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Знакомства в Беларуси Dating in Belarus

Dating in Belarus

Finding the love of a lifetime isn't so easy and fast. Every day thousands of people around the world try to find their love: some give up after the first defeat, while others do not give up despite failures.

When the Internet and dating sites are appeared to find a couple became much easier. The popularity of online dating in Belarus is growing, and thousands of new users register every day. Today, more and more couples say that they met online on one of the popular platforms.

In this material, we will tell you about the best dating sites and applications in Belarus.

What kinds of dating sites are available in Belarus

Tinder, TopFace, Badoo and Mamba are very popular among Belarusians. However, each site or application has its own features that we will tell you about.


Fully free dating service is Mamba. Therefore, if you don't want to pay money for dating, the app is for you. Tinder and Badoo also offer free subscriptions, but what makes them different from Mamba is that they also offer premium access, which gives you a number of advantages.

Without registration

To get acquainted without registration is not possible on any site. You need to upload photos and information about yourself so that other users understand whom they are communicating with, and without registration, it is impossible to do this. In addition, site moderators need to perform your authentication to avoid fraudsters and robots on the site.

For serious relationships and family building

To search for a serious relationship will suit any dating site. It all depends only on what type of relationship you are looking for. To indicate your intentions, you need to specify in your profile form, what kind of relationship you are interested in. For example, "Looking for a soulmate for a serious relationship and create a family".

Dating men

Girls and women most often look for a serious relationship on dating sites, but do not forget that some men are not there for that. In order not to make the wrong choice, you need to talk to your potential partner for a while and find out his intentions about you. Otherwise, by agreeing to a meeting right away, you risk wasting your time or getting frustrated with this kind of dating experience.

Dating women

Today, articles about how to get acquainted with a girl on the Internet and what tricks to use appear on the Internet. However, experience shows that this does not work with most women. On the contrary, the weaker sex values individuality and personal qualities. So, if you intend to find a life partner, then just be yourself.

Orthodox acquaintances

This type of dating is perfect for people who want the satellite to be able to separate their views and beliefs.

Orthodox dating sites:

Adam i Eva

Dating is for those in their 40s

On dating sites are registered men and women of different age categories: from 18 to 80. Therefore, no matter how old you are - all ages of love are obedient. Choose a convenient platform, register and start communicating.

Dating for people with disabilities

The website is suitable for people with disabilities. All you need to do to start getting to know each other is register, upload photos and create a profile.

For vegetarians

Vegetarians, raw foodist and vegans can find an interest companion on any of the dating sites. However, the website is designed specifically for environmentally conscious people and helps find a life companion or just a friend to communicate and relate to.

Rating and review of popular dating sites in Belarus

According to statistics, dating on the Internet is one of the most popular activities on the Internet. Belarusians prefer to register on dating sites, the audience of which covers the whole CIS.

Rating of dating sites among Belarusians

  1. Tinder (over 50 million questionnaires).
  2. Badoo (about 226 million questionnaires).
  3. Mamba (5.3 million questionnaires).
  4. TopFace (more than 131 million questionnaires).
  5. (3.6 million questionnaires).
  6. Polovinka (about 1 million questionnaires).
  7. Ruruto (about 12 million users).

You can read an overview of these sites below.

Tinder website

Tinder is a mobile application that simplifies the process of acquaintance. In order to start communicating, you need to upload your photo and add a description to your profile. The essence of the application is that you are highlighted profiles of potential partners, and you accept or reject them, depending on whether you like them or not.

The application offers free and premium subscriptions and updates them automatically. The application also allows you to block a user if he or she turns out to be unreliable.

Tinder ranks first among online dating platforms in Belarus. People aged 18 to 35 years mainly use it.

Badoo website

Badoo is the perfect application for those who want to find a pen friend from another country or their soulmate. Users indicate their intentions in their profile form, so you will immediately know what type of communication or relationship a person is looking for.

Mamba website

Mamba is the largest free dating site and #1 for all Russian-speaking users. New updated versions of the application are released regularly, making the platform even easier to find partners.

TopFace website

It is an international social dating service and one of the most popular services among Belarusians. Every day 1.6 million people visit the site, and the database contains about 100 million participants. The service is available through the site, social networking applications (Facebook and Vkontakte), also on Android and iOS devices.

Tabor website

The site can be accessed via the link or via a mobile application. Tabor is a relatively new dating website and has a wide range of functionality that allows you to select the most appropriate person by various selection criteria. At present, over 2.5 million people use the website and the application.

Polovinka website

On this site users post their photos with descriptions and leave a phone number. If someone is interested, people start communicating directly in messengers. In addition to the usual functionality, the site also assesses compatibility with one or another user.

Ruruto website

It's a Belarusian dating service. You can adjust your search criteria not only by age and sex, but also by cities in Belarus.

The service has no mobile application, so all communication takes place at

Main mistakes made by users on dating sites

The first and most important mistake is choosing the wrong photo for your personal page. When choosing a photo, you have to think about what impression you want to make on a potential satellite.

The second mistake is the absence of any description on the page. Users prefer to write to those who have at least minimal information about themselves.

In addition, really repel spelling errors, too many dots, smileys and exclamation marks in personal messages. So don't overdo it.

Slowing down or rushing into a real dating experience is another mistake by dating site users. Before you meet someone, you need to get to know them well enough to be sure that they are cute to you and that you won't waste time on a date.

Cheating on a personal page is something that most people do not welcome. For example, someone wants to seem younger and slimmer and therefore uses photos from ten years ago.

If you plan to continue communicating in reality, write only the truth. The deception will reveal anyway, and your impression and reputation will be ruined.

Today our world is taking over the Internet at great speed and human relations are no exception. It is worth remembering that the initial goals of registration on a dating site can vary greatly and you never know how far the relationship can go in the end.