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Pioner Pioner cinema
Pioner cinema


Location and history of the Pioner cinema

The Pioner cinema is located in the very center of the Minsk, at the Kupalovskaya / Oktyabrskaya metro station.

The building of the cinema, designed by architects G. Zaborsky and L. Levin, opened its doors in 1966. At that time, the cinema had only one screening room (for 278 people). Only in 2017, a second cinema hall, more intimate (for 49 people), was opened. The new cinema is equipped with comfortable Spanish armchairs, six armchairs for two (ideal for romantic movie shows), wide aisles, a silver screen and a BARCO DP2K-6E projector, which guarantee viewers a bright, high quality picture and a pleasant time.

The cinema shows the movies in both 2D and 3D formats, thanks to new digital equipment that was installed in 2012.

Events and projects of the Pioner cinema

The cinema currently hosts many projects and film festivals. The cinema is actively working with embassies and organizes cultural and themed film evenings. Also, the cinema has traditionally been one of the sites for the film competition among children and youth "Listapadzik".

The Pioner Cinema has a conservatory-style waiting area for spectators with comfortable sofas, as well as a Cinema Bar.