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Provision of accounting services

Accounting firms in Minsk offer a wide range of services to both legal entities and private entrepreneurs. Three of the four accounting firms from the Big Four (Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young) are active market players in Belarus.

Types of accounting services

Accounting services outsourcing

Accounting outsourcing includes:

  • payroll and deductions calculation;
  • management of the company's business expenses;
  • preparation, submission and control of reports;
  • personnel accounting;
  • preparation of primary accounting documents;
  • monitoring settlements with the tax service;
  • optimization of financial activities of the company.

Accounting: maintenance and support

Accounting maintenance and support services include:

  • verification of primary documentation;
  • preparation and filing of tax returns;
  • calculation and payment of employees' salaries;
  • calculation of sick leave and vacations for employees;
  • calculating taxes and filing declarations;
  • payment of taxes;
  • making bank payments;
  • preparation of primary documents;
  • introduction of primary documents into 1C program;
  • maintenance of accounting registers.

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Accounting services include:

  • organization of tax system;
  • maintenance and accounting of tax registries;
  • preparation and preparation of consolidated statements, statements of expenditure and income documentation;
  • reconciliation of taxes with the budget and the data provided.

Accounting reporting

The accounting records include the following services:

  • balance sheet preparation;
  • profit and loss statement;
  • statement of changes in equity;
  • cash flow statement;
  • preparation of an explanatory note.

Tax services

The accountant's tax services include:

  • preparation of declarations and reporting documentation;
  • submission of documentation to the tax authorities;
  • tax calculation;
  • making payments in the client-bank/internet-bank system;
  • examination of accounting records of accounting and tax content;
  • restoration of accounting and tax records.

Legal services

Legal services include:

  • support of credit transactions;
  • support of tax audit;
  • independent assessment of tax legislation in the process of company liquidation;
  • revealing the presence of outstanding obligations to customs authorities;
  • control over fulfillment of obligations on obligatory accident insurance.

Accounting audit services

Auditing services:

  • audit of financial statements;
  • audit of programmes or projects financed from external funds;
  • the comprehensive analysis required in an enterprise evaluation;
  • tax audit;
  • liquidation audit;
  • proactive audit;
  • tax audit;
  • audit on special audit assignment.

Accounting documents

Accountant services for accounting documents are as follows:

  • processing of primary documents;
  • processing of contracts for tax law compliance;
  • maintenance of accounting documents in 1C program;
  • control of incoming primary documents;
  • preparation of documents for obtaining a public key certificate;
  • preparation of primary documents;
  • archiving of documents and systematization;
  • printout of accounting registers.

Accounting advisory services

You can consult a specialist for the following questions:

  • accounting, taxation and pricing in all business activities;
  • leasing, loans, borrowings and securities;
  • tax disputes;
  • registration, re-registration, sale, merger and acquisition, as well as liquidation of commercial or non-commercial organizations and individual entrepreneurs;
  • introduction and registration of changes in statutory documents, etc.

Accounting service

Accounting services for LLC

LLC may need the following services:

  • accounting in trade, services, construction, catering, consumer services, etc;
  • restoration of accounting and tax accounting;
  • accounting setting up;
  • consulting;
  • one-time invoicing and balance sheet services;
  • company valuation;
  • personnel accounting;
  • accompaniment;
  • filing of tax returns;
  • compilation of reconciliation acts with counterparties;
  • development of accounting policy of the enterprise;
  • preparation of interim and annual reports;
  • preparation of tax returns;
  • conducting an independent assessment of compliance with tax legislation;
  • development of a business plan;
  • development of statistical reporting;
  • preparation of a personalized report;
  • preparation of a time sheet;
  • the formation of a personal record of the employee;
  • staff scheduling;
  • drawing up orders for admission, dismissal and leave;
  • preparation of an advance report;
  • cash bookkeeping;
  • quarterly balance sheet and so on.

Accounting services for organizations

Organizations may need the following services depending on their field of activity:

  • preparation of declarations and reporting documentation;
  • timely submission of reporting documents to the tax authorities;
  • preparation of primary documents;
  • calculation of salaries, sick leave and vacations of employees;
  • tax calculation;
  • payment execution;
  • examination of accounting records of accounting and tax content;
  • restoration of accounting and tax records;
  • filling in the income/expense book;
  • consulting;
  • support of credit transactions, etc.

Accounting services for enterprises

Accounting services for enterprises:

  • payroll accounting;
  • personnel accounting;
  • audit;
  • record keeping;
  • accounting policy;
  • record keeping and preparation;
  • consulting;
  • archiving and so on.

Accounting services for individuals

Bookkeeping services for individuals include:

  • filling out tax returns;
  • assistance in checking the correctness of salary calculation, average earnings, amounts of accrued benefits, etc;
  • assistance in preparing documents to apply for state benefits or material assistance;
  • verification of the correctness of the calculation of deductions from wages;
  • verification of the correctness of the provision of social, standard, professional, property tax deductions on income tax;
  • consultation on taxation, tax and labour legislation;
  • preparation and execution of civil law contracts;
  • consulting on payment systems, their use and choice.

Accounting services for companies

Accounting services for companies:

  • audit;
  • consulting;
  • report preparation;
  • balance sheet maintenance;
  • income/expense book filling and so on.

Accounting services to legal entities

Accountant services for legal entities include the following:

  • maintenance of accounting and tax records;
  • tax calculation;
  • payroll accounting;
  • personnel accounting;
  • other accounting services.