Permanent residence in Belarus

Permanent residence in Belarus

Permanent residence in Belarus is an identity document of a foreign citizen in the territory of Belarus, confirming receipt of a permanent residence permit.
Obtaining a permanent residence permit in Belarus, in contrast to staying in the territory of Belarus for a
temporary residence permit, provides a range of benefits for foreign citizens who intend to reside permanently in Belarus: the ability to carry out business activity not establishing a legal entity; without any obstacles to leave the country and return without a visa (staying in the territory of Belarus 183 days a year), enjoy all social and economic rights on an equal basis with the citizens of Belarus (for example, a right to receive free emergency medical care; a right to education, etc.).

At the end of 2017, 178 thousand foreign citizens had a residence permit in Belarus.

A residence permit in Belarus can be received by the foreign citizens:
– who live in the territory of Belarus for seven years continuously (under a temporary residence permit);
– who are refugees;
– who have the right to family reunification;
– who have invested EUR 150 000 and more in commercial real estate or shares (not residential real estate);
– who have the right to obtain citizenship by registration, or have previously been a citizen;
– who are ethnic Belarusians and their relatives in a straight line;
– who are highly qualified specialists who are in demand in the country;
– on the grounds of international treaties.
These points are the grounds for obtaining a permanent residence permit.

To apply for a permanent residence permit in Belarus you need to submit the following documents:
– application;
– autobiography;
– document for travel abroad (foreign passport);
– photos (40 × 50 mm. – 4 pieces);
– Certificate of no criminal record in the state of nationality (dated not earlier than six months);
– a document confirming the grounds for obtaining a residence permit. Depending on the grounds for obtaining a residence permit, it can be: Certificate of Termination of Citizenship or Belarusian Certificate of Citizenship; Refugee Certificate; Certificate of Marital Status; documents confirming the relationship, etc.);
– confirmation of legality of stay in Belarus (for example, possession of a temporary residence permit);
– Medical Certificate, confirming the absence of diseases that pose a threat to public health;
– confirmation of availability of dwelling space not less than 15 sq. m. (e.g. a rental contract);
– Certificate of Income (not less than the subsistence minimum) or bank account statement;
– documents for registration at the place of residence;
– receipt of state fee payment.

It is also necessary to pass fingerprint identification at the police station at the place of residence, a certificate will be issued.
Documents must be drawn up in the approved form, must be free from emendations and corrections, copies must be certified by a notary; documents in a foreign language must be translated into Russian.
Medical Certificate is valid for one month. To receive it you have to sign a contract for medical services in a clinic at the place of residence (or in a private medical center), to pass blood and urine tests, do chest X-rays, cardiogram; visit the narcological and psychiatric institutions; dermatovenerologic dispensary for testing sexually transmitted diseases and HIV; obtain a medical report of the local doctor; Commission’s conclusion signed by the head physician.

All documents must be submitted to the Citizenship and Migration Unit of the Internal Affairs body at the place of supposed residence in Belarus, or, if a foreign citizen is outside Belarus, to the foreign office of Belarus. Hereinafter the documents are transferred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The application for a permanent residence permit is considered for a period of up to three months if to apply in Belarus; for a period of up to six months if to apply through the foreign office of Belarus.
It can be refused in issuance of a permanent residence permit to foreign citizens:
– who were brought to criminal responsibility and the criminal record is not removed or they have conviction not expunged;
– who brought to administrative responsibility in Belarus five or more times during the year;
– whose presence in Belarus is contrary to national security, civil law and order, protection of moral and ethical norms, rights and freedoms or health of citizens;
– whose goals of stay in Belarus do not coincide with those mentioned in the application and the state of their citizenship is unfavorable in terms of migration;
– if the immigration quota is exhausted.
A permanent residence permit in Belarus will not be issued to the foreign citizens:
– who have no reason to obtain it;
– who reported false data or submitted false documents;
– who declared persona non grata in Belarus;
– who are related to terrorist, extremist activities, illegal trafficking in weapons, drugs, radioactive materials, human trafficking;
– who have dangerous diseases;
– who entered into a fictitious marriage to obtain a residence permit.

The residence permit is issued initially for two years, followed by five years. The foreign citizen has the right to apply for its exchange an unlimited number of times, since the permanent residence permit is indefinite. This is possible six months before the expiry of the residence permit.
Foreign citizens who have received a residence permit are obliged to register at the place of residence in Belarus within three months.
If a foreign citizen has plans to obtain citizenship of Belarus, the procedure should be started with the acquisition of a residence permit. A foreign citizen must reside in Belarus with a residence permit continuously (leaving Belarus no more than three months a year) for seven years in order to be subsequently accepted as a citizen of Belarus. The exception is the acquisition of citizenship by registration.