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marriage agency Marriage agencies in Belarus

Marriage agencies in Belarus

Dozens of broken hearts and free halves are looking for "the one" in marriage agencies and dating websites. They hope to build a happy family life with the help of professionals. The article will tell you about the need to contact marriage agencies, their cost and the principle of work.

What is a marriage agency?

A marriage agency is a company that deals with dating interested men and women. In the modern world, this method is quite popular, and thousands of couples have sealed their relationship with official registration at the registry office.

Many Belarusian agencies select men based on women's preferences. Mostly women prefer foreigners from Spain, Italy, France, Germany, USA and Canada. Marriage agencies help them meet their soul mate and select a candidate according to the criteria.

Marriage agencies in Belarus have several advantages.

• Often their services are free for the fairer sex. This is due to the fact that a woman will still spend her savings on high-quality photographs and learning the language, so it will be too expensive to take money from her for the work of a specialist.

• Many agencies have been on the market for more than 10 years, that is, they work with time-tested partners, marriage agencies.

• Agencies guarantee the safety of clients, because the first meeting is always held at the agency's premises.

Marriage Agency vs. dating website

Today, people are increasingly spending their free time with their heads down on their smartphones or tablets, not noticing anything or anyone around. Not surprisingly, dating is easier through the Internet. Here you can immediately see brief information about a potential partner, view his photos and get acquainted with hobbies.

With the development of the Internet, people increasingly began to seek help from marriage agencies and dating sites. So what are their differences, and which method will be more effective?

• Methods of work. Marriage agencies introduce clients in person, right in the office, so that the couple immediately understands whether there is a connection between them or not worth wasting their time. Dating sites are arranged differently, the couple immediately get acquainted offline, and in the course of the correspondence, the acquaintance flows into a real date.

Marriage agencies usually offer the help of a matchmaker - a specialist who professionally deals with the selection of couples. He connects lonely hearts and gives professional advice on the stages of dating.

On a dating site, the user does not have third-party help, which means he is looking for a soul mate by trial and error. He is left to himself and often chooses not what he really needs.

• Efficiency. In a marriage agency, the selection of potential applicants is carried out with the help of professional matchmakers and psychologists according to special characteristics. The marriage agency scrupulously checks the information provided, namely the presence of a marriage stamp, the client's age and other data.

On dating sites, you can often find profiles with inaccurate information. Often, dating site clients pursue incorrect goals that are revealed after the feelings of another person appear.

• The target audience. Marriage agencies are known for their responsible approach to client selection. These may be age restrictions, the absence of physical and mental disabilities, the absence of serious diseases. If the client is willing to pay for the services of additional specialists, this once again confirms the seriousness of his intentions.

Dating websites allow all users to register. Tracking scammers or unscrupulous users is almost impossible. To check the entered data, try to call on Skype at the beginning of your communication. Unfortunately, the whole truth cannot be found out. For example, whether he is married or free, as indicated in his profile.

How does it work?

The scheme works only with solvent clients over 18 years old.

What stages will you need to go through?

• Filling out the questionnaire on the website or in the agency.

• Signing a contract.

• Proof of identity by providing a passport.

• Provision of photographs.

Once you have passed the registration stage, your profile will be posted on the website of the marriage agency and its partners. In this case, if a man is interested in your profile, the specialist will send you detailed information about him, and you will decide whether you like him or not. If so, a meeting will be arranged for you. The first meeting often takes place at the agency; if necessary, an interpreter is present at the meeting.

The cost of marriage agency services

The cost of services will depend on the agency chosen and the involvement of additional specialists. Women are usually not charged unless she needs the advice of a psychologist or matchmaker.

A man pays for the service depending on his age, the chosen tariff, and other criteria.

Details can be found on the website of the selected agency or by phone.

Marriage agencies in Belarus

In Belarus, marriage agencies are beginning to gain popularity, because women are promised acquaintances with foreigners who dream of starting a family. We have selected the top 5 best marriage agencies, and we are ready to share with you:

• Marriage agency "Dvoe";

• Marriage agency "Polovinka";

• Marriage agency "Vodis";

• Marriage Agency "Club of Happiness";

• Marriage agency "LadyfromBelarus".

Check out each agency from the list, and maybe this is where you will be able to find your soul mate.