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Nightlife in Minsk

At first glance, Belarusians may seem calm and domesticated. There are those who fit into the description, and there are those who prefer to walk until morning. Nightlife in Belarus is not as calm and sleepy as it may seem during the day - on the contrary, it's as diverse as potato dishes in the Belarusian cuisine.

Nightlife in Minsk

Nightlife in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, is noisy, lively, joyful, and full of events and places to visit. Various nightclubs, bars, pubs, hookahs, karaoke clubs, dance halls, casinos, cafes and restaurants are full every night, especially on weekends. Everyone can find activities to suit their taste - singing, dancing, enjoying live music, playing bowling or billiards, relaxing in the sauna or at a party with friends.

Impressive modernist interiors of the clubs with illumination and maximum volume of music accompanied by intoxicating drinks make the atmosphere warm and give unforgettable emotions. We cannot say that nightlife in Belarus is exclusively for young people. There are many places, where mature people can enjoy dancing, singing, gambling and fun.

How you can move around the night city

The Minsk subway finishes its work at 00.40, so the only transport that can get to the center is a taxi. Carriers usually set a fixed cost of landing, which includes waiting time and 3 km of way. Then the calculation is made for each kilometer or minute on the way.

In order to order a Uber car you need to install the application on your phone with the App Store or Google Play. There is no fixed price from the airport to Minsk, but before confirming the order, you will see the exact price. The cost depends on the distance, availability of cars and the workload of the service.

At Yandex Taxi, system is absolutely the same as at Uber. Uber has teamed up with Yandex Taxi, so you can book a trip using both applications and pay for your trip with cash or card.

Places to go for walks, fun and early breakfast

On weekends and holidays, Minsk streets are swarming with people. Numerous concerts by Belarusian mainstream rock and pop bands, cover bands and solo artists tempt many people. You can eat and drink, dance, jump and shout songs as loudly as you can before dawn.

The best place to go for a walk is the center of Minsk, Nemiga Street. Here you can meet the sunset by the songs of a street musician, and have a snack in one of the many places.


If you want to spend an unforgettable night and dance until dawn, then a trip to a nightclub in Belarus is a good idea. Nightlife in our country is very rich with lots of entertainment. Nightclubs in Minsk are diverse and numerous, while nightclubs in other cities cannot boast the same.

You always have to pay to enter a nightclub in Minsk. Depending on the institution, entrance to a nightclub costs from $7. If you order a preferential VIP-table, the administrator will warn you about the cost.

Top 5 nightclubs in Minsk:

  • NEXT;
  • Maxshow club;

Most nightclubs in Minsk are not just a dance hall: there are bowling lanes, American and Russian billiard tables, and separate rooms for karaoke, PlayStation consoles and virtual reality games. So you have no chance to get bored.

Ночной клуб Z-Club в Нячанге во Вьетнаме пригласил забайкальских ...

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Dance halls

Dance halls in nightclubs in Minsk differ in area from place to place. However, all clubs without exception have a bar with a stage in the center and dancers. In addition, if you come in big company, you can reserve a table in the VIP-zone.

Striptease clubs

Strip clubs in Minsk are reminiscent of luxurious bars with a stage where the most beautiful and graceful Slavic girls dance. Such clubs usually have GO-GO, twerk, striptease and other passionate dances. Minsk striptease clubs are more oriented towards men, and some of them temptingly offer special programs for a bachelor party, which promises to be truly unforgettable.


Minsk's bar is aimed at young people: bars often have DJs and loud music, families are rare here, but noisy companies that organize a tour of several bars are common.

Any bar has a menu, however, most often you will not find there main courses, soups and so on. The menu of bars 3 is limited to snacks and light meals for a quick snack - the main emphasis of bars is not on food, but on drink.

The best bars in Minsk

  4. GODJI

Hookah, cigarettes and cigars are only allowed in smoking areas, and non-smokers can enjoy the drinks and warmth of the company without being distracted by the smoke.


The atmosphere in the pub is calm and relaxed: usually there is no loud and annoying music in the pubs; sometimes-whole families come to the pub. In general, the pub is aimed at the public of all ages. You can have a steak or, for example, order a soup and salad - any pub always has a wide range of food, but the pub menu also includes snacks, because the pub is still a drinking place.


Top 5 hookahs in Minsk

  1. Myata Lounge Vostok

This institution with notes of modernism is rightly considered the best in the city. It is quite spacious, live music is playing, tables are not worth the lapping, and the waiters will always tell you which wine is more suitable for your order.

The choice of flavors of hookah is quite diverse: there are more than 100 types of tobacco, and in addition, you can order hookah on water, wine or fruit.

  1. Chaikhana Lounge Café

An atmospheric place in oriental style, which creates a feeling of magic and fairy tale. Chaikhana Lounge Cafe has friendly and courteous staff, which will help you to choose a dish and drink for every taste.

