Public_holidays_in_Belarus Public and official holidays in Belarus

Public and official holidays in Belarus

Constitution Day is the main public holiday in Belarus. The Constitution of the Republic of Belarus was adopted on 15 March 1994. In Belarus the Constitution Day considers as a working day.
The Belarusians celebrate the Day of the State Emblem and National Flag every second Sunday of May. The emblem and flag are symbols of the country’s sovereignty and independence.
Independence Day is the main holiday of Belarusian statehood. 3 July symbolizes the liberation of Minsk from Nazi invaders in 1944. Independence Day is an official holiday in Minsk when the ceremonial parade takes place; and in all cities of Belarus we can see festive celebrations throughout the whole day.
Victory Day is one of is the most important holidays in our country. The Belarusians celebrate the Victory Day on May 9 every year. Everyone congratulates the veterans in honor of memorable events that happened during the Second World War. Military parades and a wreath-laying ceremony are held during this day.
On 2 April 1996, the President of Russia Boris Yeltsin and the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko signed the Treaty on the creation of the Union between Russia and Belarus, which became the start of fruitful collaboration between two states. Since then, every year April 2 is celebrated as the Day of Unity of the Peoples of Belarus and Russia.
There are a lot of religious holidays in Belarus, but they are now considered as public holidays. Christmas is considered as a public holiday. The Belarusians celebrate it twice: the Orthodox believers on January 7 and the Catholics belivers on December 25.
Easter is another important holiday for all Belarusians. The time of its celebration is determined by the calendar of the Orthodox and Catholic confessions. The Orthodox believers have another holiday that changes the date every year – this is Radonitsa. People remember their ancestors on this day.
On November 2, the Belarusians celebrate a religious holiday called Remembrance Day.
In Belarus Labor Day is established as a national holiday and it is also a day-off. Traditionally on this day, the demonstrations of workers, sports competitions, concerts, mass celebrations are held in the parks.