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Airport_transfer Belarus airport transfer

Belarus airport transfer

Minsk National Airport is the starting point for tourists who choose to admire the beauties of Belarus or visit the Blue-Eyed on business issues. To get to the capital, you must clock up a distance of 42 kilometers. Unfamiliar bus numbers, signs in Russian, taxi drivers loudly offering their services may cause uncomfortable feelings with the guests of Belarus. In fact, getting to Minsk is no hard challenge. And most importantly, this distance can be traveled with ease - and not leave you broke on the cost of the ticket.

Getting from the airport by shuttle

The easiest way is to arrange timely route to Minsk in advance with the help of the host company. If you come to Belarus with a tour package, ask if the tour operator offers a shuttle transfer. A comfortable bus or minibus will come to pick you up and take you to the desired destination in the capital of Belarus.

The cost may vary with each operator. The advantage is that you can plan getting around before the trip - and save your time and nerves. The disadvantage is that some travel agencies provide transfers at certain hours to take as many customers as possible to the city. Sometimes you have to wait for your transportation.

If the travel agency does not provide a shuttle service, then you can order it directly from the airport. This can be done on the ground floor at the airport. Transfer will take you anywhere in Minsk. Cars are comfortable, and most importantly - you will definitely know the cost, and it will not grow by the end of the trip. The price starts from 30 rubles ($15) and depends on the class of the car. If you need a car with a larger capacity, then you can order one, but this will increase the cost of the trip.

To Minsk - by taxi

This is the most popular and easiest way that tourists use. Order a taxi by phone upon arrival to Belarus, and make you way to the city with comport. You can take an available taxi at the airport. There are drivers expecting customers both after the early morning flights, and late at night - there will be no problem to find one to pick you up.

There is also an alternative of ordering a taxi from the official shuttle service of the Minsk National Airport (a car will take you anywhere in Minsk). You can order the service by dialing the short number 7373 (with any operator).

On average, it takes 45 minutes to by get from the airport to the heart of Belarus by taxi. The fair price for this service is 30 rubles ($ 15). Please note that unscrupulous carriers may charge a higher price! You should start being suspicious with the lack of clear tariffs if the carrier does not report the final cost. Guests of the capital rely on the honesty of such drivers. But watch out! For instance, use the services of Uber or A polite driver will arrive to pick you up in a clean car. Besides, you can evaluate the quality of services in the application. If you have questions, the call center specialists will solve any sort of problems promptly.

Here are some services you can use to get from the airport to the city:

• Uber


• Taxi Stolitsa 135

• Taxi 107

• Taxi 152

Learning to use public transport

There is a way to significantly save money on getting to the city. Take public transportation. Look for buses No. 173E, 300E. Or fixed-route shuttles No. 1400-TK, 1430-TK.

Tickets for Route 300E can be purchased directly from the driver. The bus ride lasts an hour on average, the final stopping point is the Central bus station, which is located in the center of Minsk. From there, getting to anywhere in the city is not difficult. Bus number 173E goes to the Sokol microdistrict, the route takes about 15 minutes. Tickets can also be bought from the driver.

Minibus shuttle number 1400-TK goes to the Central bus station, No. 1430-TK goes to the same end point, but through Mogilevskaya subway station.

The plus is that you spend minimum cost. But the road can take a lot of time, and you still have to find your way to your hotel or hostel from the point of destination. In addition, buses and minibuses follow the schedule. Besides, they don’t operate late at night - the option with public transport is not available for tourists who arrive after one in the morning.

Cost is up to 4 rubles, or $2. By the way, Belarusian buses and minibuses are quite comfortable. At least in terms of their value.

By private car or on foot

The fastest way to get to Minsk is by your car. Or in a car of a friend who can take you to the city. 

Whatever option you choose to get to Minsk, be vigilant and pay attention to details. Do not fall for unscrupulous drivers who will trick you! Check all details before the trip. And have a good time in Minsk!