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Utilities in Belarus

Utilities in Belarus

Any Belarusian family once a month faces the issue of paying for housing and communal services. The article will tell you about all the intricacies of counting, utility tariffs and their payment.

What do utilities include?

Utilities are a range of services that every person needs to provide the necessary living conditions. The list of such services includes:

• Hot and cold water;

• sewerage;

• gas supply, electricity supply and heat supply;

• use by an elevator;

• removal and disposal of solid household waste.

Setting tariffs for utilities

Utilities tariffs are approved by the order of the President. In this case, you need to follow the system updates, tk. it is periodically updated, which affects the cost of housing and communal services.

Individuals to whom subsidized tariffs apply

The subsidized utility tariff applies to residential premises in which there are registered citizens, regardless of whether they are closely related to the owner or tenant of the housing.

Some citizens are entitled to a reduction in the cost of utilities in the amount of 50% of the current cost. However, the benefits are not valid in case of excess consumption of services. Such persons include participants in the Second World War and war invalids. Additionally, this list includes non-working pensioners from among the military personnel who have worked in government positions.

You can get acquainted with the list of such persons in the Law of the Republic of Belarus on state social benefits.

Calculation of the payment for utilities

There are certain rules according to which the procedure for calculating the amount of utility bills is established.

This procedure is carried out by specialists of the Department of Housing and Utilities Calculations. At the same time, the information is given to the specialists by the RSC employees.

Communal services tariffs in Belarus

In 2021, citizens of the Republic of Belarus are expected to increase tariffs for housing and communal services in two stages - from January 1 and June 1. The order has already been signed by the President of the Republic of Belarus.

Gas tariffs

From 2021, gas tariffs are presented in the following sizes:

• from January 1, 2021 to May 31, 2021, during the heating period - 0.1366 BYN, in the summer period - 0.4840 BYN;

• from June 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021 - during the heating period -0.1406 BYN, in the summer period - 0.4840 BYN.

Electricity tariffs

Electricity in residential buildings equipped with electric stoves:

• one-part tariff - 0,1778 BYN;

• differentiated tariff for time periods. Minimum loads - 0.1245 BYN, maximum loads - 0.3556 BYN.

Heating tariffs

Heat energy tariff for heating and hot water supply:

• from January 01 to May 31 inclusive - BYN 20.6216 per 1 Gcal.

• from June 01 to December 31 inclusive - BYN 21.9245 per 1 Gcal.

Cold water tariffs

From January 1, 2021, the cold water tariff is charged at the rate of 0.9283 BYN / m3.

Payment for utilities in Belarus

The usual way of paying for utilities is still payment at the cash desk. Then you are required to pay exactly the amount that you are obliged to pay, and a check is issued as a guarantee of payment.

But the Internet and its capabilities do not stand still, so today you can pay for housing and communal services using Internet banking. To do this, you need to be the owner of a payment card of one or another operating bank in Belarus, as well as connect the Internet banking system. If you are still not familiar with the existence of such a system, we recommend that you go to the branch of your bank, or contact his representative to discuss the connection details.

As soon as you have entered the system, you need to find among the existing functionality "Payment for housing and communal services". You will be asked to enter the required information and then you can pay. At the same time, a receipt for payment is saved in the system, which you can print out if necessary. Payment via the Internet is a secure procedure that will save you time and will automatically send you an invoice every month.

We will list a few more ways to use electronic utility bills. For example, you can make a payment using the WebMoney wallet. First, read the instructions for creating and replenishing a wallet, then the event of paying for utilities will become many times easier.

The last method of payment will be the use of the resource. To make a payment, you need to go to the site, link your bank card and enter the required details. Further, the system will tell you the algorithm of actions, following which you can save time for payment.

Average size of a communal payment in Belarus

Payment for housing and communal services is a question of interest to every citizen of the Republic of Belarus. The amount of payment depends on the number of people living in the apartment, maintenance of the elevator, cleaning of the auxiliary premises of the house, the need for electricity in public places, etc.

A pleasant bonus for the citizens of the Republic of Belarus was the law on the termination of payment for cleaning in the yard. Now this service will be paid from the local budget.

In 2020, residents of two-room apartments with a registered owner paid an average of RUB 50.97 at a subsidized rate.

The amount of payment for utilities for the same apartment without an owner averaged 72.52 rubles.