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Useful_words_and_phrases Words and phrases in Belarusian that you have to know

Words and phrases in Belarusian that you have to know

Belarus has two official languages (Russian and Belarusian), but almost all Belarusians speak Russian.
 In this article we have written for you the most common words and phrases that will be useful to you in Belarus.

Добрый день! Здравствуйте! Hello! Dobrii den! Zdravstvuite!
The Belarusians usually use these phrases for greeting. In Belarus, people are very hospitable, and even when you go into a regular shop or café, they will greet you and smile.

Меня зовут… My name is… Menya zovut…
The Belarusians use these phrases when they want to introduce themselves to someone.

Как дела? How are you? Kak dela?
The Belarusians use these phrases when they want to ask someone how the day was or how a person is doing in a general sense.

Всё хорошо, а у тебя? I am well. And you? Vse horosho, a u tebya?
In most cases this is what the Belarusians answer the question «How are you?»

Приятно познакомиться! Pleased to meet you! Priyatno poznakomitsya!
After meeting, the Belarusians usually always add this phrase.

Одну минутку, пожалуйста! Just one moment please! Оdnu minutku, pojaluista!
You can hear this phrase almost everywhere and use it in various situations. This phrase means asking to wait for a while.

Прошу прощения! I am really sorry! Рroshu proscheniya!
The Belarusians use this phrase to apologize for any minor damage. For example, if you are late somewhere or stepped on foot of someone in the public transport.

Не могли бы Вы повторить? Could you repeat that please? Ne mogli bi vi povtorit?
This phrase is used when the interlocutor was poorly heard or misunderstood. This phrase is a polite form of questioning.

Могу ли я Вам помочь? How can I help you? Mogu li ya vam pomoch?
These words which we often hear in shops and restaurants are usually spoken by a waiter or shop assistant, in order to help you to make a choice, advise something. You can also use this phrase if you see that a person has some minor problems and you would like to help (to bring the bag, help an older person to cross the road).

Извините, не могли бы Вы мне помочь? Sorry, could you help me? Izvinite, ne mogli bi vi mne pomoch?
You can use this phrase to ask for help.

Не подскажете, как пройти до…? Excuse me, where is…? Ne podskajete kak proiti do…?
In case you have misplaced or got lost you can go and ask how to get to the right place for passers, they will be happy to help you.