There are classic, fruit and premium hookahs in the assortment.

  1. HookahPlace Lounge Bar Yakuba Kolosa

It's the largest bong network in the world. The institution is decorated in industrial style in the best traditions: vintage furniture, paintings in the spirit of post-modernism, antique decorative objects, dim light and relaxing music.

The institution has a wide choice of hookah tastes and professional hookah-makers, who will help you to make any mix.

  1. HookahDeli

An institution in the style of minimalism, quiet background music, dim lights and friendly staff. Here we are ready to offer a wide palette of tastes: no less than 80 items of tobacco at pleasant prices. You can choose a classic hookah as well as fruit and wine.

  1. Yarkalyan

Introduction in black and blue shades with design elements, which were created manually.

At Yarkalyan you can order classic, exclusive, premium, designer and branded hookah as well as hookah on fruit: orange, pomegranate, apple, grapefruit.

Karaoke clubs

Karaoke in Minsk is mainly located in the city center, as well as many other establishments. The staff is always hospitable and helpful. Here you will be offered a glass of exquisite wine, a cocktail from the bartender and dishes from the chef's menu. The choice of songs is extensive, and the microphone is individually adjusted to the height of the artist.

Караоке бизнес: караоке-бар

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Shangri La Casino

This casino is part of the network of international company "Storm International", and it in turn is known for its professional management, high level of service and full comfort, as well as the organization guarantees you complete anonymity and security.

To enter the casino "Shangri La" you need to buy chips for 100$.

At the gaming table in Russian poker and Black Jack, the minimum bet you can make - is 10$, and the maximum – 3000$, for American roulette minimum bet is 2$, and the maximum – 500$.

Casino "Opera"

"Opera" is created in the best traditions of elite gambling establishments. Facility's interior is made in classical style taking into account all guests' needs and provides impeccable comfort and perfect atmosphere for rest and play. The decoration is dominated by calm beige-brown color scheme. Expensive solid wood furniture, luxurious textiles and exclusive decorative elements create an atmosphere of luxury.

Casino "Opera" has several halls called Bolshoj, Grand, Chaliapine, Imperial, Prive. Here you can play all popular gambling: Russian, Texas, Oasis, Omaha, Ultimate Texas. In Russian and Oasis poker the minimum bet is 10$. Maximum payout is 300,000$. Omaha, Ultimate Texas, Texas Poker - from 10$ with maximum payout to 50.000$. The level of bets at VIP-game is negotiated individually. In addition, there is a slot machine room, which is equipped with modern slot machines with a large set of games.

Victoria Cherry Casino

This institution is located at the level of 36 meters above the city and occupies the 8th and 9th floor of the building. According to the rules of the casino, the curtains are closed and there is no clock.

12 gaming tables, 4 kinds of poker, Black Jack, American roulette are available for guests. There are also 48 slot machines. The minimum bet is 5$, the maximum bet is 500$. It is possible to put a bonus on your cards, as well as on the dealer's cards. For fans of private games there is a VIP-lounge. In the VIP-lounge there are two tables for card games and two American roulette. To get here, you do not need to pay extra. You can order food from the bar - the waiters are all over the place.

Casino "Royal"

The casino is located in the heart of the city in the building of the hotel "Minsk" and is open 24 hours a day.

There are 8 gaming tables at your disposal: Black Jack, American Roulette, Texas, Russian and Oasis poker, Texas Exchange Poker and Texas Ultimate Poker. In the slot area there are slot machines with a large selection of games, there are also the latest models of slot machines with large HD monitors.

For those wishing to enjoy playing in privacy, Casino Royal provides 2 VIP lounges for high stakes with a separate entrance and a free premium drink bar.

The maximum single payment in poker is 25,000$, but the betting amount and maximum payments can be discussed individually.

Cafes and restaurants

Restaurant business in Belarus took the country by storm. Numerous cafes and restaurants do their best to delight fastidious guests, and the variety of dishes on the menu makes cafes in Belarus an ideal place to get acquainted with the national spirit and cuisine.

Cafes in Minsk work during the day, most of all at lunch and in the evening. Dishes vary greatly from one cafe to another, so everyone has a choice. Cuisines from all over the world are widely represented in the Belarusian capital. Countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Cuba, Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, China and Japan send their best chefs to promote the national cuisine of their country and share their experience with Belarusian chefs who, in turn, succeed in the art of cooking.

Итальянский ресторан La Scala Trattoria Ignazio, Минск - фото ...

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Anticafe is a space in which visitors pay only for the duration of their stay. A large company comes here with their food and drinks.

Minsk's best anticafe:

  • "Ved'min kotelok";
  • "Quvalda";
  • "Kto takoy John Galt?";
  • "CheckPoint Club".

If you've decided to plunge into the night life of Minsk, it's best to book a table in advance. If you plunge into the nightlife of Belarus, you can get acquainted with our culture and just enjoy the moment.