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casinos in Minsk Casinos in Minsk

Сasinos in Minsk

If you are venturous and love casinos, it’s not necessary to go to Las Vegas, you can stay at home in Belarus and spend time with interest.

Casino in Belarus is well developed: slot machines are popular in Minsk, as well as poker and other gambling outside the capital.

In our article we will talk about the best casinos in Minsk, as well as the rest, no less popular casinos in Belarus.

The best casinos in Belarus

VictoriaCherry casino

VictoriaCherry is a magnificent Casino 36 meters above the city.

This is a place where you are always welcome and ready to offer quality service, a friendly atmosphere and a variety of game conditions.

At the service of visitors:

3 roulettes;

8 card tables;

5 types of poker;

"Black Jack";

Punto Banco;

American Roulette;

41 slot machines.

For lovers of private games, a stylized Macau Hall is provided.

For more information follow the link.

Shangri La casino in Minsk

Shangri La Casino was opened in 2009 and since then it has quickly become the famous and most popular casino in Belarus. Its doors are open 24 hours a day, both for the Minsk public and for foreign guests.

Shangri La Casino in Belarus is famous for its unsurpassed service, the primary goal of which is the comfort and convenience of visitors - the main components of high-quality customer relaxation. Excellent service is complemented by a luxurious interior that will not leave anyone indifferent. This casino has 15 gaming tables, a slot of new generation slot machines, a restaurant of original cuisine, 2 VIP-halls for playing at higher rates, roulette, poker, blackjack, junket tour.

I would like to dwell on the Junket tours service. Junket is an English word that is used to describe the organization of a gaming tour. Tourism in order to play casino is very popular. This is a great way to relax. After all, junket is not only a game of roulette or slot machines, but also hotel accommodation, participation in various events, pleasant bonuses from the organizer.

You can read more about casino services at the official website.

Royal casino in Minsk

Royal is one of the best casinos in Minsk. There you will enjoy the game. The refined interior, hospitable staff and extremely experienced management will ensure you a wonderful vacation in an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. You can choose a game to your liking from poker and blackjack to roulette and slot machines. Especially demanding guests can enjoy the privacy of their VIP lounges. It offers American roulette, blackjack, poker, slot machines, VIP-halls.

You can learn more about casino services at casino site.

XO Club

Casino XO is a luxurious VIP club in the centre of Minsk. Here you will spend time in an unforgettable atmosphere of luxury and thrill with a high level of service.

Interior and atmosphere

The casino offers 4 exclusive rooms with its own special atmosphere. Interior design - graceful and elegant emphasizes the individuality of each of the gaming rooms.

The main and VIP halls have 13 tables for playing American Roulette, Black Jack, Poker (6 types): 5 Card Poker, 6 Card Poker, Russian Poker, Casino Texas Hold'em Poker, Casino Omaha Poker. Each room is equipped with the latest Novomatic slot machines. Casino XO offers the best gaming conditions in the city with a high level of bets and maximum payouts.

Betting club

For sports fans, the XO bookmaker club will provide an excellent selection of matches, the availability of an express line with the highest odds and highs in Minsk, fast guaranteed payments, the ability to make a wager remotely using the site, a high level of service, round-the-clock service and a convenient area with large HD monitors for viewing the most interesting and exciting events in the world!


For maximum comfort and pleasure you are offered a unique cuisine, which contains masterpieces of national dishes and drinks from different parts of the world. The restaurant's menu, created thanks to the efforts of a chef invited from Moscow, offers dishes of European and Asian cuisine. The menu contains favorite familiar dishes and is also absolutely exotic.

Show programs

Each month, Casino XO Club holds marvelous, exciting show programs with famous artists from around the world. The casino undeniably gives each of our guests a chance to compete for possession of the maximum win.

Casino XO is for those who love high-level establishments, good service, gambling and bright parties.

Learn more about casino services here.

Opera casino in Minsk

The casino in Minsk is located on the territory of the world-wide hotel chain Beijing in the heart of the city on the banks of the Svisloch River. People come here for the sake of excitement and relaxation, because they know that guests will be provided with all kinds of entertainment and pleasures in full confidentiality. In short, OPERA Casino is an ideal gaming casino for winners. In addition, Opera is a world-class casino. The casino offers many services, including a wide selection of games, a hotel, a restaurant, as well as gaming tours.

Learn more about casino services at the official site.


Skyline Casino is located on the 1st floor in the building of the Renaissance Hotel, but it also has premises on the lower level. Over time, there is planned a slot machine hall or a relaxation zone for guests.

The casino is designed more for foreign players, as it is located in a high-level hotel, but it will always welcome Russian-speaking guests.

The gambling establishment can offer its guests 10 gaming tables. In the casino you can fight in Russian or Caribbean poker at four tables, 2 tables are designed to play blackjack. Fans of trying their luck with the cherished roulette ball will also not be crowded, because Skyline Casino has three roulettes in its assets. You can also play poker: one table in the casino is designed for Texas Hold'em - and in the future they plan to hold poker tournaments and cash games. There are no slots at the casino.

