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Nightlife in Minsk. Nightlife in Belarus.

At first sight Belarussian people may seem quiet and reserved, peaceful and more stay-at-home-like. There are some that fit in this description but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t those who prefer hanging out with a bunch of friends at night. Nightlife in Belarus is not as calm and sleepy as it may appear to be during the day — quite on the contrary it is as diverse as potato dishes in Belarussian cuisine.

Nightlife in Minsk, Belarus’s capital, is noisy, buoyant, joyful, full of activities and places to visit. Various night clubs, bars, pubs, hookahs, karaoke clubs, dancing halls, casinos, cafes and restaurants are full every night especially during the weekends. Everyone can find an activity to his taste — singing, dancing, enjoying live music, playing bowling or billiards, relaxing in a sauna or partying with friends.
Impressive modernistic interiors of the clubs with illumination and max volume music accompanied by intoxicating drinks make the atmosphere warm and emotions unforgettable. It can’t be said that nightlife in Belarus is exceptionally for the youth as there are plenty of places for more mature people to take pleasure in dancing, singing, gambling and having fun.

During the weekends and national holidays Minsk’s streets are swarming with people going from here to there. Numerous concerts staged by Belarussian mainstream rock and pop groups, cover bands and solo performers entice many people as you can eat and drink, dance, jump and yell the lyrics as loud as you can and as long as the dawn. Nightlife in Minsk seems to be the liveliest among other Belarusian cities. Hot parties are thrown in all the clubs and discos, and unforgettably welcoming atmosphere makes you feel the whole spectrum of bright and vivid emotions.
If you decided to plunge into Minsk’s nightlife, it would be more convenient to reserve a table in advance as all the places of entertainment are full in the evening as well as far into the night. By joining brusque night activities you’ll be able to experience various types of spending free-time out, become acquainted with Belarussian people and culture and just savor the moment in an absolutely unsurpassed atmosphere.