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Mobile connection and Internet

Mobile connection and Internet

Today it is difficult to imagine a person who does not use mobile communications. The phone helps not only in communication, but also in travel. We can always get to the desired destination using the Internet or order food delivery. Therefore, upon arriving in a new country, we are looking for a way to connect to the mobile Internet. Today we will tell you about mobile operators in Belarus.

Where to buy a sim-card?

Sim-card is a required attribute of connection to a mobile operator. Of course, there is an alternative in the form of Wi-fi, but this is completely inconvenient, since you have to be tied to one place and calls can only be made in instant messengers, where the connection is often poor. Returning to the issue of SIM cards, you need to understand that you should not use handbuying. Do not trust unverified sellers, buy only from official representatives of mobile operators.

In the airport

You can buy a SIM card in mobile shops and operator offices. Please note that there are separate tariffs for foreigners in Belarus. To buy a SIM card, you need to bring your passport and conclude an agreement. Most of the tariffs are available only to registered users.

In the salons of mobile operators

You can buy a SIM card in mobile shops and operator offices. You can also activate it both independently and in any cellular salon. It is enough to take your passport with you. Please note: in Belarus, you cannot connect to any operator today without a passport and concluding an agreement- these are the requirements of the law. It doesn't take long to connect. The SIM card starts working instantly, and the advance payment made to the account upon connection is rather low.

Mobile operators in Belarus

Three mobile operators operate in Belarus: MTS, Velcom, Life. You can use the Internet via 3G network, and MTS and Life already provide 4G. The cost of SIM cards is different, but the algorithm is the same - you make an advance payment, and the card gets free. Prices are on average 5-7 Belarusian rubles.

As for tariff plans, consultants will always help you choose the right one, based on your needs.

Balance replenishment

As soon as you purchase a SIM card, the question will arise about its replenishment. You can replenish the balance not only in the offices of the selected operator and in payment terminals, but also in bank branches, post offices, exchange offices, and Beltelecom. In post offices, you can often find terminals for replenishing the balance without a commission.

SIM card applications

There are all sorts of sim card applications. They serve to display information about the SIM card to the device. The applications also show the contacts saved on the SIM card.

You are given the option to click on a parameter to copy it to the clipboard. In the same way, you can copy, call and send messages to the selected number on the SIM card.

Applications often only support one SIM card.

Temporarily lock your SIM card

Temporary blocking is established voluntarily. You can contact a specialist of your mobile operator and he will help you temporarily suspend its work. The service is often used in order to suspend the payment at the time of departure or, in the absence of the need to use the mobile network.

Closing the SIM card

There are many reasons for closing a SIM card. For example:

• The phone was stolen?

• Have you lost it or forgotten somewhere?

• Haven't used your phone for a long time?

But what to do if this number is already known to all friends, colleagues or acquaintances with whom there is no other way to contact. In this, follow the simple instructions:

• Block your old SIM card;

• Get a new SIM card with the same number.

If you just need to close the SIM card or switch to another mobile operator, then you must fulfill at least two conditions:

• Check the balance of your phone, there should be no debts on it;

• Check if you requested the promised payment. If so, redeem it.

To terminate the contract, contact your mobile operator personally, write a statement, bring all the necessary documents.

Internet connection

The Internet is an opportunity to stay “in touch” with your family, friends, friends and classmates on social networks, in messengers, as well as the ability to quickly resolve work issues and follow the news. Arriving in any country, we first of all connect to the Internet in order to call our loved ones and choose a route for further travel.

Mobile Internet

You need to conclude an agreement with a mobile operator to connect to the mobile operator. The procedure will not take you much time. But in the end, you get high-speed data transfer to your smartphone.

The "Mobile Internet" service is included in the set of services of the subscriber's tariff plan, available to new subscribers upon concluding an agreement, current subscribers (if the service is disabled) - upon connecting the package, changing the tariff plan.

Home Internet

Connecting home Internet also does not take much time. How to conclude a contract? You can leave a request for connection on the website, by calling the contact center, in the community of the mobile operator in social networks, and you can also conclude an agreement in the company's store.

After the conclusion of the contract, the operator will tell you about all the details of further actions. Experts will come to you at any convenient time and connect your home Internet by agreement.

Wi-fi at the airport Minsk-1

A Wi-Fi network called "AirportMinsk" is available at the National Airport of Minsk. Internet access via this network is provided absolutely free of charge, but with one condition: one device can be connected to the network only for 3 hours a day. The coverage area of ​​this network covers almost the entire territory of the air terminal complex of the National Airport.

At the same time, a free wireless network called "MSQcatering" continues to operate, which operates on the territory of business lounges and a VIP lounge.

To connect to the Wi-Fi network, a system of mandatory user identification has been introduced. It sounds scary, but you can go through it only with the help of an SMS request through the network of any mobile operator, including a foreign one, if you have roaming. As soon as you receive the code on your phone, you can start using the Internet.