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Jelsomino Karaoke Jelsomino
Karaoke Jelsomino


Jelsomino is a premium karaoke restaurant in the center of Minsk. This is the place where the luxury parties take place among the most stylish and interesting people in the city. Jelsomino is not just a karaoke club, it is a place that amazes all visitors with its luxury, excellent service, exquisite cuisine and the skill of the art group.

Menu at the Jelsomino karaoke restaurant

The Jelsomino menu offers dishes of European and Japanese cuisine. The chef daily delights his guests with original dishes of fresh fish and seafood. The bar offers a wide selection of alcoholic drinks, both classic spirits and unusual cocktails.

The menu also includes the cost of performing songs at the table or bar. As well as special rates for the performance of songs out of order.

The Jelsomino karaoke restaurant has a Face Control and Dress Code system.