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Money transfers in Belarus

Money transfers in Belarus

Payment systems of different countries differ from each other. Before you visit Belarus, it is better in advance to figure out how to operate the payment system (money transfers) in Belarus. We will tell you about the payment cards, electronic payment systems which are supported in Belarus. And at the same time we will explain to you how to transfer money to Belarus from anywhere in the world.

World payment systems have taken their place in Belarus. All the banks in the country are issuers of two international systems – MasterCard and VISA. There is also a national payment system – BELCARD.

BELCARD operates only in Belarus. However, the adjacent system BELCARD+Maestro will be active in other countries as well. This system significantly expands the capabilities of the national payment system, for example, when you travel to other countries.

American systems VISA and MasterCard are popular among Belarusian people. Such cards are accepted in 200 countries that significantly expand the possibilities for travel without the headache of what card to make before the trip.

In Belarus, you can pay something using cards from other payment systems. The only thing that cannot be issued yet in our country. Union Pay cardholders can be serviced in “Belgazprombank”. Those people who prefer American Express should contact “BPS-Bank”. And for tourists who use the payment system JBS is suitable “Belinvestbank”. Payment systems BELCARD, MasterCard and VISA are serviced by all the banks of the country.

Electronic payment systems (money transfers in Belarus)

Nowadays electronic payment systems are less popular in Belarus. For users there are several types of payment systems, whereby you can purchase on the Internet, make transfers. Frequently the electronic payments are a more convenient and flexible payment system than bank payment systems.

The Belarusians prefer to use WebMoney. This is one of the most common electronic payment systems. It supports Russian and Belarusian rubles, tenge, hryvnia, dollars and euros. In this system, your funds can be counted in gold, bitcoin and litecoin.

Another popular electronic payment service is PayPal. This service is available in 200 countries. But in Belarus there are certain restrictions – you cannot withdraw your funds in cash through PayPal, this service is available only for electronic payments.

Russian service Yandex.Money has been available in Belarus for several years. The main currency is Russian rubles, but it is possible to exchange them for money from other countries.

Belarus has its own electronic payment systems. For example, EasyPay which supports only Belarusian rubles. WebPay allows you to transfer funds between VISA and MasterCard. Using iPay system, you can transfer funds from mobile phone accounts (it is important when you disconnect the Belarusian number, but want to keep your funds).

International Money Transfer Systems in Belarus

Money transfer in Belarus is a fast and reliable way to send money to another country. Money transfers to the Belarusians can be made in foreign currency. Please note that you need to know all the details of the recipient. If you want to transfer money to a person who lives in Belarus, make sure that your transfer system is supported in the country. At present only 9 international money transfer systems are supported in Belarus.

The US International Money Transfer Systems in Belarus:

Money can be transferred to Belarus through WesternUnion. Ten banks work with this system: “BSB Bank”, “Belarusbank”, “Technobank”, “VTB Bank”, “Bank BelVEB”, “Belinvestbank”, “Absolutbank”, “Belagroprombank”, “BTA Bank”, “BNB-Bank”.

You do not need to have a bank account to transfer money in Belarus. WesternUnion money transfer is simple: it is enough to know the recipient’s name, city and country. And when the money is in the account, you will only need to present your passport to receive it. Do not forget the control number that will be given to the sender – it will be required in the bank to transfer the money order.

Another equally popular money transfer system in Belarus is MoneyGram. This is a quick and convenient way to transfer funds. The money will be in the account within 10 minutes. No need to open a bank account or credit card to receive money. In addition, you can send a message of 10 words.

Four banks “BPS-Sberbank”, “VTB Bank”, “Technobank”, “BTA Bank” work with MoneyGram in Belarus. When you receive a money transfer in Belarus, it is also necessary to remember the control code, which the sender confidentially gives the recipient.

You can transfer money to Belarus using the Ria Money Transfer system. This is a payment system with fast transfer and favorable rates of sending funds. Only “BTA-Bank” cooperates with Ria Money Transfer in Belarus.

International Money Transfer Systems of Russia:

“Golden Crown” allows you to transfer money to Russia and CIS countries. The list of countries is constantly expanding. You can transfer not only Russian rubles, but also dollars and euros. You can check the status of the transfer using the official website of “Golden Crown”. This system is simple and does not require opening a bank account, card.

At present nine banks of Belarus cooperate with “Golden Crown”: “Belinvestbank”, “Status Bank”, “RRB-Bank”, “PSB Bank”, “Belagroprombank”, “Technobank”, “Decision Bank”, “BTA Bank”, “VTB Bank”.

To transfer money to Belarus you can use “Unistream”. The principle of money transfer is similar to other systems. Now there are 5 banks which cooperate with “Unistream”: “Paritetbank”, “Technobank”, “Dabrabyt”, “Belgazprombank”, “Absolutbank”. Two more banks – “BNB-Bank” and “BTA Bank” – temporarily suspended cooperation with Unistream. However, the situation may change in the future.

Belarusian banks cooperate with such money transfer systems as Blizko, Contact, and Colibri. However, not all the banks are ready to cooperate with these international transfer systems. In Belarus, money issued through Blizko can be obtained in “Belarusbank”. The funds which were sent through Contact will be issued in “Technobank”. And money transfer through Colibri you can receive in “BPS-Sberbank”.

International Money Transfer Systems of Kazakhstan:

Faster is the first and so far the only international money transfer system available in Belarus. You do not need to open a bank account or issue a card. The principle of operation is the same as the other international money transfer systems do.

To get money through Faster in Belarus, you need to contact “BTA Bank”. Do not forget your passport and confidential code – without them you will not be able to cash the transfer.