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Arabic cuisine in Minsk: where to try

The national cuisine of any country is ready to delight with its originality, and this is the first thing you want to try on a new trip. But why spend money on travel if you can enjoy delicious dishes in Minsk. Today we will talk about Arabic cuisine, which is widely represented in Minsk restaurants. We will find out where it is better to go, how to book a table, and what is the average bill in a restaurant.

What is Arabic cuisine

Arabic cuisine is a mixture of various national cuisines from the Middle East. The most common ingredients are lentils and beans, which are used to make pasta and many other dishes. Especially popular are such dishes as beizar - bean soup, and falafel - balls of crushed beans or chickpeas, familiar to many lovers of Israeli cuisine. Of meat products, preference is given to lamb, from which kebabs or thick, rich soups are most often made.

Arabic restaurants in Minsk

But don't go to the first restaurant you come across in search of great food. We will give you verified contacts, and even then your evening will definitely not be spoiled.

Asia Mix

Asia Mix is ​​one of the best oriental cuisine restaurants in Minsk because the chef of the restaurant is Esonov Nodirbek. He worked for over 12 years, honing his skills not only in his native cuisine, but also in many others and saw the culture and characteristics of different countries and cities: Beijing, Moscow, Tashkent, Istanbul. Each city brought something new to his work, any institution in the capitals where he worked showed his skills even more. Extensive experience helped him to form his views and preferences, which led him to where he began his journey - the cuisine of the Eastern peoples.

In Asia Mix, Nodirbek has assembled a team of professional chefs, with whom he develops, searches for new ideas and complements old ones.

Address: Romanovskaya Sloboda, 26.

Working hours: Sunday-Thursday 12.00 -22.00, Friday-Saturday 12.00 - 01.00.


Some rightfully believe that Palmyra has no competitors. To make this place open, the owner invited a team of chefs from Syria who worked in South Korea and the UAE. Therefore, guests are offered extremely high cuisine right in the center of Minsk. Near the Opera House, square: quiet, beautiful view from the terrace. An important criterion is free parking. Hardly anyone would want to see a parking bill more than a menu. Guests of Palmyra will not have such a problem.

Address: A. Pashkevich street, 5.

Working hours: on weekdays - from 11:00 to 23:00, on weekends - from 9:00 to 23:00 until the last guest.


Coming to Mazaj, you find yourself in a traditional luxurious oriental house: a fountain in the middle of the hall, Arab arches, handmade furniture, accessories made of clay and copper, frescoes with views of the ancient city of Palmyra - for a while, you can forget that you are in Minsk.

Mazaj is the first restaurant of Arabic cuisine in Minsk, where “shatam halal” is strictly observed. All dishes are prepared exclusively from fresh products, 80% of which are purchased in Belarus. And they bring here such exotic additives as, for example, sesame paste or pomegranate sauce. As for the vegetarian component, the restaurant's menu consists of both meat, fish, and vegetable dishes. A huge selection of salads and other meat-free dishes will reveal unfamiliar and surprising tastes to you.

The restaurant provides services: a turnkey wedding and can help you make your holiday carefree and memorable.

Address: Derzhinsky Avenue, 5.

Working hours: Monday-Thursday 12.00 - 00.00, Friday-Saturday 12.00 - 02.00.


"A fabulous place", or in Arabic "Kasbar" is open every day for Minskers who want to feel the oriental flavor.

The first thing that catches your eye is the combination of white and red. Against the background of white walls, red tablecloths embroidered with Arabic script look especially bright. Feelings of coziness and comfort are created by striped pillows on sofas and chairs and heavy curtains that separate the rooms from each other.

The cuisine here is, of course, Arabic, but there are also European dishes.

Entertainment in "Kasbara" is also oriental - visitors spend time listening to the sounds of Arabic music, here they are offered hookah, and in the evenings there is an opportunity to watch belly dancing performed by invited dancers.

Address: Vokzalnaya street, 23.

Opening hours: daily 12.00 - 02.00.

Orient Express

Orient Express restaurant invites its visitors to plunge into the atmosphere of delicious food and cool drinks.

Food prices are above average here.

The chefs will prepare dishes of Arabic and Turkish cuisine especially for you. It is also possible to connect to WIFI, choose a business lunch from a separate menu, order food with delivery, take a child into the playroom, try a hookah.

Address: Yanka Kupala street, 25.

Opening hours: daily: 10:00 - 00:00.

Halal Doner

Halal in Arabic means “permissible”. We offer you a wide selection of meat products that have been slaughtered in strict accordance with the food control system, do not contain harmful substances, the animal is slaughtered in the most humane and beneficial way for human consumption, the meat does not contain blood - which contains a colossal dose of the hormones of stress, fear and death ... Meat does not go through this stage of blood release and contains all these hormones that enter our body when eating such meat, as a result of which our body receives stress, rather than the benefits of the consumed meat. At Halal Doner Restaurant you can find a wide range of beef, lamb and halal chicken as well as many oriental products. The staff are also pleased to present to your attention a wide range of oriental dishes.

Address: Griboyedov street, 30.

Opening hours: daily from 8.30 to 23.00.


In 2015, a new atmospheric hookah bar was opened in Minsk, where there is an atmosphere and entourage, and specially trained people. Comfortable and soft sofas on which you can lie back, low tables and subdued light - a truly hookah atmosphere.

Address: Tolbukhin street, 4.

Working hours: Monday - Thursday, Sunday 12:00 - 00:00, Friday-Saturday 12:00 - 06:00.


"Jasmine" is a cozy cafe for relaxation with loved ones and for holding banquet events. The main advantages of the establishment are the solemn atmosphere, delicious cuisine, the possibility of organizing a turnkey event and affordable prices with additional bonuses for regular visitors. The excellent service of the experienced staff will delight you. Moreover, here you can taste the largest potato pancake in the city and Arabic dishes at affordable prices.

Address: Dolgobrodskaya street, 1.

Working hours: Sunday - Thursday 11.00 - 23.00, Friday - Saturday 11.00 - 02.00.


Cafe Sana is one of the coziest places in Minsk. And if you consider that the food here is incomparable, then this place is a must for dinner. Pros: friendly staff, cozy renovated interior, and an extensive menu with delicious oriental dishes. And if you are just starting your acquaintance with Arabic cuisine, then you are definitely here.

Address: Kuhlman street, 9.

Opening hours: daily from 11.00 to 20.00.

Table reservation

If you do decide to try Arabic cuisine, then do not forget to book a table so that nothing ruins your plans. This service is available by calling the selected restaurant. The manager will certainly advise on the menu and tell you which table is better to book.

Average check

Arabic restaurants are not distinguished by their high cost of products to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the dish. The average check is 30-35 rubles.