Признание белорусских дипломов за границей Recognition of Belarusian diplomas abroad

Recognition of Belarusian diplomas abroad

The Republic of Belarus joined the Bologna process in 2015 which gave hope to all Belarusian students that the diploma they will get will be recognized in all the countries of the European Higher Education Area. A special Diploma Supplement is needed to make a diploma recognized in European countries. The supplement has to be written in English and it’s granted only after finishing up the master’s program, as far as only the completion of Bachelor and Master’s degrees together is considered as a complete course of a higher education according to the standards of Bologna process. Belarus is to go through a long way of reforming the educational system to allow every student to get a job in any European country with a full and legitimate diploma. But now Belarusian diploma is recognized just in several countries with which Belarus signed a mutual agreement about recognition of diplomas of each other’s. And these are: The Russian Federation, The People’s Republic of China, Poland an Vietnam. Also in all countries of CIS the diplomas gotten before 1992 are admitted. And in 2017 Belarus signed the same agreement on education with Ecuador. It means that graduates of all the Belarusian universities can find a job or continue education in any country mentioned above because Belarussian diploma is absolutely legitimate there.

In all the other countries it’s demanded to get through a long and often grueling process of recognition of diploma by taking different examinations on checking your qualifications and skills. To acclaim a diploma you need to address a National center of the recognition of documents. It’s also easier to get your diploma recognized if you’re planning to continue education in a university of the country you want to work.

For example, the main difficulty you may face when you have a degree of candidate of sciences. There is no such a degree in European countries so you will probably have to take some test of approving your knowledge. For PhD’s is not a problem as it is a normal degree according to Bologna process standards.

Recognition of a diploma in Montenegro costs about 500 euros. Firstly, it has to be translated and then if there will be experts in your area they will test your skills.

As far as Poland is concerned, earlier, it was demanded to make convalidation of a diploma for the graduates of Medical Universities. In addition, one had to pass an exam to be admitted to medical practice. But now because of the lack of medical personnel as doctors, nurses and paramedic, the Polish government decided to ease the process of getting a job in the medical area and the case on admitting Belarusian diplomas without examinations and tests is under consideration now.

Undoubtedly, the list of the countries with which Belarus has an agreement on mutual recognition of diplomas is not large. And the process of approving that you really are a good specialist is quite exhausting but it’s never an obstacle on the way of Belarusian graduates as they have a really high level of education. They easily go through all the verifications of their skills and they’re highly ranked by the employers abroad. Exactly this why, thousands of foreign students from all over the world come to Belarus to get a high- quality education. And the employers of such great countries as Russia and China employ hundreds of Belarusian graduates without any checking of their knowledge because they are aware by their own experience that the diploma of Belarusian university is a proof of a high- rate employee.