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Contractors and construction companies in Minsk

If you are renovating your apartment, but do not understand or do not know how it is better and cheaper to stretch the ceilings and put tiles in the bathroom, you should contact a contractor. In this section, you can find all the information about contractors in Belarus.

Construction companies in Minsk

Obligations to the investor

The main obligation of the contractor is to perform the works stipulated in the contract in accordance with the task received from the customer and to hand over the results of work to the customer in due time.

The customer usually prepares the task for the contractor. If the contractor accepts such an assignment without objection or reservation, it becomes binding on him. If there are objections, they are eliminated when the parties agree on the terms of the contract. If the parties do not resolve their differences, the contract cannot be considered concluded because no agreement has been reached on one of its essential conditions - the subject matter of the contract.

The contractor not only performs the work, but is also obliged to select specialists, purchase the necessary materials and find the necessary subcontractors.

Responsibility for implementing investment contracts

For non-compliance with the terms and conditions of the investment agreement, the contractor shall compensate the investor for the damage caused by illegal acts or omissions. In addition, it has the right to unilaterally withdraw from its obligations under the investment agreement, if the investor fails to comply with its obligations.

Contractors for any work

Today, contractors provide a full range of general construction works, including plumbing works of internal and external cycle. Improvement of the territory. Also welding production in construction conditions.

Most companies in Belarus are multi-field enterprises that are annually improved in the construction industry of the Republic. The organizations employ brigades that provide professional services in construction and reconstruction of buildings and structures of various complexity and purpose.

Construction of apartment buildings

The main activity of contractors is the construction of apartment and multi-store residential buildings with a full range of construction and installation work, starting with the construction of foundations, supporting structures and roofing and ending with the execution of geodesic work and interior decoration.

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Apartment renovation

Many people in the pursuit of savings are trying to repair the apartment with their own hands. If you have experience and skills, then your attempt may end well, and if not, it is better to seek specialist help. In addition, when buying an apartment, the owners want to bring it as quickly as possible in an aesthetic and cozy appearance. However, the independent repair at you can take a year, so repair in your apartment in most cases should be entrusted to professionals. If you make a mistake in the decoration, the company will compensate you for the damage or rework for free, which is not said about the independent repair. In this case, the company that will correct the mistake may charge you more than you would have paid for their services originally.

Each order the company performs with the customer's wishes in mind, they monitor the deadlines and work only on proven materials.

Prices for such services are very diverse. For apartment repair prices are determined individually. They depend on many factors: what were the terms of work, it was finishing the apartment in a new building or you decided to update the interior of secondary housing.

Terms of repair

Repair time:

  • electrician replacement from 3 days;
  • replacement of plumbing from 3 days;
  • pouring floors from 1 day;
  • ceiling painting and wallpaper gluing from 1 day.

For more precise terms of repair, please contact the company you choose.

Repair companies: services

Repair companies provide the following services:

  • repair of apartments "turnkey";
  • wallpaper gluing;
  • tile dismantling and laying;
  • repair of the bathroom;
  • facade cladding with siding;
  • construction and finishing works;
  • plastering works;
  • wall plastering;
  • installation of flooring;
  • carpentry work, carpentry services;
  • minor household repairs;
  • surface preparation for finishing;
  • partitions installation;
  • installation of interior doors;
  • suspended ceilings;
  • cosmetic repairs;
  • metal door manufacturing;
  • installation and repair of entrance doors;
  • insertion of locks;
  • painting work.

In addition, for you will develop an individual design project that will free you from unplanned costs and alterations in the process and after the repair. The project may include several works at once, for example, the work of a finisher, plumber and electrician. In this way the company reduces your costs and saves time.

Electrical companies: services

Types of services provided by electrical installation companies:

  • electrical works;
  • installation and replacement of electrical wiring in apartments, offices and cottages;
  • transfer of sockets and switches;
  • assembly and installation of electric boards, replacement of circuit breakers;
  • installation of lighting fixtures: chandeliers, lamps, spotlights, sconces and so on;
  • installation of open or concealed wiring with final termination of the duct;
  • installation of junction boxes;
  • household appliance connection;
  • installation of a warm electric shelf;
  • earthing circuit installation;
  • installation of landscape lighting;
  • installation of low-current networks: television, telephone and computer;
  • repair of old electrical wiring;
  • installation of electrical wiring "from scratch" in apartments, private houses, industrial and office premises;
  • repair, partial or complete replacement of electrical wiring in the house, apartment, office;
  • connection of the security alarm system;
  • installation and connection of surveillance cameras, etc.

In addition, specialists will consult, provide calculation of the necessary electrical installation works and materials, as well as help in their purchase. The electrician will give advice on how to choose lighting fixtures that will meet the safety rules in the room.

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Catalogue of companies in Minsk on the map

On this page, you can find a list of the best contractors in Minsk.

Contractors in the Republic of Belarus are in every city and will not only please you with the quality of work, but also with prices. We hope that you will follow our advice and use the services of professionals; otherwise, it can lead to additional losses and wasted time.