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Food courts in Minsk
There are about ten food courts in Minsk. Usually they have more than ten food points of different levels and cuisines. Visitors can buy food and sit in the common area, which is designed in one style. The concept of a food court with a large selection of food services makes it possible to try different cuisines in one place. Some food courts host band performances, stand-ups and other events. Therefore, food courts become a cozy little world in a big city.
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веганская еда
Vegetarian Restaurants in Minsk
Nowadays, vegetarian cuisine is gaining in popularity. More and more people are switching to eco products, thereby increasing the demand for vegetarian menus and in restaurants.
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The best restaurants with terraces in Minsk
How joyful it becomes when the summer terraces begin to open in May. Fresh air, delicious food, close friends - this smells so much of summer carelessness. It's nice to catch an extra ray of the sun, especially with a busy schedule.
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еда минск
Arabic cuisine in Minsk: where to try
Today we will talk about Arabic cuisine, which is widely represented in Minsk restaurants. We will find out where it is better to go, how to book a table, and what is the average bill in a restaurant.
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комаровский рынок
Komarovsky market
Komarovsky market can be called the Minsk heritage. Today we will talk about the history of the creation of the market, working hours, and discuss whether it is worth coming here.
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итальянская кухня
Italian food in Minsk
Imagine Italy with beautiful streets, delicious pizzas, pasta Bolognese and lasagna. Today we will get acquainted with the best Italian restaurants in Minsk and find out what it is like.
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Pan-Asian Food
Pan-Asian cuisine in Belarus
The variety of food in the modern world reaches incredible proportions. Today we learn all about Pan-Asian cuisine and get acquainted with its best restaurants in Minsk.
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Food delivery
Food delivery in Minsk
Despite the fact that now people are ready to spend much less money on cafes and restaurants, many of them switched to the food delivery to their homes. What Belarusian restaurants offer “safe food” in the context of the spread of coronavirus? Let´s find out together!
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