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Cinemas Cinemas

Cinemas in Minsk

Nowadays cinema is one of the most popular entertainment. That is why cinemas are popular among movie lovers. There are many different genres of films and even more films that correspond to these genres. People look at going to the cinema differently. Someone sees going to the cinema only as a romantic date or a friendly meeting. For some people, there is no better entertainment than taking popcorn and coffee and going to the cinema and enjoying a beautiful movie alone and, perhaps, taking a break from the communication with people, plunging into the movie scenes. There is also a category of people who believe that there is nothing better than watching a movie at home, and there is no need to go somewhere.

In this article we will tell movie lovers about cinemas in Minsk.

Belarusian cinema

The demonstration of films in Belarus began in the late 19th century. At the beginning of the 20th century, 56 private cinemas operated in Belarus. The first cinema in Minsk was opened in 1900 by entrepreneur Richard Shtremer in the house of Rakovshchik on Zakharyevskaya Street. At first, slides were shown in it, and then dumb films began to be shown there. The history of Belarusian cinema originates from the black-and-white silent film “Tale of the Woods”, which was shot in 1926 in Leningrad. At that time, there was still no production base of Belgoskino. The film studio moved to Minsk in 1939. After another 9 years, she received the name "Belarusfilm". Today, our film studio is one of the leading film factories in Eastern Europe, capable of producing up to 15 feature films, 40 documentaries and 10 animated films a year. Filmmakers from other countries, in particular Russia, also use the services of Belarusfilm.

The best cinemas of Minsk

The ten most popular cinemas in our capital are presented to your attention.

Falcon Club Cinema Boutique

Falcon Club Cinema Boutique is a cozy cinema boutique complex for cinema lovers and comfort lovers. It is created with an emphasis on intellectual film repertoire. Another nice plus is the modern equipment of cinema halls. Here, an ordinary movie trip turns into a pleasant event. At the disposal of visitors are 8 cozy cinema halls, the capacity of which is from 15 to 109 seats. In the cinema complex, new innovative seats are available that have synchronization with the screen, which ensures complete immersion in the events taking place on the screen. Also for couples in love there are 3 rooms with seats for two. They are comfortable double chairs. Also they are called Love-Seats.

The Falcon Club houses the only 4D cinema in Belarus, equipped with special D-BOX chairs that synchronize the movement on the screen with the movement of the chair. The main feature of the D-BOX seats is the ability to vibrate and tilt in different directions while watching a movie. To adjust the sensitivity level on the armrest of each D-BOX chair, there is a control menu where you can choose one of three modes, or completely turn off the chair.

Innovative technology operates only in about 150 cinema halls of the world, including the Falcon Club Boutique Cinema. Please note that the minimum guest weight must be 23 kg and the maximum weight 135 kg.

For more information on movies follow the link.


The first session in the cinema "Belarus" was held on September 12, 2008. Currently, there are 5 cinema halls with a capacity of 145 to 280 spectators. All halls are comfortable and cozy: comfortable chairs with high backs and armrests with place for drinks, as well as large aisles between the rows. The halls are equipped with Dolby sound system. Since 2012, the necessary equipment for broadcasting 3D cinema equipment has been installed in 3 cinema halls.

For getting actual information tap the link.


Cinema "October" is the largest and oldest cinema in our capital. Its spacious hall with a widescreen screen easily accommodates up to 1181 moviegoers. The cinema was founded on January 30, 1975. It was built on the place of the old cinema named “A star”.

The building today is recognized as one of the most luxurious buildings in Minsk: a large bar, two lounges. On the second floor there is a winter garden. Over the entire period of work, October has been repaired and modernized several times, both in terms of interior and equipment.

Actual information about films you can find here.

Silver Screen

Silver Screen cinemas is the first network of modern multiplexes in Belarus.

The cinema in the Galileo shopping center will please you not only with its central location. Warm atmosphere, bright design of the halls and the best view of the center of Minsk will be a good surprise for you.

Cinema in Arena City on Pobediteley Avenue will pleasantly surprise you with comfortable rooms in a modern style, which are equipped with huge screens, the best sound technologies, recliners with a plaid and pillows.

The cinema in Dana Mall on Independence Avenue has set new standards for showing films in Belarus. It is here that there is a hall with the technology of displaying images at 270 degrees - Screen X. This viewing format literally takes the viewer into the movie scene, helping to become its full member.

The Silver Screen movie poster is updated on Thursdays. Blockbusters, family cartoons, auteur cinema, documentaries, rental versions of performances, broadcasts of concerts and sports, original films with Russian subtitles and much more can be found there.

Actual information can be found on the official site.


The cinema first opened its doors to visitors in 1969. After carrying out repairs, reconstructing the hall and replacing equipment, he did not lose his atmosphere, allowing viewers to instantly plunge into the world of the film.

In the cinema "Pioneer" there are 2 halls. The first cinema room seats 278 people. In 2012, the cinema was equipped with new digital equipment, thanks to which today you can watch movies in 2D and 3D in it.

In November 2017, a second hall with 49 seats was opened. The new cinema is equipped with comfortable Spanish armchairs, six loveseat armchairs (armchair for love couples), wide aisles, a silver screen and a modern projector, which guarantee the audience a bright high-quality picture and a pleasant pastime. The cinema has a Cinema Bar.

For actual information tap the link.

Art cinema

An art cinema opened in the Titan shopping center. The art cinema accommodates two cinema halls: a large and a small one. In the large hall there are 225 seats, in the small - 120. There are two categories of seats for the viewer. This includes the usual places where comfortable furniture with lifting armrests is located, and VIP seats - sofas, which are sold as a separate place. The spectator can take a VIP seat at the price of one ticket and without a pair.

