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Online_registration Online registration of foreign citizens

Online registration of foreign citizens

Up to 2019 foreign citizens and stateless persons entering the Republic of Belarus through its border crossing points and temporarily (exceeding 5 days) staying in the country had to fulfil the registration process in Citizenship and Migration Offices only. Now there’s no need in physical visit to the Office, the procedure can be handled online – the site is any device friendly – and free of charge.

These are 5 easy steps to successfully register in Belarus in 5 minutes:
Step 1: Go to the United Portal of E-services site (available in English, Belarussian and Russian).
Step 2: Register on the site using e-mail address (a message with the link to set a password to the account will be sent to your e-mail box).
Step 3: Follow the link and assign your personal password (mind that a certain combination of symbols must appear in it).
Step 4: Having completed the signing in process, log in and go to the newly created Private office.
Step 5: Order ‘Registration of a foreign citizen or stateless person temporarily staying in The Republic of Belarus’ service (Offer code:, fill in the form and submit it.
It’s not necessary for a foreigner to feed in the data himself as the registration process can be done by his representative by means of online Private office. However, it does remain a must for an entrant to visit a Citizenship and Migration Office to prolong the term of the stay.

Though online registration has simplified the registration process — made it easier, quicker, more understandable and free of charge — it still remains unavailable for the foreigners coming to Belarus through Belarussian-Russian land boarder — they must go through the registration process by paying a visit to a Migration Department personally in terms of 5 days from the date of crossing the Belarussian border.