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Wellness and beauty in Minsk

Organism recovery in Minsk

In today's world, both women and men need to look attractive. And beauty is not only the external, but also the internal state of the body. Numerous gyms, swimming pools, beauty salons, hairdressers, spas, saunas and massage rooms invite those who want to look good. Recovery and beauty in Minsk are so popular among its residents that it is definitely easy for you to sign up for one of the beauty salons or gym.

Fashion and Beauty

To look good you do not need to visit a beauty salon, because modern technology allows you to do it right at home. However, such an activity is not suitable for everyone. Those who are on the road, hard schedule and constant stress may simply not find time for themselves. In this case, turning to the salon, you can save your time and relax in the chair of a professional.

Body care

In the care of the body and the body will help you experienced masters in the spa. There you will be offered an invigorating or relaxing drink, a massage or a wrap. Sauna and whirlpool facilities are also available.

Where to start taking care of yourself?

There are five golden rules to help you get closer to your ideal.

  1. Keep an eye on your diet
  2. Do your sports
  3. Take care of your skin
  4. Go to the spa
  5. Love yourself

Daily care

Daily self-care implies hygiene as well as skin care. It is important to choose the right products for your care. To do this, contact your cosmetologist, who will advise you on the products that are suitable for your type.

Evening beauty treatments

After a hard day, your skin needs moisturizing and toning. So after cleansing your skin, use a tonic or lotion. You can then rinse your face with a decoction of medicinal herbs (e.g. chamomile, succession, calendula). And then you can safely apply the night cream to your skin.

Face care

4 basic rules of facial skin care.

  1. Cleansing
  2. Exfoliation
  3. Humidifying
  4. Protect

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Hand and foot care

Often hands and feet are parts of the body that many people forget when it comes to beauty. No matter how good you look, the roughness and dryness of your hands will noticeably impair your overall appearance, while the roughness of your feet will steal the elegance of your gait.

The biggest mistake is that people do not think about the correct care for hands and feet. They take care of the face, while other parts of the body do not get even a little attention.

To look groomed, choose hand and foot creams that are sufficiently moisturised and toned on these parts of the body.

Body skin Care

Top five rules for body skin care.

  1. Sleep well
  2. Use only gentle skin soap
  3. Daily moisturize your skin
  4. Maintain a balanced diet
  5. Drink a lot of water

Hair Care

Even thick and naturally strong hair needs quality daily care. And if your hair is weak, thin, dry or oily, you need to choose hair care products with the utmost care.

Three rules for well-groomed hair:

  • Cleansing;
  • Conditioning;
  • Vitamins.

Anti-aging treatments

Point face massage. This procedure consists of applying strong pressure to certain points of the face. Point facial massage significantly improves blood circulation and stimulates the natural production of collagen, which is responsible for youthful skin.

Laser resurfacing of the skin. Previously, girls who suffered from stains and scars on the skin after acne used this procedure. Later cosmeticians noticed that laser resurfacing smoothies the skin, removes wrinkles and fights pigmentation.

Skin mesotherapy. This procedure is less painful than other "beauty shots" and is based on injections of various enzymes, hormones, vitamins and plant extracts. The cosmetologist uses very thin needles, which will quickly restore your youthful skin.

Ultrasonic lifting. Ultrasound stimulates the subcutaneous tissues, which trigger metabolism inside the cells. New elastin fibers are produced to restore firmness to mature skin.

Phototherapy. This cosmetic procedure involves rejuvenating the face with intensive light impulses.  Phototherapy helps to fight deep layers of skin, while the epidermis is not affected by impulses.

Gymnastics for the face

Gymnastics for the face was developed by German plastic surgeon Reinhold Benz. It is a method of training, with the help of which you can restore the tone of facial muscles and reduce wrinkles.

Proper nutrition and restoration of water balance

To establish nutrition and restore the water balance of the body it is better to consult a nutritionist, as experiments with their own body will not bring good.

Spa treatments and massages

No one has ever denied the benefits of good relaxation combined with a pleasant scent and soothing massage. The benefits of a wellness and beauty spa massage are undeniable, as it helps to keep you toned for both body and soul.

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The best places for recovery and self-care in Minsk


Gyms in Minsk boast modern equipment and professional coaching advice. The coach is ready to help and show some exercises. The path to excellence is not easy, and if you need support, you can get it in the Belarusian gym for free, as there are many sociable people who are eager to share their lives.


The capital is a leader in the number of pools and their availability. Pools in Minsk consist of a large pool 25 or 50 meters long with 5-8 lanes in each, additional equipment and services for recreation, such as saunas or Jacuzzi. Numerous training centers are open to the public, so you can swim in the same pool where Belarusian Olympic champions used to train.

Beauty salons

A visit to a beauty salon in Minsk is a relaxing pastime that will help you distract from everyday life. Experienced staff will make you a real beauty and give advice on how to keep your skin fresh and what cleansing and moisturizing agents to use.

Spa & Massage

Spa treatments relax, energies, help relieve muscle and brain tension and keep your body at optimal levels.

Spa salons are numerous all over Belarus, offering a wide range of scrubs, masks and wraps. Dry cleaning, performed with special care, helps remove dead skin, remove toxins, reduce cellulite and improve blood circulation.


There is a widespread misconception that only women like to care for their hair and skin. Men's care is an emerging market that offers not only stylish hairstyles, but also an atmosphere of belonging to your community.

Health-improving places in Minsk nourish their visitors with warmth and heart, allowing them to become stronger both physically and mentally. A sense of strength and beauty makes us confident, and this is an important key to prosperity both at work and at home.