In addition to the ventilation system, air conditioners are installed in the cinemas. There is a bar in the lobby where you can buy popcorn, chips, and drinks. Interestingly, the products are sold in silent packaging so as not to inconvenience the viewer sitting nearby.

In addition to world premieres, theme nights, art cinema dedicated to any event will be held here. A unique feature of the art cinema is the holding of online conferences for various companies.

More information can be found here.

Dom Kino

"Dom Kino" was opened for visitors in 2005. At that time, it was considered one of the best cinemas in the capital, both in terms of equipment quality and its interior and comfort. And nowadays many people continue to visit it with pleasure to watch new movies.

The cinema building provides for holding not only film screenings, but also various festivals, exhibitions and other cultural events. In the hall there are soft comfortable chairs (584 seats in total), and there is also a VIP-row with sofas (26 seats). The cinema is equipped with air conditioning, and its equipment allows you to play movies in excellent quality.

Actual information can be found here.


Cinema "Moscow" was opened in 1980. In one building is located not only the cinema hall, but also the theatre-studio of the film actor, which is the experimental site of the Belarusfilm film studio. Films are shown in 2D and 3D, and the total number of viewers reaches 700 people (including 8 seats in the VIP box and 28 seats in the VIP row).

The cinema also has a very favorable location. It is located at the Nemiga metro station.

For getting actual information tap the link.


Cinema "Central", corresponding to its name, is located in the city centre. It has been working since 1954. Comfortable chairs and 12 double sofas can simultaneously accommodate 166 people.

German cinema projection equipment KINOTON is installed in the cinema and films in 2D and 3D are shown. It also has modern sound equipment: acoustics K.C.S, QSC power amplifiers, Dolby processor. For a comfortable watching, the rooms are equipped with air conditioning.

There is an exhibition gallery in the lobby, which hosts exhibitions of photographers.

For actual information tap the link.


Cinema "Mir" is a cinema with two comfortable halls: the first (superior) accommodates 188 spectators, and the second - 256 people. It has a nice bar and a small free parking. The cinema "Mir" has been operating since December 29, 1959 and is deservedly considered one of the capital's old-timers. It was here that the stereo film was first played in Belarus.

Currently, the cinema is practically not inferior to others in the convenience of the halls, the quality of video and sound equipment. After the reconstruction in two rooms, the audience comes to the "Mir" with even greater pleasure. A bar with affordable prices and a large assortment of snacks and drinks is located on the second floor. There is enough space in the lobby for exhibitions and other similar cultural events. The billboard today offers visitors the latest news from world cinema.

For actual information tap the link.

VOKA Cinema

VOKA CINEMA by Silver Screen is a multiplex of the Silver Screen cinema chain, which opened in August 2017 at the Dana Mall shopping and entertainment center.

The Silver Screen network has 3 complexes: in the Galileo shopping center, Arena City and Dana Mall.

The multiplex has seven halls, including two VIP-halls for 48 spectators each, and an “arena” for 235 seats, of which 6 are sofas for two.

Sony’s dual projectors are installed in the cinema, which make the picture more realistic and more voluminous than in other cinemas, and resemble IMAX technology. The effect of presence will also be provided by a speaker system in the Dolby Atmos format, in which the sounds of the actions taking place in the film overtake the viewer from all sides, including from above. Reclining chairs are installed for a better view of the screen. The first row is occupied by sofas with rugs and tables.

There is a snack tank for cinema visitors. You can buy popcorn with different flavors, nachos with Mexican sauces, Finnish Candy King candies that you can mix yourself, nuts and branded slush. Tea, coffee and ice cream are available in the self-service area.

In addition, the Sorso di espresso coffee shop with original desserts and aromatic freshly brewed coffee of its own is working on the territory of the new multiplex.

For more information tap the link.

Night cinema performances

For lovers of night cinema, there is such an interesting event as "Night cinema performances". Visitors can enjoy movies throughout the night. As a rule, everything starts at 23 hours and ends at 7 in the morning.

In general, everything is not easy with nightly entertainment in Minsk, but sometimes good films are shown at open-air festivals: cool documentaries can be watched on movie nights from 17th-18th of December. It starts at midnight. The event is called Cinema Night Watch Docs.

In the Minsk anticafe “Fischer’s House”, movie nights are held every weekend. On one weekend they showed animation, before that - cyberpunk, travel films, films with Til Schweiger - in general, each night has its own theme. Usually, they have time to watch three films before morning.

Drive-ins in Belarus

The drive-in is a large parking lot (500 seats) with a huge screen with an area of 144 m². The sound is broadcasted at a frequency of 103.3 Fm in the car radio, which creates the effect of presence on the viewer.

A ticket is bought for a car, not for the number of people. So movies can be watched in any company.

When planning the repertoire, the Avtokino administration pays special attention to the work of Russian directors. Weeks of European cinema, Russian cinema, as well as various thematic weeks (week of science fiction, comedy, horror, etc.) are periodically held at the Autocinema. Some movie premieres can be seen on the big screen only in Avtokino.

An open-air cinema is one of the outstanding achievements of the 20th century.

Buying tickets to the cinema

Buying tickets online

Today, people more and more began to buy goods online and pay for services remotely. Buying movie tickets is no exception. There are convenient servers for this, where you can choose a place for yourself and pay for it without leaving your home.

One of these servers is Bycard. You just need to select a movie and click ‘buy a ticket’, and you will be redirected to the payment page. You can also give someone a ticket as a present. In order to know how to do this tap the link.

Buying tickets at the ticket offices

You can also buy a ticket at the ticket office in cinema. To do this, you will need to drive to the selected cinema. There is also a service to book a ticket. You can call and they will postpone the ticket and tell you how long you will need to pick it up.

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