You can find out more about the casino here.

Diamond Princess casino in Crown Plaza Minsk

Casino Diamond Princess best describes the definition of "impeccable."

Diamond Princess has perfect location - in the very centre of Minsk. It is situated in the building of the Crowne Plaza hotel, which is located at the intersection of Kirov and Volodarsky streets. The historical style of the building, included in the list of historical and cultural values of the capital, is supported by the internal decor. Being in the Crowne Plaza hotel complex allows casino guests to use the services of other institutions located here: enjoy gourmet cuisine in Dolce Vita, Empaire or Star Cafe restaurants, spend the night in Next Club, one of the most prestigious in the city.

The casino has an impeccable reputation: Diamond Princess is part of the international company Princess Group International, which owns a network of five-star hotels and casinos in many countries around the world. And this is clear evidence that the main advantages of the institution are its rich experience in the gaming business and time-tested traditions. The impeccable reputation of the casino gives a guarantee that your winnings in any amount will be paid on time.

The entertainment selection of Diamond Princess Casino includes 9 gaming tables and more than 100 slot machines, which will become even more over time. You can also bet on your favorite sport in the bookmaker’s office, working 24 hours a day. Diamond Princess is optional. You can come here just to relax, appreciate the refined menu of the bar or listen to some concert program - they are held regularly for guests of the institution.

Diamond Princess Casino is a place where you can have a good rest, enjoy the game and, of course, feel exactly those emotions for which many people aspire to the casino again and again.

You can learn more about the operation of the casino here.

Online-casino in Belarus

Now fans of virtual slot machines, roulette, poker and blackjack can legally receive a dose of adrenaline, even being on self-isolation. That is why the launch of the official online casino in Belarus happened at the right time. Permission was issued on March 26, 2020. The casino itself began work in early April. Now you can check your luck and tickle your nerves right from home on a legal site with all the guarantees that you will have a win. The online casino Parimatch aims to turn Belarus into a second Malta or Curacao, whose jurisdictions are among the most popular for obtaining gambling licenses.

If you don’t know what to expect from an online casino, we’ll tell you: a virtual institution has been created according to all the canons of the classical one (a croupier in white gloves, green cloth on the tables and an atmosphere of passion). Even the cards are laid out to the players by the dealer, and not by a soulless machine, as one might think. His actions can be watched using a webcam. The only difference is that you are at home. You can play both from a computer and from a mobile application on iOS or Android.

The most popular casino games in Belarus

The most popular games in both traditional casinos and online casinos are:

1) Automata

2) Blackjack

3) Roulette

4) Baccarat

5) Video poker

6) Keno

7) Craps

Payment for games in casino in Belarus

The organizers of online casinos create a guarantee fund in a special account, and from August 1 - connect to a special computer cash system.

Moreover, access to sites that disseminate information on gambling in violation of the law will be limited. However, this norm will come into force only in 2021.

Certain changes are inherent for the gambling industry as a whole, not only online casinos. So, now the tax authorities do not need to register gambling tables, slot machines, cash registers of sweepstakes, and the tax can be paid in a fixed amount.

Also from April 1, visits to gambling establishments are allowed only from the age of 21. A number of other innovations are also being introduced.

Casino Entry Fee

As a rule, institutions have Face Control and Dress Code, as well as an entrance fee, which is about $1000 (as, for example, in the famous Opera Casino), which immediately change to chips. There are more budget casinos where the contribution will be less. There are also institutions that are not only casinos, but also restaurants, bars and so on. Typically, in such institutions, the entrance is a small amount.

Minimum casino bets

The minimum bet for the game, as a rule, is 5 c.u., the maximum is 2000 c.u., for roulette the minimum bet is 0.5 c.u., and the maximum is 500 c.u. It is possible that the rates may change depending on the internal rules of the casino.

Club cards in a casino

A player’s guest card is a kind of marketing tool, special plastic cards that are issued to each registered player. Sometimes the registration procedure is voluntary, at the request of the player himself; sometimes it is mandatory for all guests.

Black list of players in Belarus

In our country, a mechanism is introduced for players to limit themselves from visiting gambling establishments and participating in gambling. An individual can independently limit himself / herself to visiting gambling establishments and participating in gambling. The limitation period will vary from 6 months to 3 years. Restrictions on visiting a gambling establishment and participation in gambling will be carried out if an individual writes an application to the organizer of gambling and (or) to the Ministry of Taxes and Dues. The submitted application is non-refundable and is regarded as submitting an application to all the organizers of gambling in Belarus.

Advantages and disadvantages of casino in Belarus

The main advantages of the casino are the availability of entertainment, gambling (for gambling people), you can also find colleagues in their entertainment. In addition, the pleasant atmosphere of the institutions will not leave you indifferent. Among the minuses of the casino, one can note an entrance fee (but, as a rule, this contribution is immediately turned into chips), as well as a dress code and the opportunity to lose your money.