Shopping in Belarus

Shopping is a universal pill for boredom, stress and preoccupation. It’s always a pleasure to try on clothes and feel happiness and confidence wearing the clothes you like and that suit you perfectly. Shopping in Belarus is also a wonderful pastime as you can plunge into history visiting governmentally run shopping centres and enjoy the whole bouquet of emotions from entertaining yourself in a modern shopping mall.

Shopping in Minsk is about spending hours strolling around the piles of clothes, being attended by attentive shop-assistants and then sip a coffee or have a meal in one of the cafes or a restaurant on a food court. Belarus has a lot of unique locally made things to offer. The country is renowned for its linen and cotton, tweed and leather. Belarussian clothes factories cooperate with fashion designers from Italy and France to update their designs and not to be out of fashion. Shopping in Minsk gives an opportunity to buy clothing, lingerie and footwear from many international sellers like Zara, Bershka, Women’s Secret, Basconi, etc.

The county’s citizens are not usually associated with compulsive shoppers although spending time in a shopping mall is the major activity for most Belarussians. Shopping in Belarus turns into warm meetings with friends, sharing news and spending time in a café or a cinema. Huge malls accommodate numerous well-known clothes, footwear and jewelry retailers as well as small designer’s boutiques.

Minsk has a number of shopping malls with new and bigger ones emerging on the map. Shopping in Minsk is two times as pleasant when seasonal discounts take place in the shopping centres. During this period the shops are usually overcrowded just like during Christmas sales.
Shopping in Belarus can be also done in the markets and it results in a good idea if you’re shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables, home-made cottage cheese and sour cream, milk, meat and fish. Georgian, Iranian, Chinese and Turkish kiosks are numerous, which makes it possible to buy everything you need if you’re going to cook something special from other country’s cuisine.

Online shopping in Belarus is gaining its popularity with many online local and international retailers operating in the country.