Boutiques and luxury shops in Minsk

What can be unique and peculiar about shopping if every city has the same shops with designs that are pretty alike? Huge shopping malls are all about international clothes, accessories, shoes, and make-up chain-stores like Zara, NewYorker, H&M, Basconi, NYX, Inglot and many others and for the foreigners visiting Belarus there’s nothing nor interesting no tempting in doing the shopping here as they can do it in their home country. While staying in a foreign country you want to absorb its culture and the way of life and bring a piece of it back home. Different souvenirs like dolls made of straw or magnets are bought to be placed on a shelf and be forgotten, but if you want a part of Belarus to remain with you an ideal solution can be to buy an item of clothing you can wear and boast its Belarussian origin.

Various boutiques in Minsk offer designer clothes to be worn on various occasions. You can enjoy putting on a dress that was presented during Belarus Fashion Week show or be stunned at leather bags and purses made by Belarussians. Such unique things indeed have their sophisticated charm and will be a nice present and a “hi” from Belarus.

You can find these boutiques just next to the luxury shops in Minsk listed on this page. Belarussian designers position themselves as high-quality and exquisite items’ producers with their boutiques located at the very centre of the city.
Such well-known all over the world designers as Calvin Klein, Marc O’Polo and Tommy Hilfiger have their boutiques in Minsk, too. The latest collections are immediately accessible in the shops right after their presentation, so if you happen to be in Belarus and desperately want to buy the exact item from the new collection you can breathe out as you can do it in Minsk.

Shop attendants are super kind and welcoming and are eager to help you with the size or item choice. Don’t hesitate to ask for a consultation and enjoy your time spent in an exclusive atmosphere of style and chic.