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Radio and TV in Belarus

Radio and TV in Belarus


Today there are more than 20 different radio stations in the Republic of Belarus. Unfortunately, none of them broadcast in a foreign language – all of them broadcast either in Russian or in Belarusian.

In our view, the most popular radio stations are Radio Roks, Radio BA, Russian Radio and Humor FM. Despite the fact that broadcasting is in Russian or Belarusian, foreign music can often be heard on the air of our radio stations.

The most popular radio stations you can find on the following FM waves:

Radio BA – 104,6 FM;
Radio Roks – 102,1 FM;
Humor FM – 93,7 FM;
Russian Radio – 98,9 FM.

Today Belarusian radio stations are also available online.

Television in Belarus

Today, the Republic of Belarus has quite a large number of TV service providers. As a rule, at present, television services are delivered simultaneously with the Internet services.

Belarus, like the rest of the world, has satellite TV, so you can also set up your favorite channels and watch them from Belarus.
All national TV channels broadcast in Russian and Belarusian. Many Belarusian TV channels are also available on the Internet.

Russian channels are also broadcast in the Republic of Belarus. In 2019, it is planned to launch several Ukrainian TV channels.

Today, the most popular TV providers in Belarus are:

1) BYFLY – ZALA (as a rule, it is connected with the Internet from BYFLY);
2) VELCOM VOKA (television from mobile operator VELCOM);

How to connect the Internet and Television

To connect to the Internet and television services, you have to contact the appropriate service center with your identity document. Providers can also require the submission of the additional documents (for example, the documents certifying the ownership right to the apartment or apartment lease contract).

Office addresses for connection, as well as other necessary information about connection and tariffs can be found on the official websites of the providers: (; (;

Payment for the Internet and Television services

You can pay for the Internet and TV services in different ways. So, it can be done in the banks of the Republic of Belarus, as well as online through the Internet banking system in UPIS ( As a rule, the Internet and TV services are paid monthly in advance. 
You can also pay for these services through the e-pay system (