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Online registration Online registration of foreign citizens

Online registration of foreign citizens

If you have arrived in Belarus for more than 5 days and do not live in a hotel, then you need to register in Belarus. Previously, this required going to the Citizenship and Migration Department. From January 2, 2019, you can register electronically in the Republic of Belarus for free. But, unfortunately, citizens arriving from the Russian Federation cannot take advantage of this excellent opportunity. In this case, you should definitely go to the Citizenship and Migration Department.

Who needs to check in on arrival?

Upon arrival in our country, all foreigners (about a few exceptions - below) need to register online or at the Citizenship and Migration Department at the place of actual residence within five working days (Sunday and public holidays are not counted). If you change your place of residence, the whole process must be done again at the new place - again within five working days. It is a little easier for those who are going to spend their time in Belarus in a hotel, sanatorium - in these institutions you can register right at the place of stay.

Terms of registration of foreign citizens

As mentioned above, registration at a new location must be completed within 5 working days from the date of arrival. When your registration has expired, you need to renew it. To extend the period of stay on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, you must personally apply to the department for citizenship and migration at the place of registration of a foreign citizen to obtain:

  • exit visa;
  • a temporary residence permit, as well as, if necessary, an exit-entry visa to it.

Registration procedure at the Citizenship and Migration Department

To register, you need to write an application. It indicates the address and the owner of the dwelling where the foreigner will actually live. Attached to the application:

1. a migration card, if you filled it out upon entry;

2. an insurance policy (except for citizens of the CIS countries),

3. a receipt of payment of the state duty: 0.5 base value,

Sometimes they may ask for a lease if you are renting or a document of relationship if you live with relatives.

Cases are different, they may not ask for anything. Usually, registration is made on the day of application.

Registration in Belarus with the citizenship and migration authorities means registration of the legal status of your temporary stay. However, foreign citizens can temporarily stay only for the duration of the visa, but no more than 90 days a year from the date of entry. If you plan to stay here longer, do not hesitate to apply for a residence permit in Belarus.

Online registration procedure

1) Firstly, go to Unified portal of electronic services, then create your own account. In order to register, you will need to provide your first and last name, phone number and email address. You will receive a confirmation email and a link to set a password.

2) Go to your “Personal Account” in the upper right corner. Select “Citizenship and Migration” from the drop-down menu. After downloading, you will have the service “Registration of a foreign citizen or stateless person temporarily staying in the Republic of Belarus.” Click “Order”.

After that, a window will appear with an electronic application, which can be filled in in Russian or English. The data required for filling is the same as when filling out a regular paper form:

1. Full name of the registered foreigner;

2. Passport data of a foreigner;

3. Information about the visa (if received a visa);

4. Dates of registration. By default, the date starts from the current day, that is, you cannot register in advance. Therefore, it is worth registering within 5 days after arriving in Belarus;

5. The address where the foreigner will live. In this field, you also need to indicate the department to which the registration address belongs. Check it on the Internet or from the owner of the apartment where you will be living;

6. Information about the person or organization that asks you to register (if any). Here you can specify the name of a friend with whom you will live or the organization that invited you. You can also leave this field blank.

7. Number of the insurance certificate and its validity period.

3) After filling out the application, press the button “I have read” and then “Send the application”.

Registration through the portal is free, in contrast to registration in the Department of Citizenship and Migration. After filling out and sending the application in your Personal Account in the “Current Services” section, a notification about the acceptance of the application or the refusal to accept it will appear. Then you will receive a message about registration at the address you specified or about a refusal to register. You will receive this message to your e-mail, and you can also see it in your Personal Account.

Renewal of registration period

You have to register and pay a fine - and it is better to do this in Belarus than at the border. All the same we go to the department of the Department of State Inspection, we do everything that is for regular registration, but in addition to this, you will also have a protocol on an administrative offense. In some cases, if this is the first violation, you can get off with a warning, but this is rare. Most likely, you will need to pay a fine from 2 to 10 basic units, and the fine awaits both the foreigner and the person at whose address he was supposed to be registered. The usual cost of registration can be paid by card or in cash at the bank terminal immediately at the Department of Citizenship and Migration, but in order to pay off the fines, you must go to the bank and pay only in cash. This must be done within 30 days and the receipt must be entered again in the Department of Citizenship and Migration.

Registration cost for foreign citizens

The cost of registering foreigners in our country is 0.5 base units, or about USD 12.

Responsibility of foreign citizens for not registering upon arrival

If you have not registered at the Citizenship and Migration Department or on the online e-services portal, within 5 days after arrival, then, at best, you will be warned that you need to do this urgently. And in the worst case, you will face a decent fine for violating the rules of stay of foreigners in the Republic of Belarus. More details about the rules of stay in our country can be found at National legal internet portal of the Republic of Belarus.