trophy 150 € spring, 50 – 80 € fall, other fur and feather also available. In order to arrange hunting you have to choose an animal and/or a season and study the offer of the hunting farms, apply 1 month in advance, come and enjoy the action.

An undoubted, legendary leader among animals available for hunt (we can hardly call it a prey) is the European bison. The cost of it as a trophy is around 6000 €.

Where can you hunt in Belarus?

The most common hunting area of the country is a National Park called Braslav Lakes. Here, hunters are offered more than the first 26 hectares of hunting grounds and a huge variety of animals and birds, which are allowed to hunt almost all year round.

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However, this is far not the only hunting area, Belarus has several hunting farms, with vast territory and a wide range of animals offered for hunting in the relevant season:

  • "Beliy Bor" hunting farm;
  • "Krasnoselskoye" hunting farm;
  • "Belaya tropa" hunting farm;
  • "Obsterno" hunting farm.

To obtain a hunting permit in the territory of the Republic of Belarus you need to collect all the necessary documents, select the type of animal for hunting and apply at the site of the hunting farm.