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Victoria_Cherry Casino "Victoria Cherry"
Casino "Victoria Cherry"

Casino "Victoria Cherry"

Atmosphere and interior in the 'Victoria cherry' casino

A pleasant atmosphere is given by high-quality service, a good reputation in the market, comfortable conditions for playing, and the availability of special offers. These requirements apply to every venue with a similar status.

Victoria Cherry is one of the market leaders, a socially oriented brand, so each employee strictly adheres to the rules and methods of service to consolidate the brand's reputation.

The interior will pleasantly surprise any client, because it will be able to resemble a home environment: carpet, upholstered furniture, fireplace, chandeliers. The most significant object of the interior is an interactive bar counter that reacts to any touch - glass, mobile phone, hands. This is a kind of "trick" of the venue for establishing close contact between the bartender and the visitors. The client puts down the glass, and rays are coming from him. The light composition clings to another glass and so on.

The casino provides quality services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from check-in to the most relevant gaming offers.

Games and entertainment at the 'Victoria cherry' casino

To services of guests of the casino "Victoria Cherry":

• 3 roulettes;

• 8 card tables;

• 5 types of poker;

•"Black Jack";

• Punto Banco;

• "American Roulette";

• 41 slot machines.

The casino has also taken care of the clients who are looking for a private environment. A stylized Macau hall is provided for them. You can relax in the cozy restaurant area with a bar, where you will be offered delicious food and drinks.

'Victoria cherry' casino minimum bets

Each client can start with a minimum bid of $ 0.5.

The venue is customer-oriented, so the prices here are quite democratic. At the same time, the owners completely deny the VIP and luxury format so as not to scare away the guests.

'Victoria cherry' casino restaurant

The restaurant-bar will not let the guests get bored with the slot machines. The best dishes of European cuisine are collected here. The wide variety of dishes will allow you to taste whatever you like, and the chef may even compliment you.

Dishes in the restaurant-bar are presented - from cold snacks to desserts. You can choose the drinks yourself, or contact the bartender who will be happy to help you compose an author's cocktail.