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Linguistic education

Linguistic education in Belarus

The admission process is an important choice in the life of any applicant, because you need to decide where to invest your efforts and what professional path you choose. Education in Belarus has quite wide prospects, so applicants have a lot to choose from. Today we will talk about linguistic education and tell you what prospects await students in this direction.

Linguistic colleges in Belarus

Future teachers of the English and German languages, organizers of socio-cultural activities and secretaries-referents are trained by the MSLU college. This is a structural unit of  MSLU, where college graduates can continue their education.

Linguistic universities in Belarus

There are enough linguistic specialties in Belarus to choose something for you. Education can be obtained not only in Minsk, but also in other Belarusian cities, and we will now tell you where.

Minsk State Linguistic University

MSLU is a top university in the field of linguistic education. The university can boast of teaching 22 European and Oriental languages. MSLU graduate can appoint to the position of a teacher, translator, and translator-assistant. Minsk State Linguistic University is equipped with comfortable classrooms and laboratories for better assimilation of information and practical training. The recruitment of applicants goes to the following faculties: Faculty of English, Faculty of Translation, Faculty of Chinese Language and Culture, Faculty of Intercultural Communication, Faculty of German Language, Faculty of Romance Languages.

As for dorms, freshmen apply for check-in after enrollment, starting August 4. Each faculty has its own housing and household commission, where documents should be submitted. All social benefits are attached to the documents for guaranteed settlement.

Address: Minsk, Zakharova, 21.

Phone: 8 (017) 284-81-43 (admissions office).


BSU is the most famous university in Belarus, included in the ranking of the best universities in the world. To enter BSU is the dream of many applicants, as it is a prestigious university, known not only in Belarus, but also abroad. Accordingly, the passing scores for such prestigious faculties of BSU as FMO, FPM, Law Faculty, Faculty of Economics, as well as the Institute of Business, Faculty of Journalism are very high from year to year.

Students are offered not only to get a high-quality education, but also the best students are encouraged with the opportunity of internships abroad, the development of creative and leadership potential.

BSU can boast of different types of dorms. Students are provided with 3 types of dorms: apartment (shower, bathroom, kitchen in a block of two rooms), block (shower, bathroom in the block, shared kitchen on the floor) and corridor types (amenities on the floor). Each dormitory is equipped not only with comfortable and modern lounges, but also a room for self-study and sports. In most cases, BSU dormitories are allocated for each applying freshman.

Address: Minsk, Independence Avenue, 4.

Phone: + 375-17-209-50-85 (admissions office).


BNTU is a top engineering and technical university for training specialists in all areas of the country's national economy. Education at BNTU is closely related to production activities.

The passing scores at BNTU are quite mundane, so all ambitious applicants can enter the university. The most popular among applicants are such faculties of BNTU as architecture, faculty of information technology and robotics, faculty of marketing, management and entrepreneurship. This is confirmed by high passing scores for the above faculties.

As for the dormitory, BNTU offers accommodation in a dormitory for all of its students, but those who have benefits will go out of turn.

Address: Minsk, Independence, 65.

Phone: (375 17) 292-38-42, 292-81-00 (admissions office).

Institute of Entrepreneurship

The Institute of Entrepreneurship has been operating in Minsk since 1992. The institute graduates specialists and leaders of the highest qualification of a new type, easily navigating information flows, having basic professional education, capable of revealing their potential to contribute to the formation of civilized market relations, the development of democracy and the rule of law.

The linguistic direction at the institute is represented by the faculty of modern foreign languages ​​for the specialty of a linguist-translator.

All nonresident full-time students are provided with a dormitory in the center of Minsk from the beginning of their studies.

Address: Minsk, Serafimovich, 11.

Phone: + 375 (017) 367-08-77 (admissions office).

Brest State University named after A.S. Pushkin

Brest State University named after A.S. Pushkin is rightfully considered the center of education in the Brest region. Applicants are provided with pre-university training, the possibility of obtaining higher education in 9 profiles, continuing education in the magistracy and postgraduate studies, advanced training.

Pushkin University tries to follow the progress in the world of education, based on which it opens up new specialties that are in demand in the labor market. For example, the Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages ​​(computational linguistics) or linguodidactics (innovations in teaching foreign languages).

The students town has been operating since 2004. It includes four dormitories where students, undergraduates and postgraduates live.

Address: Brest, Cosmonauts Boulevard, 21.

Phone: 375 162 21-70-37.

Baranovichi State University

Baranovichi State University is a university in Baranovichi that graduates trained specialists who know how to use the foundation of knowledge laid by experienced teachers. Applicants are given the opportunity to study at the following faculties: modern foreign languages ​​(teaching), Belarusian language and literature (teaching), foreign languages ​​(German), Russian language and literature. Foreign language (English).

The student town is located in the city center, not far from the train and bus stations. On its territory there is a complex of modern comfortable dormitories, places in which are provided to all freshmen of the daytime form of education.

Address: Baranovichi, st. Voikova, 21.

Phone: +375 (163) 64-35-33.

Magistracy in Linguistic Education

A master's degree in linguistic specialties is provided at MSLU for a period of one year. During this year, graduate students are taught the skills of linguistic characterization and analysis of oral speech and written texts in the languages ​​of the specialty in the aspects of pragmatics, sociology of language and social linguistics. Specialists with an assigned master's degree qualification can apply for postgraduate studies.

Graduates of a master's degree usually apply for work in higher educational institutions of the republic, where postgraduate education is required.

Fellowship in Linguistic Education

Postgraduate studies are the 3rd degree of university education, training in which takes 3 years in full-time form. Post-graduate students are trained at the Minsk State Linguistic University according to the assigned qualification “teacher-researcher”.

Foreign citizens entering graduate school must have a higher education at the level of a Master of Science (Arts). Enrollment of foreign citizens is carried out throughout the academic year.

Linguistic courses in Minsk

If you do not want to spend 5 years studying at the university, foreign language schools offer their services.

For example, the RealWay School of Foreign Languages ​​teaches 8 languages: English, French, German, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Polish or Czech. You choose the format of training and the group yourself, and the program will be selected for you depending on the level and goals of training.

Address: Minsk, st. Kalvariyskaya, 1, office. 214.