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Currency exchange

Currency exchange in Belarus

Nowadays currency is needed not only for traveling abroad, but also for many purchases within the country. Considering the state of affairs with the Belarusian economy, many are buying dollars for better life. And since the topic of currencies is always relevant, we have prepared information about currency exchange in Minsk: where you can exchange, where to check the rate and which exchange offices should be trusted.

Currency exchange offices at the airport

Upon arrival in Minsk, at the National Airport you can see a branch of Belarusbank, where you will be offered to exchange currency. This can be done at the current exchange rate on the day of exchange. Find out all the details at the bank branch or on the website.

The cashier accepts currencies such as USD, EUR, RUB, SEK, CHF, PLN, CNY, GBP.

Types of cards accepted: BELKART, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro.

Location: 3rd floor, departure hall of the air terminal complex, 1st sector.

Working hours: Monday-Sunday, 09:15 - 20:00.

Contact phone: +375 17 279-17-67.

Details on other banking operations can be found on the Belarusbank website.

Another bank that meets you at the airport is Sberbank.

It will be possible to exchange currencies at the current exchange rate on the day of exchange. Find out all the details at the bank branch or on the website.

Types of cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard, CirusMaestro.

Location: 1st floor of the airport complex, sector 5-6.

Working hours - round the clock.

Contact phone: +375 17 279 20 91.

A currency exchange machine appeared in the VIP-hall of the airport "Minsk".

It accepts up to 15 currencies, but so far it only exchanges Russian rubles, euros and US dollars for Belarusian rubles. Chinese yuan will be added soon.

ATMs and info kiosks at the airport

In all bank branches at the airport, you can see ATMs and info kiosks that work around the clock in several languages, including English. Here you can transfer funds to another card, cash out an account and do a lot of banking operations, but not currency exchange.

Currency exchange in exchange offices

Each bank in Minsk provides an opportunity to exchange currency. All banks have their own rate, so we advise you to first compare rates of different banks in order to choose the right one.

Please note: before going to the bank, call and ask if the rate has changed. During the day, the established rates may change, and the rates of the head office may differ from the rates established in exchange offices.

As for specific banks, Dabrabyt Bank was the first in Belarus to offer to buy and sell currency through DabrabytFX Viber chat. Customers of any bank can buy and sell dollars, euros and rubles directly in the messenger. This can be done by all legal entities, not only clients of Bank Dabrabyt. The service is provided absolutely free. Details can be found on the bank's website.

The exchange office of Dabrabyt Bank is located at: st. Surganova, 50 (shopping center "RIGA").

Working hours: Mon-Fri: 10: 00-21: 00 Break: 12: 00-12: 30, 16: 30-17: 00, 14: 00-14: 15, 19: 30-19: 45, Sat- Sun: 10: 15-21: 00.

Break: 12: 00-12: 40, 16: 30-17: 00, 14: 00-14: 15, 19: 30-19: 45.

The Bank makes it possible to change such currencies as the US Dollar, Euro, Russian Ruble, Hryvnia, Zloty.

The exchange office of the bank Alfa-Bank is located at Minsk, st. Krasnoarmeyskaya, 36.

Opening hours: Mon-Sun: from 08:30 to 20:00 and 21:00 - 07:30.

24-hour exchangers in Minsk

Did you need to exchange currency at night or find the nearest exchange office?

The list of round-the-clock (night) exchange offices of the city of Minsk will help you.

• Alfabank at the address Minsk, st. Krasnoarmeyskaya, 36, works around the clock with breaks: 02: 00-02: 45, 14: 00-14: 45;

• Alfabank at the address Minsk, Dzerzhinsky avenue, 1E, Break: 14: 00-14: 45, 20: 15-21: 00, 02: 00-02: 45;

• Belarusbank at the address Minsk, Nezalezhnosti Ave., 11/1 Hotel "Minsk", Break: 01: 35-02: 35, 13: 40-14.40;

• Belarusbank at the address Minsk, Privokzalnaya sq., 5 (Minsk-Passenger railway station), break: 08.30-09.40; 20.30-21.40;

• Belinvestbank at st. Storozhevskaya, 15, break: 08: 10-9.10;

• MTBank at st. Myasnikova, 7, break: 11:15 - 11:30; 16:15 - 16:30; 23:15 - 23:30; 05:30 - 05:45;

• Statusbank at 5, Privokzalnaya Avenue, break: 23: 45-00.05;

• Paritetbank at 18 Kirov st., Technical breaks 10.10-10.25, 12.10-12.20, 18.00-18.15;

• Priorbank at Kirov street, 8k3 without interruption;

• Technobank at Logoiskiy tract, 37.

Websites for checking the exchange rate

The exchange rates in Minsk for today can be found on the financial portal. On this page you will find the exchange rates of the national ruble against the US dollar, euro, Russian ruble and other currencies.

With the help of the site, users will be able to choose for themselves the best exchange rate for today in order to conduct a profitable exchange operation. Information on the portal allows you to analyze and compare offers from banks in the city, buy or sell currency at the optimal rate.

Thanks to the monitoring system, you can monitor the exchange rates in the banks of Minsk, which allows you to receive the most relevant data. The rates are updated automatically several times during the day (every 10 minutes). The portal is maintained in order to show which banking institutions offer the best rate at any time of the day.

In addition to exchange rates, the site has a schedule of banks, phone numbers and addresses, as well as the location of institutions on the map of Minsk.

The graph of the rate dynamics allows you to visually form an idea of ​​the emerging trends in the national currency in relation to other currencies.

You can clarify all the information provided directly at the bank by phone. The map presented on the site will allow you to more quickly find the nearest exchange office of the bank you are interested in.

On the Myfin website, you can also find all the relevant information about the change in the exchange rate in banks in 16 cities of Belarus.

The informers display the best exchange rates in the selected city, and the data is updated every 30 minutes.

Simple code will allow you to easily embed the informer into any site.

If you have any difficulties with website informers, please contact technical support

To receive a code, you need to choose a city from the 16 offered. You will automatically be taken to a page where you will be presented with all the detailed information.

Exchange of damaged banknotes at the bank

Instantly, banks will exchange a damaged bill for a new one only if it is solvent. In other words, if a bill is worn out or damaged, but has retained the signs of banknotes payment, then it can be exchanged for a new one with a commission in most banks.

For a better understanding, check out the list of damages that will prevent you from exchanging a bill in banks:

1) Torn apart and glued;

2) Those who changed the original color (filled with paint, ink, oil, who have been in water and chemical compounds, etc.);

3) Burnt, not retaining the main signs of payment;

4) Having significant damage of a deliberate nature (the main drawings have been changed, in particular, portraits of people; the presence of significant ink inscriptions; the security thread has been removed, etc.).