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attorneys-and-law-firms-in-belarus Attorneys and Lawyers in Belarus

Attorneys and Lawyers in Belarus

Being a law-abiding citizen is a necessity and an obligation of every person, because the law is above all.

The Constitution is the fundamental law of the Republic of Belarus. It states that the country is a unitary, democratic, social state governed by the rule of law - this means strict observance of international and national laws.

Activities of law firms

Liability of a law firm

Law firms in Belarus operate under generally accepted and locally enacted laws. Law firms help those in need of advice and assistance in various areas of law: criminal or civil, property or labour, corporate or environmental.

Law firm staff

Firms, especially those that work with foreigners, hire only experienced, highly qualified lawyers and attorneys. In addition, the staff of those firms speak English at a high level that makes them competitive in the international market.


No law firm can give you an exact guarantee of the outcome of the case. However, a good lawyer should tell you about the solution options and the risks associated with these options.

A contract with a law firm

The provision of legal services may be mediated by various civil law contracts, the main of which are assignment and reimbursable service contracts.

Law firm services

Civil Affairs

Support of civil cases and disputes in Belarus.

Family matters

The law firm will help you in the following areas:

  • dissolution of marriage;
  • annulment of the marriage;
  • invalidation of the marriage contract;
  • division of jointly acquired property;
  • determination of the child's place of residence;
  • determination of the procedure for participation of the parent living separately in the upbringing of children;
  • deprivation of parental rights;
  • drawing up the marriage contract.

Housing issues

Identification of legal risks in the purchase of residential property, as well as registration of transactions and operations with real estate.

Division of property, real estate

Law firms provide the following services on this matter:

  • advice on property;
  • drawing up the agreement on division of property;
  • drawing up a marriage contract;
  • representation of interests of the client in the judicial consideration of the case;
  • expert assessment of jointly acquired property.

Inheritance cases

The assistance of the law firm consists in conducting cases and preparing claims:

  • about sharing an inheritance;
  • the invalidity of a will or certificate of right to inheritance;
  • establishing that the inheritance has been accepted and recognizing the right to a share in the ownership of the property;
  • on the debts of the heir by inheritance;
  • on the removal of the heir from the inheritance;
  • on the removal of the spouse from the inheritance and so on.

Insurance, crediting, taxation


  • consultation on establishing an insurance organization in Belarus;
  • consultation on peculiarities of state regulation in the insurance sector;
  • consultation on requirements for insurance reserves;
  • consultation on types of insurance products as well as preparation for insurance.


  • sports permit with a bank;
  • loan agreement analysis;
  • analysis of the collateral agreement;
  • participation of lawyers in negotiations with lenders;
  • legal protection from collector agencies and bailiffs;
  • protection in disputes with the bank on repayment of illegally paid amounts and interest, calculation of excessively withheld interest and commissions, as well as re-negotiation of the loan agreement or its termination;
  • pre-trial claim work, representation of client's interests in the process of court proceedings with the bank.


  • consulting on taxation issues;
  • legal support in tax authorities;
  • preparation of projects and expert examination of agreements for compliance with the tax legislation;
  • preparation of documents required for submission to the tax and judicial authorities;
  • representation of the interests of the principal in cases of tax violations, etc.

Collection of property damage, moral damage

Firms provide the following services on this issue:

  • legal advice;
  • detailed analysis of the situation;
  • dispute resolution between parties;
  • development of ways to solve the problem;
  • pre-trial conflict resolution.

Honour, dignity and business reputation cases

Law firms provide a number of services on such issues:

  • advice on legal regulation of protection of honor, dignity and business reputation;
  • legal analysis of documents;
  • analyze the possibility of obtaining compensation for the damage caused;
  • represent interests in court on disputes for the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation, and so on.

Representing the interests of victims, civil claimants

Law firms provide the following services to represent victims and civil claimants:

  • advisory services;
  • drafting of claims, complaints, statements and claims;
  • protection in criminal cases at the stage of preliminary investigation, in court, appeal against the sentence;
  • consumer protection;
  • road traffic accidents, etc.

Land cases

Law firms provide the following services in the area of land issues:

  • consultation on land law;
  • legal support of land division during inheritance;
  • legal support in determining the procedure for using a land plot;
  • representing the interests of the principal in land disputes in court;
  • preparation of projects on sale and purchase, donation of land, etc.

Administrative cases

Administrative lawyer:

  • advises on administrative liability issues;
  • analyzes the case;
  • makes comments on the protocol on an administrative offence;
  • preparing a complaint against an administrative offence decree, etc.

Criminal cases

Law firms on criminal matters provide the following services:

  • advice on criminal law matters;
  • drafting procedural documents, including civil suits;
  • case analysis;
  • support of the client during the conduct of investigative cases, in court and so on.

The Bar Association

The Collegium of Advocates is established to provide legal assistance and protection to Belarusian citizens and stateless persons. The Minsk City Collegium of Advocates provides legal assistance in civil and economic matters, as well as in criminal and administrative cases.

Services of a lawyer

Civil attorney

A civil attorney provides the following services:

  • advice on civil law matters;
  • represent the interests of the parties at the stage of negotiations and conclusion of agreements;
  • accompany transactions;
  • advise on the choice of tactics of conduct;
  • represent the interests of the client at all stages of the civil process;
  • prepare procedural documents: applications, complaints, petitions and so on.

Lawyer for housing issues

A housing lawyer will accompany you at all stages of the transaction, as well as help you avoid unnecessary spending and protect from fraudsters.

Family lawyer

Family lawyers take part in divorce proceedings, division of property, as well as provide assistance in drafting the marriage contract, etc.

Lawyer for labour matters

The Labour or Disputes Advocate will advise on the following matters:

  • termination of the contract or agreement at the employee's request;
  • the terms and extent of liability;
  • failure to pay wages on time;
  • the rights of employees when they are dismissed due to redundancies;
  • on benefits for certain categories of employees;
  • the procedure for collecting wages in the event of liquidation of an organization, etc.

Criminal lawyer

A criminal attorney accompanies the client during the investigation, as well as provides his defense in court. In addition, lawyers advise on arising issues in the sphere of criminal law, carry out analysis of the case and so on.

Land attorney

A land attorney shall accompany his client during transactions of land purchase and sale, its donation and other. Also represents interests of the client in court on land disputes, legally accompanies the division of land and inheritance, etc.

Free lawyers

If you want free legal advice, defence and more, you should contact the City Bar Association. There you will find a specialist who can solve your problem. Lawyers in the Bar have many years of experience in running cases, so do not worry about the quality of service.

Consultation with a lawyer

For advice from a lawyer, you can contact both the city bar association and the law firm. In both cases, your lawyer will be able to advise you on different issues.

Legal advice

Legal advice, like that of a lawyer, can also be obtained from the City Bar Association or a private firm.

Professional lawyers and lawyers of Belarus will help you not to violate the laws and keep a good name, taking into account all possible and impossible circumstances.