Repairs and renovation

Contractors, designers and car stations in Belarus

If you are going to buy or build real estate in Belarus, but do not know which company will provide you better service, then read about it in this section.

Here you can find information about construction and design service providers, as well as find out which car service provider to go to when your car breaks down.


Many repair companies in Belarus deal not only with the housing issue, but also with the repair of household and electronic equipment of all types of complexity. And with the development of technology and increasing demand for mobile devices, companies have expanded their profile to mobile phones, smartphones and tablets.

Now, the range of services still includes the restoration of information from electronic media and phones and configuration of network equipment.

In addition, if you have started the repair and you need a professional electrician, then dozens of companies will gladly offer their services not only in the capital, but also throughout the Republic.

Companies are constantly improving their services and are trying to do everything possible for their clients.

You can order the following services:

  • design and coordination of power supply;
  • electrical installation works in the apartment, office and private house on a turnkey basis;
  • laying of power and low-current lines (TV, Internet, telephony);
  • assembly, reconstruction and installation of electrical panels;
  • installation of all kinds of sockets for power supply of household equipment, TVs, computer equipment, etc.;
  • assembly, installation and subsequent connection of lighting equipment (lamps, chandeliers, decorative lighting, etc.);
  • connection of equipment with increased energy consumption, including electric stoves, boilers and water heaters to the power network;
  • modernization of the home power supply network, installation and complete replacement of electrical wiring throughout Minsk, the suburbs of the capital and Minsk region, and much more.

And what to do if one electrician is not enough and you need a whole team of different-haired professionals? We have the answer to this question.

In Belarus, there are companies that provide radically different types of services: from plumbing to cleaning any space. For example, in one company you can order immediately:

  • masters for one hour;
  • electrical installation works;
  • apartment repair;
  • plumbing work;
  • cleaning of premises;
  • repair of household appliances;
  • other services.

Many companies also provide services for legal entities, issue warranty coupons, provide free diagnostics, and specialists will come to you anywhere in the city.

On the sites of the majority of companies, you can calculate the preliminary cost of services.

Belarus also has companies that offer repair of clothes, bags and suitcases, manufacturing of keys and sharpening tools, repair of watches and glasses, hairdressing equipment and construction power tools.

If something is broken and you need to fix it urgently, then you will definitely get help wherever you are.


Design studios in Minsk aren't very frequent either. The main activity of the companies - interior design and complex repair "turnkey". The companies render services in application of decorative plaster, designing of private houses and cottages, author's support of the project, 3D-visualization.

Services of designers in Belarus:

  • apartment design;
  • home design;
  • design of commercial objects;
  • design of facades;
  • landscape design;
  • renovation;
  • decorative plaster;
  • author's support.

Some companies will provide you such services as architectural design, interior design and object design.

Design bureaus are engaged in designing of private apartment houses. The individual, complex approach includes, in addition to the architectural appearance of the development of detailed planning solutions for interior spaces and site planning with elements of improvement at an early stage of design. 

On the sites of companies, you can calculate the preliminary cost of design and see the portfolio.

Auto station services

There are countless car service stations in Belarus. Companies annually open new centers, increase the number of services and materials provided, while maintaining high quality of service. Car service stations in Belarus offer a wide range of services for maintenance and repair of European, American and Japanese cars and brands. You will also be provided with computer diagnostics of electronic control systems of a car: engine, automatic transmission, airbags, cruise control, climate control, immobiliser, dashboard, parking system, air suspension, navigation system, etc.

Auto services offer the following services:

  • diagnostics of control systems and sensors;
  • diagnostics of brakes at a professional stand;
  • brake disc flow;
  • diagnostics of D4D diesel injectors;
  • manufacturing of brake tubes with a rolling and bending pattern that matches your vehicle;
  • air conditioning refueling, including partial refueling.
  • headlight angle adjustment;
  • gearbox repair;
  • repair of the braking system;
  • repair of the cooling system;
  • chassis repair;
  • suspension repair;
  • steering repair;
  • engine overhaul.

However, not all services will be able to perform, for example, repair of the steering, because there are specialized auto centers that are engaged in oil replacement. They will provide you with the following services:

  • oil change;
  • replacement of coolant;
  • oil change in the power steering;
  • fuel filter replacement;
  • air filter replacement;
  • tyre service;
  • air conditioner refueling;
  • suspension repair and so on.

Repair at car dealerships starts with high-precision diagnostics. Then mechanics select the best option for troubleshooting, inform you about the approximate cost and time of work. Upon completion of service you will be issued a warranty card.

All service station mechanics have high professional training and extensive experience. Service is provided by cash and non-cash payment, VISA and MasterCard.

If your car did not stand a long way to the attraction or you inattention pierced a wheel, then in any of the services of Belarus your car will provide first aid.

And there are situations when you bought a new home appliances, but by ignorance broke it. According to the warranty card shop will not serve you anymore, then feel free to contact the contractor, who will not only correct the error, but also tell you what to do if your equipment failed.

If you are concerned about finding a design bureau, which will individually approach the customer's wishes and will be able to meet any of your requirements, then read about it in this section.

We will tell you about all the services that our companies offer here.