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Contractors, designers and petrol stations in Belarus

Contractors, designers and car stations in Belarus

If your car broke down, you need to repair the apartment or you just want to update the design, we will tell you what services provide contractors, designers and service stations in Belarus.

Construction and finishing works

Features of construction and erection works

In order to organize the construction and installation work, a step-by-step plan must be drawn up:

  • to make an estimate of the works;
  • coordinate the estimate and other construction issues;
  • to organize safety and reliability;
  • start construction and installation works.

The consequences of not meeting these requirements are fraught with problems. If an error is made, it cannot be corrected or it will be costly. Only specially trained people may be involved in the preparation and direct execution of construction and erection works.

Types of construction and erection work

There are three types of construction and installation work.

  1. General construction works

The general construction works include:

  • excavation works;
  • piling work;
  • stone works;
  • reinforced concrete and concrete works;
  • structural installation;
  • carpentry and joinery works;
  • roofing work;
  • finishing works.
  1. Special works

This type refers to works that are associated with special production methods or types of materials used in the construction of structures and structures. This group includes such operations as the application of anticorrosive coatings in the process of manufacturing metal structures, installation of power, telephone, lighting and other lines, as well as plumbing and elevators.

  1. Transportation work

Transportation work includes delivery of construction materials and parts, as well as working tools and so on to the workplace.

Construction and erection services

Usually builders provide a full range of construction and installation works, which includes the following services:

  • geodesic works;
  • preparatory works;
  • excavation works;
  • construction of foundations, foundations of buildings and structures on natural soils;
  • construction of monolithic concrete and reinforced concrete structures;
  • installation of metal constructions;
  • installation of wooden constructions;
  • installation of stone and reinforced stone structures;
  • coating insulation device;
  • roof construction;
  • installation of thermal insulation systems and facades of buildings;
  • filling of window and door openings;
  • floor construction;
  • finishing works;
  • acting as a general contractor;
  • rental of special construction equipment and motor vehicles;
  • chops made of profiled bar under the order;
  • execution of various exclusive orders;
  • construction of baths and saunas;
  • construction of gazebos;
  • construction of houses and cottages.


Design studios

Design studios in Minsk are not rare either. The main activity of the companies - interior design and complex repair "turnkey". The companies render services in application of decorative plaster, designing of private houses and cottages, author's support of the project, 3D-visualization.

Private designers

Private designers will help to make a redevelopment or create a new design of the apartment. The work of the designer consists of 4 stages.

  1. Check out the designer's house

At the very beginning, the designer needs to inspect the room in which the repair will be carried out, and make an assessment of the project. Without this, the project simply can not begin. Inspection of the room can be done for a fee and free of charge. It depends on the company.

  1. Creating a sketch design

The sketch project usually includes a stowage drawing and options for a new layout of the apartment. The walls, windows, doors, ventilation and so on will be measured. The sketch design includes several layout options for you to choose.

  1. Design project development

First, you will be offered a technical project. It includes a plan of ceilings, floors, dismantling, construction drawing, plumbing, tile layout and electrical scheme. Then you will be provided with an apartment in the three-dimensional image, and then you have to choose the materials.

  1. Work Control

It involves periodic visits to the apartment of the author of the project, coordination of the builders, adjustment of drawings, solving problems and so on.

Services of designers

Designers provide the following services:

  • apartment design;
  • home design;
  • design of commercial objects;
  • facade design;
  • landscape design;
  • repair;
  • decorative plaster;
  • author's support.

Some companies will provide you with services such as architectural design, interior design and object design.

Interior design of the apartment

Interior design of the apartment is engaged in both large companies and private designers. The specialist develops the project and design under your request, as well as the metre of the apartment. Also, you can ask the designer for advice if you doubt the chosen design and its convenience.

Design of private houses and cottages

Design bureaus are involved in the design of private houses. The individual, complex approach includes besides architectural appearance working out of the detailed planning decision of internal spaces and a site layout with elements of an accomplishment at early design stages.

Car service stations

Car service stations in Minsk

There are countless car service stations in Belarus. Companies annually open new centers, increase the number of services and materials provided, while maintaining high quality of service. Car service stations in Belarus offer a wide range of services for maintenance and repair of European, American and Japanese cars and brands.

Computer diagnostics

Specialists of the service will carry out computer diagnostics of electronic control systems of the car: engine, automatic transmission, airbags, cruise control, climate control, immobilizer, dashboard, parking system, air suspension, navigation system, etc.

Repair at car dealerships

Repairs at car dealerships start with high-precision diagnostics. The mechanics then select the best option for troubleshooting and tell you the approximate cost and time of the work. Upon completion of service you will be issued a warranty card.

Warranty card

Warranty card confirms the right to warranty repair and maintenance of the car in service. The warranty card explains the rules of free service in case of repeated failure of the car.

Services of car service stations

Car service stations offer the following services:

  • diagnostics of control systems and sensors;
  • diagnostics of brakes at a professional stand;
  • brake disc flow;
  • diagnostics of D4D diesel injectors;
  • manufacturing of brake tubes with a rolling and bending pattern that matches your vehicle;
  • air conditioning refueling, including partial refueling;
  • headlight angle adjustment;
  • gearbox repair;
  • repair of the braking system;
  • repair of the cooling system;
  • chassis repair;
  • suspension repair;
  • steering repair;
  • engine overhaul.

There are also specialized car services in Belarus, which are engaged in oil replacement. They will provide you with the following services:

  • oil change;
  • coolant replacement;
  • oil change in the power steering;
  • fuel filter replacement;
  • air filter replacement;
  • tire service;
  • air conditioner refueling;
  • suspension repair and so on.

All service station mechanics have high professional training and extensive experience. Service is provided by cashless and cash payment, VISA and MasterCard.

If your car did not stand a long way to the sights or you inattention pierced a wheel, then in any of the services of Belarus, your car will receive first aid.

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