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karaoke Karaoke

Karaoke clubs in Minsk

To sing your favorite song, dance, drink and eat a delicious dish in an unusual atmosphere - this is what karaoke clubs in Minsk offer their guests. Karaoke is a place for those who love loud music, joy, laughter and friendly atmosphere.

Karaoke in Minsk: how to make the right choice

When choosing karaoke you should always be guided by the amount of entrance or deposit, location and guest reviews. However, we will make your search easier and name the best karaoke clubs at once.

  1. "Bogema"

It's a restaurant and a theater and a karaoke club in one person. You will be pleasantly surprised by the interior, over which the invited foreign designers tried.

  1. "Ikra"

This club specializes in thematic parties, and the interior of the club is dominated by white and gold shades.

Both the stars of the club and its guests sing in the club. Here you can also hold a presentation, banquet, birthday party, corporate party and wedding ceremony.

Karaoke, performance on stage, ordering of live music, ballet, performance of vocalists and show by professional hosts are at guests' disposal.

The cooks of the club prepare exquisite dishes, and barmen delight with delicious cocktails.

  1. "Corset karaoke club"

Corset is a karaoke club and restaurant. It is located in the heart of Minsk, near the hotel "Belarus". Facility's menu includes European dishes, strong and low-alcohol drinks, and in the phono library - Russian and foreign songs.

  1. Karaoke-bar "Angels"

It is a modern place for good rest, dancing until morning and cheerful singing. Apart from karaoke songs, you can also order hookahs, invigorating cocktails and delicious wine.

  1. Karaoke bar "Poyschii Centr"

This institution is located in the center of the capital - the Palace of the Republic. You will be pleased with quality equipment, live sound and variety of songs in the phono library. The menu includes dishes of European and Belarusian cuisine, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Entrance - free of charge.

Thousands of karaoke songs

Karaoke in Minsk is mainly located in the city center, as well as many other establishments. The staff is always hospitable and helpful. Here you will be offered a glass of exquisite wine, a cocktail from the bartender and dishes from the chef's menu. The choice of songs is extensive, so you can order almost any song that comes to your mind.

Song selection

In institutions you can choose absolutely any genre of singing:

  • Chanson
  • Modern Songs
  • Karaoke for kids
  • Cartoon and film songs

Popular performers

Guests of karaoke in Minsk often order the songs of the following performers:

  • IOWA
  • Leps Gregory
  • Nyusha
  • Gagarina Polina
  • The Beatles
  • Lorak Anya
  • Kreed Yegor
  • Kino
  • Vaenga Elena
  • Serebro
  • ViaGra
  • Krug Michael
  • Bilyk Irina
  • Lady Gaga
  • Pugacheva Alla
  • Zhyki
  • Basta
  • Natalie

Русское радио – Омск» объявляет «Караоке по-русски»! - Новости Омска

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Sing karaoke songs with points

Points in karaoke is available in almost every specialized institution. All you need to do is check in advance with the administrator or at the time of booking a table, and then ask to connect it.

Night karaoke bars

Top night karaoke bars in Minsk

  1. "Poyschii Centr"
  2. "Jelsomino"
  3. "Bogema"
  4. "Oblaka"
  5. "Zeleniy Popygai"

Book a table, VIP lounge or booth

If you decide to go to a karaoke bar at the weekend, it's best to reserve a table in advance, otherwise there's a chance that you won't be able to get to any of the establishments, as they will be full. To reserve a table, you can call the institution on the phone or book at

Best karaoke in Minsk


Ii's is a cozy karaoke club. The institution is distinguished first by its relaxed atmosphere without pathos and unnecessary tinsel. Here you can fully relax and have a rest in good company of your friends, and friendly team of the institution will do everything to make your rest a glory.

Daily karaoke program is held in "Zeleniy Popygai". A professional anchorman, vocalist and sound engineer works with the guests. In addition, once a week on Wednesdays there are live music evenings. Entrance to the institution is free. There is a deposit system in operation.

The alcoholic card of the karaoke club contains all kinds of popular alcoholic brands. One of the facility's advantages is light and dark Czech beer at the most affordable price in town. Traditional European dishes are prepared here for those who will be hungry.


Jelsomino is a premium karaoke restaurant, the place where the most incendiary parties are held among the most stylish and interesting people in the city.

Jelsomino is not just a karaoke club, it is a place that amazes all visitors with its luxury, excellent service, exquisite cuisine and skill of the art group.


Kypazh is a restaurant in the very center of Minsk. Live music is played here every night, and in karaoke, you can perform your favorite songs. On weekends, there are big show programs with guest artists - musicians, vocalists and dancers. The restaurant is open from 12 pm to 6 am.

Facility's menu is a combination of dishes of European cuisine with author's refinement. The extended wine list complements facility's dainty cuisine.


It is a successful combination of an institution where you can have a tasty dinner, treat yourself to cocktails and perform your favorite songs with high-quality sound and professional backing vocals. The club opens at 9 pm, and the beginning of karaoke program - at 10 pm.

In the menu there are dishes of the European and Japanese cuisine, and in the bar card you will find known cocktails which do not need performances and praises, and also exclusive offers from barmen. The cocktail list here is almost the biggest in Minsk - over 100 kinds of drinks.

The institution has Face control system and Dress code. In karaoke-club, you can not only spend a hard day's evening or a weekend, but also corporate, birthday and any other holiday, and for birthday boys there is a 10% discount on the menu.


Monaco is a cozy place that unites under one roof dozens of people every day who want to spend time in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, distract from the monotonous everyday life, immerse themselves in the atmosphere of modern urban life.

The facility offers to taste any dishes from Mediterranean cuisine, which are adapted to local realities. In addition, for fans of relaxation there is an alcoholic card, where you'll find a wide choice of invigorating alcohol: from exotic cocktails to traditional drinks, including wines of any sorts.

Встреча «Караоке бум» 2020 Центр культурного развития «Борисовский ...

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A karaoke night is an opportunity to relax and have a rest from the bustle of everyday life or cure a broken heart, and attentive staff of the institution will do everything possible to make you comfortable.