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Job in Belarus

Labor market – a market of labor resources as a commodity, an equilibrium price and quantity of which are determined by the interaction of supply and demand. The situation on the labor market is currently stable in Belarus. The unemployment rate has decreased and the number of vacancies has increased by 50%.

Today, as a rule, people are looking for a job in Belarus in the following ways:
1) Job search on the Internet;
2) Job search through recruitment agencies;
3) Job search through state job banks.

It is worth saying that the most popular way is a job search on the Internet. In Belarus today there are some of the most popular websites for a job search:
On these websites you can find jobs directly from employers and recruitment agencies (also you can find the list of recruitment agencies here) Also on these websites you can post your jobs (in case you are an employer), and post your resume.

A job search through recruitment agencies can also bring you a good result. As a rule, applying to a recruiting agency in the Republic of Belarus, you do not pay anything: if you are not suitable for the position in the company, your employer will pay a recruiting agency for the services on his own. You can find a list of recruitment agencies here.
Job search through the job bank is a less popular way to find a job in Belarus. To gain access to one of the job banks please follow the link to website:

The leading positions in the number of jobs are occupied by such professional fields as “Sales” (26.8% of the total number of jobs), “Working Personnel” (12.0%), “Information Technologies” (11.7%) and “Transport and Logistics” (10.7%).
If previously the shortage of personnel was traditionally experienced in the building sector, now it is experienced more and more in the field of education and medicine. In the future, the need for personnel in these fields will increase. The aging of the population will also have an impact on health care and social services, the specialists of which will be in great demand from year to year.

Wages and salaries in the Republic of Belarus
Today, the average wages in the Republic of Belarus is slightly less than USD 500. Of course, wages vary in different cities and regions of Belarus.
The minimum wage are set by the state. As of November 2018, the minimum wage is approximately USD 150. The amount of the minimum wage in Belarus can be found on the website of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection:

As a rule, the wages in Belarus are paid 1 or 2 times a month to a bank card.