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Places to visit in Belarus in winter Places to visit in winter in Belarus

Places to visit in winter in Belarus

Ski complex “Silichy”

“Silichy” is a center for family recreation with an amazing atmosphere of a coniferous forest and enchanting birdsong. Guests enjoy an incredible program of outdoor activities and get away from the bustle of the city.

The sports complex offers guests accommodation in comfortable rooms. For a romantic getaway, you can choose a room of the category "Economy" or "Standard". For a large company or a family with children, we recommend two-level rooms of the category "Suite" or "Family Suite": access to the street directly from the room, a cozy terrace with a beautiful view.

Little sports fans were not deprived of attention. There are 2 equipped playgrounds for them: at the upper station, immediately at the entrance and at the lower station, by the lake.

For relaxation, a bath complex is provided - real Russian wood-fired baths with a swimming pool. Large steamy and roomy lounges are suitable for any company.

No one will be left hungry here, so everyone can enjoy traditional dishes of European and Belarusian national cuisine in the restaurant "Starazhitnaya Zala".

Ski complex “Raubichi”

Resort "Raubichi" is a recreation center that amazes its guests with high hills and the full-flowing river Usyazha flowing nearby. This resort is often called the Belarusian Switzerland.

The complex was chosen for training and holding international biathlon events. The local area contributed to this: varied relief, proximity to the airport and train station, remoteness from the city, mild climate without sudden temperature changes.

The ski resort attracts not only professional skiers, but also those who like to relax. Today the center is a full-fledged resort with a wide range of services.

Ski complex “Solnechnaya Dolina”

The “Solnechnaya Dolina” ski training center is located right under the Minsk river bank. Guests are welcome here in any season for quality pastime and active leisure. In winter, entertainment such as skiing, snowboarding, tubing is presented here. In summer, you can rent a gazebo for relaxation, play team games, and visit the Alpine Slides attraction. You can also order the organization of a corporate event or family celebration.

After exhausting entertainment, the complex offers to taste local cuisine in the cafe "Mestechko".

Belovezhskaya Pushcha

Belovezhskaya Pushcha is one of the most popular places in Belarus, and is considered one of the most significant relics in all of Europe. Tourists call it an open-air museum, because here nature is preserved in its original form, as well as rare species of wild animals and plants.

Belovezhskaya Pushcha is located in the Brest region and affects the territory of Poland. Foreign citizens prefer Belarusian excursion programs, because here it is not at all necessary to apply for a visa.

Together with the forest, tourists go to see the nearest administrative center, the city of Brest. There are many excursion objects presented there.

Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve

Winter in the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve is a reason to have fun and do active rest. The favorite entertainment of the guests of this place is sledding and skiing. Sleds and skis can be rented in any of the hotel complexes, as well as in the House of Environmental Education.

For guests who purposefully arrived to practice an active sport, a ski route "White Book of the Forest" has been developed in the Berezinsky Reserve in winter, which will soon begin to operate. This is a wonderful and informative excursion that is suitable for absolutely everyone, both organized groups and individual tourists who like to spend time in nature.

Kamenetskaya vezha

After driving only 40 km from Brest, you will find the city of Kamenets, where the inhabitants of the country come to look at the unique tower. Most often it is called Kamenetskaya or Belaya Vezha. Why is it interesting and remarkable?

Kamenets Tower is an architectural monument of the 13th century. This time was difficult for the inhabitants of all of Europe, which led to the emergence of massive towers in the "donjon" or "bergfried" style.

Many visitors call the tower the “white tower”. This name arose in the 19th century thanks to local ethnographers, who thought that in ancient times the tower was whitewashed, but in fact it was not. For the first time, the Kamenets tower was whitewashed in the early 50s of the XX century. Now the architecture has returned to its original form.

Winter fishing on the Braslav lakes

Many Belarusians prefer to meet the winter morning on the lake with a fishing rod in hand. Only true fishermen understand the beauty of winter fishing, when the joy of a caught fish increases several times than in summer.

If, in addition to the fishing process itself, the entourage is important for you, then the beautiful nature of the Braslav region will appeal to you. If you are going to go fishing in the winter on one of the lakes of the Braslav region, you just need to visit the Falvark hotel complex on the shore of Lake Navyaty.

Agriturismo and suburban complexes

We can advise:

• Country eco-club "3medvedya". Guests are invited to stay in one of the rooms, houses and cottages, as well as try camping. It offers a stylish restaurant of author's Belarusian cuisine with two halls and a summer terrace (with a total capacity of up to 100 people), gazebos for barbecue and an all-season marquee for weddings, celebrations and conferences (with a capacity of up to 250 guests).

• Country complex Zarechany. It serves national cuisine, including oven-baked dishes. Guests will also be able to taste and purchase organic products produced within the complex. You can stay overnight in one of the comfortable guest houses. There is also an aquazone with a bath. And for complete relaxation in "Zarechany" they will offer a wellness sleep in the hayloft.

• The suburban complex "Shishki" is located 60 kilometers from Minsk, on the shore of a picturesque forest lake. Vacationers have access to a large landscaped area with the possibility of organizing active leisure activities such as beach volleyball, paintball, airsoft, wakeboarding and fishing.

Bath "Ofuro" in the picnic-hotel "Expedition"

Picnic-hotel "Expedition" is a family recreation center with all modern conditions. The hotel is located on the bank of the Pleschenitsky reservoir. Tourists admire the beauty of nature with its blue lakes and age-old pine trees.

Here you can feel all the splendor of an ethnic northern town with an indescribable atmosphere of coziness and comfort. Often, guests choose this place for corporate events and the organization of a pleasant family vacation.

The residence of Ded Moroz

In the vicinity of Belovezhskaya Pushcha, tourists with small children often visit the estate. It is called the Residence of Ded Moroz. He really lives here all year round, and on December holidays he gives a fairy tale to every little tourist. Together with the residence, parents take enthusiastic children to the House of the Snow Maiden, the Treasury, the Magic Mill, and a clearing for 12 months. And also the center of celebration and fun - the New Year tree, which stretches to a height of about 11 meters.

The duration of the tour of the magical residence is 2 hours.